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Chapter 138 Killing the Dashe Pill

The large-scale psychic formation set up by Oshemaru was originally planned to intercept the three ninja fish that escaped from Yunnin, Iwanin, and Shanin.

But now, Oshe Maru even Wu Ren is within the range of the robbery.

It is equivalent to a clear statement that the cooperation between him and You Dou has ended.

"Is it because of the technique left by Senjujuma that gave you confidence? Or, what is the backhand left by Senjujuma that you have already guessed?"

You Dou's face was indifferent, and he muttered to himself softly.

The emergence of the technique of thousands of hands, I am afraid that Oshemaru will understand that the Qianjujutsuma back then may really have left behind to deal with You Dou.

Thinking about it now, Oshemaru has always been so obedient. I am afraid that besides being afraid of the power of the right fight, he also wants to confirm this matter.

You Dou looked in the direction of Osamaru with cold eyes, betraying this kind of thing, anyone hates it.

Especially this person who betrayed was the only one who knew his identity except Wuren Village.

"Master You Dou, I will deal with him."

The dried persimmon ghost shark grinned, picked up the shark muscle, and was about to rush forward.

"No, take off the red cloud robe with black background on you." You Dou called the dry persimmon ghost shark, and said in a flat tone.

Dry Persimmon Guiyu was stunned for a moment, and without any hesitation, he took off the black red robe of Akatsuki on his body.

You Dou glanced at the robe, and put it on his body casually, looking in the direction of Dashemaru with cold eyes.

"Master You Dou, are you ready to make a move?"

Ringo Yu Yuri, who was standing by, spoke softly, with a trace of worry flashing across his face.

You Dou naturally knew that Ringo Yu Yuri was not worried about his strength, but worried about the identity of You Dou and the possibility of being discovered.

"Since Osamaru chooses to betray, I will solve it myself, and I don't have as obvious attack methods as Senju Junma and Uchiha Madara, let alone..."

You Dou stopped when he said this, and glanced at Akatsuki's robe.

It can also be blamed on Akatsuki's body.

With a strong step under You Dou's foot, it turned into an afterimage, disappearing into the field of vision of the dried persimmon and the others.

The Sarutobi Rizen who was manipulating thousands of hands was a little confused when he saw the Oshe Maru that was suddenly moving in front of him.

Obviously Sarutobi Rizen couldn't figure out for a while, it was originally the enemy Oshamaru, how did he help Konoha suddenly?

"This matter seems to be not as simple as it seems?"

Sarutobi slashed his forehead and wrinkled, muttering to himself softly.

Just at this time!

A black afterimage rushed in the direction of Oshemaru like a stream of light, and instantly attracted the attention of Sarutobi Hizen.

At this time, Da She Wan, who was standing still, suddenly felt an extremely dangerous feeling deep in his heart.

However, Dashemaru's face didn't show any tension at all, instead, it seemed to be relieved, showing a slow smile.


A simple and direct punch directly hit the head of Dashewan. Because of the speed, Dashewan seemed to have too late to turn around, and the whole body was blasted to pieces.

Right Dou shook off the dirt on his hands at will, watching Oshemaru's body turn into a mass of mud, without any unexpected color on his face.

"Here." You Dou glanced to one place for an instant, and stepped on his feet slightly.

The ground at the foot of the right bucket instantly cracked, as if it was excessively squeezed, and the underground soil was sprayed out directly from the ground like a volcanic eruption.

Among the sprayed mud, the figure of Dashemaru was in it, and even the body was stained with traces of blood.

"As expected to be You Dou, this little trick really can't hide from your eyes..."

Not caring about the mud all over her body, O Shemaru let out a low laugh, but before she finished speaking, the lower part of her whole body had disappeared.

To be precise, it shouldn't be considered as disappearing, but it was completely dissipated by being blasted into flesh with a punch of the right hand.

Right Dou naturally does not have the so-called strange power, but the Black Emperor's ability itself is to absorb, transform, and then release.

Release the energy on the fist for an instant, and the power produced is even more powerful than the so-called strange power.

Seeing that only half of his body was left, Right Dou raised his eyebrows and raised his eyebrows. At the last moment, Da Shewan reacted, barely controlling the softened body and let Right Dou's attack fall on the lower half of his body.


Suddenly a roar came from the ground, and then the body of the giant snake burrowed out of the ground and swallowed it into its stomach with a right bucket.

The remaining half of Da She Wan's body not only did not lose his life, but at the moment Wan She swallowed the right bucket into his stomach, his hands quickly sealed.


At the next moment, Oshemaru, with only half of his body left, opened his mouth violently, and the curvature of the mouth continued to expand.

With a pale face, Da She Wan, covered with inexplicable liquid, slowly walked out of this half of his body.

"It's really terrible!" Oshemaru's body voice said in a low voice, with a look of jealousy in his eyes.

"Oshemaru, this is the guy you are worried about...Ah!!!"

Wan She's eyes were full of disdain and looked towards Da She Wan, and just halfway through the mocking tone, Wan She's body suddenly stiffened.


The blood rushing to the sky sprayed out from the belly of the ten thousand snakes, splashing in all directions.

Wan She's entire body, as if cut off by the waist, was directly separated from the middle.

Except for a screaming scream, Wan She didn't even say a word of cruelty, and the huge body had turned into white smoke and disappeared.

Obviously, he returned to the psychic world.

The blood from Wanshe soaring to the sky splashed on Dashewan's body, directly staining the whole body of Dashewan red.

Da She Wan licked his lips and licked the blood at the corners of his mouth. His pupils contracted and looked forward, who was walking towards him with a flat face.

Obviously Right Dou was swallowed into the stomach, but Right Dou's body was not stained with a trace of blood.

Not daring to hesitate at all, Dashemaru's hands quickly formed seals again.

No nonsense, the scene just now let Oshemaru know that a ninja like Xiangyou Dou would not care what he said.

Da She Maru stretched out his hand, pressed it towards the ground abruptly, and let out a low drink:

"Spirituality-Triple Luo Sheng...puff!"

Before Oshemaru's ninjutsu was released, You Dou had appeared in front of Oshemaru for some time. With a random wave of both hands, Oshemaru's arms were cut off.

You Dou stretched out his arm and grabbed Oshemaru's head, casually mentioning it, lifting Oshemaru in midair.

"Don't you really want to see my strength? This is my strength. Sannin Lengjun-Oshemaru is a good title, but unfortunately, it is no different from an ant in my eyes."

Right Dou held Oshe Maru in one hand, and spoke in a flat voice.

Blood was constantly overflowing from the corner of Oshemaru's mouth. Hearing what you said just now, the eyes were full of madness, but he didn't wait for Oshemaru to move.

Right Dou grabbed the hand of Da She Wan and gave a slight shock.

Da She Wan's whole body is like broken ceramics, transforming into tiny particles, and completely dissipating in mid-air.

On the broken ground, in an extremely secret location, a small white snake as thick as a finger swiftly flees to the distance.

However, the little snake hadn't climbed far, when the foot stretched out by Right Dou, it stepped on a pool of white meatloaf.