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Chapter 143 Intercept and Kill the Remnants of the Three Ninja Villages

Seeing Penn who had left, a deep gaze flashed in your eyes.

Nagato, reincarnation eye!

"Unexpectedly, I came by myself before I went to find him."

You Dou said to himself, You Dou really didn't expect Payne to appear in person.

But when I think about it, there is such a big disturbance in the Five Ninja Villages, and Payne's appearance here is quite unexpected.

"Originally intended to be stable, but now I want to come, but I am a little bit whimsical... Uchiha Madara!"

Right Dou said in a low voice.

The sudden appearance of Payne somewhat disrupted the plan at the beginning of the right fight.

Especially when Penn's body just seemed to lose control, You Dou suddenly thought of a possibility.

If this is the case, then this ninja world might become interesting.

"grown ups!"

Seeing You Dou who was back, Lan Wan hurriedly released the curse, and ran all the way to You Dou.

You Dou touched Lan Wan's head, turned his head and saw that Ringo Yu Yuri and Tao Di did not cut anymore, the two of them also came over, looking at You Dou with ashamed expressions:

"Sorry, Master You Dou, didn't leave the opponent behind."

"Stay? You can't beat him in your current state. For this, I think the dry persimmon ghost shark should be very clear."

Right Dou waved his hands casually and opened his mouth with a chuckle.

The dried persimmon ghost nodded and told everyone what he knew about Payne.

Especially when it comes to Payne's reincarnation eyes, Tao Di no longer cuts the faces of the others, all showing shocked expressions.

Everyone may have heard of the legendary eyes of the reincarnation eye, but they have never seen it at all, and the eyes of Payne just now turned out to be the reincarnation eyes of the legendary six immortals. You can imagine how surprised everyone is.

After everyone was stunned, You Dou looked at Qing Dao:

"Ao, you bring the Wunin troops to attack the remaining ninjas in the three big Ninja villages, and it is best to eliminate all the remaining ninjas in Yunnin and Iwanin."

"As for Sand Ninja, leave a flaw and let Maki escape back to Sand Ninja Village, and Temari and Kankuro, two people who are related to the fourth generation Fukage, bring these two people back."

"Yes, Master You Dou!"

Qing said with a sullen expression, and quickly spoke, but just after finishing speaking, he realized what the command of You Dou was.

A look of stunned expression appeared on Qing's face, and his voice cautiously said:

"My lord, will the ninjas of the three ninja villages be intercepted and killed at the same time?

"The other Ninja villages may already have some doubts that this incident was a secret plan of our Wujin. If we do this now, I am afraid that all the four great Ninja villages will be offended at once."

Hearing Qing's worry, You Dou said with an inexplicable expression, "Do you know what the next Ninja World will face?"

Without waiting for Qing to ask, the sound of Right Dou Ruowu came into Qing's ears:

"A brand new era! And the news of my resurrection, I am afraid it will not last long."

The appearance of Payne let You Dou know that the news of his resurrection may not be long before it will spread throughout the Ninja World. Before that, he must make some preparations.

Qing's body couldn't help but tremble. Although there was no way to understand what the brand-new era was about in Master You Dou's words, Qing felt a breath of iron and blood, a feeling of rushing toward his face.

Qing nodded, turned and walked in the direction of Wuren's troops.

"Youdou-sama, Konoha doesn't need to attack anymore?"

Tao Di no longer cut his eyes with a puzzled look, and said respectfully.

"Of course it needs to be attacked, but this time the purpose is to remove the three trapped celebrities from the seal of Mu Dun."

"There is no need to deal with the eight-tailed and five-tailed human column power, but the one-tailed human column power must be brought back to me so that Konoha thinks that our purpose is the tail beast."

You Dou's expression was a little indifferent, and he turned his head to look at No More Killing and others and said lightly.

Outside the center of the battlefield.

The surviving forces of Sand gathered together.

With blood stained all over, Maji glanced at the remaining Sand Ninja, his face was dark and terrible.

Sand Shinobu's troops survived, and there were fewer than twenty ninjas plus him.

"Teacher, what about Gaara?"

Temari didn't care about his injuries, and looked at Maji with an anxious look on his face.

Maji looked gloomy, in any case, Renzhuli must not stay in Konoha.

Step on-

Several footsteps came from the other side, and then Yunnin and Yannin, all with large and small scars all over their bodies, appeared in Sand Ninja's vision.

The terracotta and loess of Yannin, Darui of Yunnin led the remaining troops and rushed in this direction.

The faces of the few people present were all overcast, who would have thought Konoha had such a powerful ninjutsu.

"Where are the people of Wunin?"

Yun Ren's Darui spoke in a rather unkind tone.

Although the battlefield was chaotic at the time, he could still see that Wu Ren was probably the lightest loss among the four Ninja villages.

He is very suspicious now that the man who suddenly appeared has a special relationship with Wuren Village.

Even this time, the plan of the Four Ninja Villages to attack Konoha was secretly planned by Wunin Village.

But, what is the purpose of Wuren?

Not only Darui thinks so, but Mackey and Huang Tu also think so.

"Sorry everyone, this matter is our Wunin Village's fault."

At this moment, a voice suddenly came from one side.

I saw that Qing led a large number of Wunin Village ninjas to appear in front of everyone.

Seeing the mist ninja suddenly appeared, the eyes of the other three village ninjas flashed with vigilance.

"It's your fault for Wu Ren? What did you do?"

Chi Tu looked at Qing, with a low tone in his voice.

"Of course it didn't eliminate you all!"

Qing said with a smile on his face.

As Qing's voice fell, the Mist Ninja forces standing behind Qing attacked the remaining ninjas in the three ninja villages at the same time.

"Damn it! You Wuren is going to be an enemy of the whole world of Shinobi!"

Darui saw this scene and let out an angry roar.

"Enemy the entire Ninja Realm? You are not qualified to represent the entire Ninja Realm. Don't let go of all shots!"

The smile on Qing Yuan's face had long since disappeared, and he spoke with a cold face.

The fighting between the two sides broke out in an instant. Compared with the almost well-preserved Wujin troops, the losses in the other three villages were too severe.

In addition, all of them were injured. Once the two sides met, the entire battlefield fell to one side.


With the current remaining power, there is no possibility of defeating Wuren.

After a short fight, the remaining power of the three Ninja villages dispersed and broke through in three directions at the same time.

Qing looked at the scene in front of him with a cold face. Except for Maji, it was not so simple for everyone else to escape.