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Chapter 140-Let Naruto Awaken the King Kong Blockade

Taking a look at the Sarutobi Rizen who fell under his feet, You Dou's eyes flickered slightly.

No matter what, what Sarutobi Hizen said to him before his death caused a trace of fear in You Dou's heart.

From the thousands of hands that did not appear in the original work, it can be seen that Senju Zhuma is indeed preparing for him.

As for the real thousands of hands, I am afraid that Qianshou Zhuma left it at will.

After all, just a few thousand hands can not deal with You Dou.


Following the death of Sarutobi Rischi, the Sarutobi psychic psyched up by Sarutobi Rischi turned into a white smoke and dissipated in a look of unwillingness and anger.

And the huge thousands of hands under You Dou's feet, it seems that because Sarutobi Rizen tore the scroll, it also turned into a huge white smoke at the same time.

Right Dou's body quickly fell from a high altitude to the bottom. With a thought in his heart, a chakra chain gushed from his body to bind Sarutobi Rishou's body.

The speed of falling downwards from a height of several hundred meters was very fast, but the moment the right bucket landed, there was no sound.

All kinds of energies such as the impact generated by the landing are absorbed into the body by the right bucket.

It was like you Dou's body, lightly falling on the ground.

Recovered the Chakra chains and put the corpse of Sarutobi on the ground.

"It doesn't matter if you say those things true or not, but you have to tell you that you won."

"I am not afraid of the back hand left behind by the Senjue Zhuma, but I know that if I am sealed again, I am afraid I will never have a second chance."

Looking at the Sarutobi corpse on the ground, You Dou said in a flat tone.

After speaking, You Dou raised his head and looked in the direction of Konoha in front. The huge white smoke produced by the dissipation of Zhenshu Qianshou obscured Right Dou's vision.

Therefore, the right bucket cannot see the Konoha in front, and the same Konoha cannot see the right bucket.

Although the goal this time has not been fully achieved, it is generally quite rewarding.

Almost all the troops sent by the three ninja villages of Iwanin, Yunnin, and Ninja were destroyed, and Konoha suffered heavy losses. Not only was Konoha directly destroyed more than half, but also a shadow died.

After this battle, Wuren's strength has completely reached the level of the Five Great Shinobi.

Perhaps other Shinobu villages will suffer the least loss because of Wuren. In addition to Youdou's shot, they suspect that this is Wuren's devil.

But doubt is only doubt after all.

And now Konoha has exposed the true technique Qianju, this kind of ninjutsu that is very powerful against the tail beast, and is equally powerful and terrifying.

I'm afraid that other Ninja villages will definitely be more wary of Konoha than misty Shinobu playing tricks in it.

Who knows if Konoha still has such a terrifying ninjutsu as the real Thousands of Hands. If there is, then Konoha's threatening power can be said to be rising in a straight line for other Ninja villages.

Adding the information of You Dou is itself a taboo for the entire Ninja World.And knowing that You Dou was not dead but was sealed, the entire Ninja World was even rarer.

"I am afraid that this operation will expose many flaws, but if there is no problem, then it is the real problem."

A smile flashed in You Dou's eyes, and he said to himself.

Unless Oshamaru is resurrected to poke out the news of the right fight, even if it is suspicion, the other Ninja villages will probably only act secretly.

If Oshe Maru wants to be resurrected, it must be specially assisted to satisfy the resurrection ceremony of O She Maru.

"Almost forgot you, Pharmacist pocket."

Thinking of this, You Dou's face was filled with a trace of suspicion.

Before the smoke dissipated, You Dou disappeared in place with a flash.

When it reappeared, the figure of You Dou had already appeared, because it was trapped beside the three-headed beast that was trapped in a cage composed of wooden escapes.

Seeing the three-headed and tailed beast that seemed to be in a deep sleep state, You Dou had to sigh that Sarutobi Rizen still had some skill.

However, these three people can't just be trapped like this.


Several Chakra lock links rushed towards the eight-tailed bull ghost and five-tailed Mu Wang.

Immediately afterwards, part of the Chakras of Yao and Wuwei was easily pulled out by Right Dou and collected into the body.

"Now, it's the last step."

The right bucket looked at the large amount of white smoke ahead, straightened his arm in the direction of Konoha, and moved his five fingers slightly.

The five chakra chains ejected from the five fingers, and quickly shot in the direction of Konoha.

At this time, everyone on Konoha's side.

Because thousands of hands appeared, the surprise look of crushing the Four Ninja Villages had long since disappeared.

"Sun Slash, he was defeated?"

With an unbelievable look on Mito Menyan's face, he said with a trembling voice.

Although it is not clear what happened in the battle just now, the thousands of hands in front of him turned into white smoke and disappeared, but it made everyone understand that Sarutobi Hizen might have been defeated.

That was the technique of the first generation of Hokage, and it could even harden the tail beast, but it was still defeated under such circumstances.

The mysterious ninja?

There is also the unique Ninjutsu King Kong blockade of the Uzumaki clan.

Danzang's expression is a little stiff, isn't the whirlpool clan already annihilated?When will there be such a strong man!

Just here, a few cracking sounds suddenly sounded.

Immediately afterwards, the Five Diamond Blockade rushed out of the white smoke that had not yet dissipated, and attacked Konoha's ninjas.

A large number of Konoha ninjas hurriedly attacked or blocked them, but these Chakra chains were quite flexible.

Ordinary earth escape defenses can be easily broken by these diamond blockades.

"The diamond blockade of the Maelstrom clan."

With dignity and doubt in his expression, Jiraiya hit the spiral pill on the Chakra chains, directly breaking one of the diamond blockades.

Tsunade also rushed out from the side at the same time, hitting the diamond chain with a punch, also breaking one of them.

Immediately afterwards, Konoha's many upper ninjas shot together, one after another, blocking two of them to pieces.

"No, the goal of these chains is... Naruto!"

Kakashi couldn't help but change his expression when he saw Chakra chains rushing towards Naruto quickly.

But unfortunately, when Kakashi reacted, the King Kong blockade had already engulfed Naruto, and he quickly pulled in the direction of the right fight!

"No, the other party's goal is Kyuubi, stop him!"

Dan Zang's face changed drastically and he let out a loud roar.

Naruto kept struggling, but he felt that his Chakra seemed to be imprisoned, and he couldn't help himself.

But Naruto, who was struggling, didn't feel that a special chakra was constantly pouring into Naruto's body in the diamond blockade that bound him.

This is the chakra unique to the pure whirlpool clan, and it was also obtained by You Dou from Wu Naixin.

With the injection of these chakras, Naruto only felt that in his body, the originally imprisoned Chakra began to become a little more active, and then Naruto couldn't help but let out a loud roar.


In the stunned look of the many Konoha ninjas, I saw Naruto's body suddenly burst out a terrifying chakra, and then several diamond blockades surged out of Naruto's body!