Seeing the movements of the five-headed beasts in front of them, Sarutobi Hizen naturally understood what their purpose was.

Want to evacuate?

Do you really think Konoha comes as you want, and can leave if you want?

There was a sneer on Sarutobi's face, what if his arms were broken?There were countless arms behind Maki Senshou.

Sarutobi Hizaki pressed his hands on the scroll, summoning thousands of hands, and a large number of chakras kept pouring in.

The originally pale face became pale again.


Behind thousands of hands, dozens of arms danced at the same time, turning into fist shadows, and blasted down towards the five big tail beasts below.

The violent attack drowned the five big-tailed beasts in an instant.

An angry roar came continuously from the smoke and dust.

Perhaps a single tailed beast faced thousands of hands, only to be beaten, but the combined power of five tailed beasts was indeed amazing.

In the process of being bombarded, the tailed beast jade flew out of the dust from time to time, attacking thousands of hands and making a loud noise.


Arms with thousands of hands kept breaking off, and at the same time more arms joined them.

The combination of the five-headed beasts can only be regarded as a small trouble for Qianshou Zhuma, but it is a big trouble for Sarutobi Hizen.

Compared with the huge Chakra between the Thousand Hands Pillars, the Chakra of Sarutobi Hiichi might be a little reluctant to use his full force for thousands of hands.

At this time, Sarutobi Rizen, who was standing above the head of Mashu Chin, also discovered the shortcomings in front of him, and the follow-tail beast consumed Chakra, and he might be consumed alive.

Must fight quickly, and even solve the immediate battle in one go!

Sarutobi Hizen raised his hands and quickly formed seals, then bit his fingers and slammed them to the ground.


As a burst of smoke dissipated, Sarumon's figure appeared beside Sarutobi Hizen.

As soon as the monkey demon appeared, he looked around quickly, when he first saw what was happening in front of him.

Even the Ape Demon who had experienced no knowing how many battles could not help being a little dazed.

"Old man, I am afraid I will trouble you this time!"

Sarutobi Hisaki sounded with a trace of weakness, and he spoke to the Sarutobi.

"This time it's much easier than usual battles."

The monkey demon was taken aback for a moment, and then he understood, and said with a smile.

After finishing speaking, Sape Demon stretched out his hands and pressed it on the scroll as well, and poured a large amount of Chakra into it.

With the help of Sarutobi, Sarutobi Hizaki was obviously relieved.

The original dozens of arms directly turned into hundreds of simultaneous attacks.

In the face of the sudden increase in attacks, although they still won't cause fatal damage to the five big-tailed beasts, they also have to help them with thousands of hands.

During the period when the five big-tailed beasts confronted Maki Senju, the ninjas of the four big ninja villages have basically left about half of the battle center.

Especially Wu Ren, who has all evacuated from the battle center of the five big-tailed beasts, preparing to evacuate to the periphery.

Faced with this scene, Zhuli naturally did not have the thought of fighting.

Their original purpose was to give their troops time to withdraw.

Sanwei Ji's stroke was the fastest, and his limbs suddenly contracted and retracted into the huge tortoise shell.

Shadow caress!

Immediately afterwards, the whole body suddenly spun, just like the flesh bomb chariot of the Qiu Dao clan, it quickly began to roll.

It's just that the direction of scrolling is not the direction of thousands of hands, but the rear.

Before Sarutobi Rizen could react, Sanwei Isosuke had broken through the attack range of thousands of hands, and quickly rolled outward.

At the same time, Sano Iso caressed his originally huge body, and as he rolled, it shrank rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In the blink of an eye, it has disappeared from everyone's vision.

On a ground that was a bit dilapidated by the aftermath of the battle.

A palm-sized tortoise, almost turned into an afterimage, quickly crawling in the direction of the right bucket.

In the process of shrinking, Mioi Isoki had a flash of intention to escape, but thinking of the consequences, Mioi Isoki felt that it would be better for him to crawl back honestly.

