Since it was a suspicion, for Heijue, he had to confirm it.

Hei will never let his plan make any mistakes.

It’s best to leave this to Nagato to handle this matter, if anyone really is...

Thinking of this, Heizue narrowed his eyes, and said in his heart: Then Uchiha's belt soil is no longer credible, and he can only start the second set of plans.

Thanks to Uchiha Madara, he did not place all his bets on Uchiha's land.

Although Uchiha Daito seems to be still carrying out the plan that Uchiha Madara left behind, Kurozuzu knows that the current Daito has his own ideas.

Moreover, Uchiha had already had doubts about Lin's death that year, and even secretly started investigating without telling him.

This result should have been investigated.

However, even if this is not the case, when humans have power, such creatures as humans will breed things like ambition.

Heijue, who has lived for a thousand years, can understand this better than anyone.

Seeing Hei Jue shook his head, he shrugged with dirt, making a helpless look.

However, there was such an expression on the face under the mask.

Sure enough, Kurojue was hiding something from him, no, to be precise, it should be Uchiha Madara of the year, and some things were hiding from him.

"Let's go, now that Payne has completely doubted my identity, then I have to make some preparations in advance."

Brought the soil to spread the hand, and said to Jue.

After speaking, the vortex-like rippling space once again enveloped the two people, and then disappeared completely.

the other side.

The garrison location of Wujin troops.

At this time, Wuren and others who were quietly waiting for You Dou to return.

Lan Wan suddenly raised his head, and said with a surprised look on his little face:

"A figure is rushing here quickly, and Lan Maru feels a very dangerous aura from him."


Momoji would no longer be beheading and carried the decapitating knife on his shoulders, with a look of interest on his face.

What can make Ranmaru feel the danger now is obviously very strong.

Ringo Yu Yuri and the others who were standing by also showed interesting expressions on their faces.

They are very curious about what kind of person they dare to come directly to their Wujin troops.


Lan Maru spoke again. With the sound of these words, a black figure quickly rushed out from a distance and stood in front of everyone.


This black figure stood in front of the crowd with an indifferent expression, glanced at them indifferently, and finally fixed his gaze on the body of the dried persimmon ghost in the crowd.

"The clothes he wears...seems to be the same as those worn by the predecessors."

Lan Wan looked at the clothes Penn was wearing, and couldn't help but open his mouth curiously.

Not only Ranmaru's face was curious.

The eyes of the other people also moved with curious expressions between the dried persimmon ghost shark and Payne, with interesting expressions on their faces.

But at this time, the expression of the dried persimmon ghost shark was a bit stiff, his mouth was slightly cracked, and his voice was a bit bitter:

"He is my former leader. Not only is he strange, he is extremely powerful."

"So, it's the enemy!"

Ringo Yu Yuri narrowed his eyes, and suddenly a bright smile appeared on his face.

At the next moment, the ghosts reminded that Ringo Yu Yuri and Zaibuzhan had rushed towards Payne at the same time.

Ringo Yu Yuri's whole body seemed to turn into a thunder light, and he appeared behind Payne in an instant, and the thunder knife in his hand pierced the position of the heart of the back of the pat.

And Taodi also appeared not far in front of Penn at the same time, raising the decapitating knife in his hand, and then slammed down at Penn.

There was no expression on Payne's face, two black iron rods suddenly appeared from the long cuffs, and then Payne raised his hand and turned his body sideways.

The two iron rods in his hand blocked the attacks of Tao Di Nostalgia and Ringo Yu Yuri at the same time.

"It looks like it's an enemy, that Lan Wan will kill you!"

Lan Wan murmured, and her body swelled in an instant. At some point, the blasting knife had appeared in Lan Wan's hand.

Lan Wan stepped on his feet hard, and the whole person turned into an afterimage, disappeared in place, and appeared in front of Penn the next moment.

Lan Wan raised the blasting knife in his hand and slashed his head against Penn, who was blocking Ringo Yu Yuri and Tao Di at the same time with both hands.

"Shen Luo Tianzheng!" Payne said lightly.


Ran Maru only felt that a rebound force that could not be resisted erupted from Penn.

The next moment, the three of them were sprayed out at the same time.

"I've said it, Payne's strength is very strong."

The dried persimmon ghost shark came out from the side with a prudent face, and stood not far from Penn.

In the ruins, Lan Wan fell head-down in the ruins.

"So strong, so strong!"

Lan Wan stood up, stood up from the ruins again, touched his head and said.

In the other two ruins, Ringo Yu Yuri and Tao Di also got up again, with a surprised look on their faces, looking at Penn who was standing in the middle.

Payne didn't care about the people present, but looked directly at the dried persimmon ghost shark standing opposite.

"Where is Uchiha Itachi?"

Payne spoke coldly.

"Dead." The dried persimmon ghost shrug shrugged.

Hearing the words of the dried persimmon ghost shark, Payne was slightly silent, and after a while, he spoke again:

"No one can betray Akatsuki. You will pay for it, together with the Wunin Village behind you."

As Payne's voice fell, the whole scene suddenly became cold.

So everyone in Wuren Village looked at Penn with murderous intent.

"I'm afraid I will disappoint you."

The dried persimmon ghost shark gripped the shark muscle with both hands and said in a cold voice.

Just when the battle scene is about to break out.

A soft footstep sounded into everyone's ears.

"How do I hear someone say that Wu Ren pays the price?" You Dou walked over with a smile.

Payne turned his head and looked in the direction of the sound.

When Payne saw the right fight, his whole body suddenly froze.

At this time, Nagato, who was controlling Penn, suddenly felt a tingling sensation in the eyes of Samsara when he saw You Dou.

Even with Chakra controlling Penn, there was a short pause.

However, the tingling sensation in the eyes disappeared in just an instant, but the signal from Nagato to Payne suddenly became intermittent.

"What's the matter? Is the use of reincarnation eye excessive? Or is it a little far away?"

Feeling the Ruoruuo signal from Payne, Nagato muttered to himself with some doubts.

"It's probably a bit difficult to deal with Wuren Village with just one Heavenly Dao, and the signal is a bit fuzzy now, in that case..."

Nagato muttered to himself softly, but his eyes flashed with undisguised killing intent.

the other side.

Seeing Penn who suddenly froze, a puzzled look flashed across You Dou's face.

"You will pay for it!"

Payne, who was a little stiff, suddenly raised his head and said.

The next moment, with a "bang" sound, Payne had turned into a white smoke and disappeared in place.

Obviously, it was channeled away.