Sanwei Ji was able to get out of the battle very quickly, and the foam movement was not slow. With the help of the soft body of the six-tailed rhinoceros, he forcibly stepped forward and hardly carried a real attack of thousands of hands.

With the help of this counter-shock force and the soft body of the six-tailed rhino, it quickly ejected towards the rear.

In mid-air, it turned into a half-tailed beast state, and sprayed countless bubbles at the same time. With the help of direct bubbles, it quickly disappeared from the vision of Sarutobi Hisaki.

Along with the disappearance of the six-tailed rhinohound and the three-tailed beast, the other three-headed beasts also reacted.

This battle is no longer necessary. After the battle just now, the people present at the scene have long discovered that even without their attacks, the terrifying ninjutsu in front of them will not last long.

Just when the three-headed beast was about to retreat, Sarutobi Hizen also reacted.

"Two of you were accidentally escaped, and the three of you still want to leave? I really thought there was nothing we could do with your tail beasts."

A ruthless color flashed in Sarutobi's eyes, and the fast knots of his hands.

How could it be possible that Sarutobi Hitoshi, known as Dr. Ninjutsu, would not study the ninjutsu of Senjujutsu.

"Guo'an enters the hand!"

Sarutobi Hizhan let out a loud yell, and blood could not help overflowing from the corner of his mouth.

With his power, it was indeed somewhat reluctant to activate this ninjutsu.

Hundreds of arms that had suddenly attacked downwards suddenly stopped at the same time.

Immediately afterwards, a huge word "seat" suddenly appeared on the palms of three of the arms.


The three arms and the fast speed quickly pressed the bodies of the one-tailed Shouhe, the five-tailed King Mu and the eight-tailed bull ghost.

The three-headed beast only felt its body tremble, and then its originally smooth Chakra reaction suddenly slowed down. In the next moment, the three-headed beast had lost consciousness and fainted with Renzhuli.

The hundreds of arms that were originally in the air also fell down at this time, but they did not blast on the tail beast's body, but all fell around the tail beast.


The arms controlled by Sarutobi Hizen caused them all to break.

These broken arms began to slowly deform, turning into a huge wooden escape cage, trapping all the three-headed and tailed beasts in it.

"Unfortunately, I didn't leave all the ninjas in the four great ninja villages. Although I still killed a lot of them, they still couldn't reach the point where they hurt their bones.

"However, these three-headed beasts can be considered as Hokage, so they will leave some capital for the next Konoha."

Sarutobi Rizen coughed out a mouthful of blood and said softly.

Just at this time!

With a husky low shout, before leaving the center of the battlefield, the Four Village Ninja suddenly heard.


A huge formation, I don't know when it has been arranged in the evacuation position in front of the four-ninth village.

A large number of giant snakes rushed out of the formation, and as soon as these giant snakes appeared, they rushed towards the crowd quickly.

Some ninjas who were too late to react were directly killed or swallowed by these giant snakes.



The giant snake is still rushing out of the formation, and within a short period of time, the front is like a sea of ​​snakes.


Another loud noise came, trying to compare the giant snake summoned from the formation just now, an even more huge snake appeared in front of all the ninjas.

Da She Wan looked cold, standing on top of Wan She's head, and said in a hoarse voice:

"The ninjas below are all enemies, you can attack them as you like."

Hearing Oshemaru's words, especially the voice of Oshemaru, with a hint of farewell that I have never had before.

Wan Snake originally wanted to ridicule, but he didn't say it again, and his body quickly rushed into the group of ninjas. With the huge body swinging casually, a large number of ninjas died directly.

Among them, there are a lot of Mist Ninjas. Obviously, Mist Ninja is also within the attack range of Oshe Maru.

"Oshewan, you are looking for death!"

You Dou's face suddenly became cold, and his voice was cold when he looked in the direction of Oshe Maru in the distance.

Da She Maru has betrayed him!