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Chapter 144 Immortal method, the shock of the ghost shark

Wuren's battle to intercept and kill the three ninja villages went quite quickly.

On the other side, Ringo Yu Yuri, Peach Land No More Cut, Lan Wan, Gui Deng Shui Yue, Dried Persimmon Gui Shao, Chang Ju Lang, six people also launched a surprise attack on Konoha at the same time.

Konoha, who hadn't waited to take a breath, faced the sudden attack of Wuren, and could only challenge quickly.

The six members of the "Seven Ninja Swordsmen" were blocking Konoha's attack.

Foam, Bai, and Junmaro also rushed towards the tail beast trapped in Mudun at the same time.

The reason why Sarutobi Hizen had spent great effort to trap the three-headed beast was naturally that after the war was over, Konoha would have the qualifications to negotiate with the other three Ninja villages.

And these three-headed beasts are the key to negotiation.

This point, Danzo and other high-level Konoha can understand.

And now, when I saw Junmaro and other people in Wunin Village who wanted to break the seal, everyone in Konoha instantly understood what the people in Wunin Village wanted to do?

Although Konoha's ninjas were temporarily stopped by the six members of the "Seven Ninja Swordsmen", they might not be able to stop them for long.

Fortunately, the three people on the other side of the bubble just broke the seal formed by Mu Dun.

The foam uses the power of the six tails to spray out a large amount of corrosive liquid, corroding large and small pits in the cage formed by the wooden escape.

Coupled with Shiro and Junmaro's attack, the imprisonment that imprisoned Kazuo Morizuru was broken first.

Without the Mudun Seal, Ichi-tailed Shouzuru's body quickly turned into sand and dissipated, returning to the form of a human pillar.

Bai's instantaneous technique appeared next to Gaara and carried Gaara on his shoulders.

On the other side, facing the attacks of many Konoha ninjas, the defense composed of the six "Seven Swordsmen" also collapsed. Without cutting the peach field, the dried persimmon ghost shark and others quickly returned to Junmaro and the others.

"Unfortunately, there is no time to bring back the other two people, Zhuli."

Ringo Yu Yuri cast a glance, Gaara on the white shoulders showed a pity on his face.

"If Qing leads the Wunin forces to support it, it may be possible, but Wunin's forces are going to intercept and kill the ninjas of the Three Ninja villages."

Ghost Deng Shuiyue spread his hands, with a helpless expression on his face.

"The original goal of Youdou-sama was to have a human strength. We have now completed the task. If the Wujin troops are fighting Konoha, the advantage that has just been established will be lost."

Chojuro glanced at the crowd, then whispered.

"Konoha's ninjas have surrounded them, how are you going to retreat?"

The dried persimmon ghost shark glanced at the front, and quickly turned towards the Konoha Ninja who had rushed to the crowd, and looked a little curiously towards No Longer and the others.

"In this case, then I will..."

There was a smirk at the corners of No More Slash's mouth, and he twisted his neck. Just as he was about to step forward, a faint voice sounded from behind No More Slash.

"Let me do it!"

Junmaro crossed over without cutting, and walked in front of everyone with a flat face.

Seeing Junmaro's movements, he didn't raise his eyebrows anymore and didn't speak.


A wave of air burst out of Junmaro's body, and then a special breath rose from Junmaro's body.

A black dot the size of a coin appeared on Junmaro's forehead, and at the same time a black mark appeared around Junmaro's eye sockets, giving a strange feeling.

The dried persimmon ghost froze for a moment. At this moment, Junmaro actually gave him an extremely dangerous feeling.

Dry Persimmon Guikun glanced at the expressions on other people's faces, and found that Tao Ji did not cut and the others' faces were calm, as if Junmaro whose breath suddenly became stronger, was not a surprise.

Junmaro looked forward and quickly rushed towards them to get Konoha Ninja, his hands quickly sealed, and then he slammed on the ground:

"Xianfa-bone veins-dance of early fern!"


The entire ground seemed to have experienced an earthquake, and in the next instant, countless sharp bones quickly grew from the ground.

Almost in the blink of an eye, these bones have covered the entire ground, like a forest of white bones.

And the bone forest in front of him completely separated Junmaro and others from Konoha's ninjas.

Junmaru took a slight breath, and he retreated from the fairy mode, and at the same time couldn't help but secretly said in his heart.

Has this level of ninjutsu completely exhausted the stored Xianju Chakra?

Sure enough, the stored fairy magic chakras were still too few to support a long battle.

When I saw Junmaro's move, there was a look of wonder in his eyes.

However, when seeing Junmaro withdraw from the state of the fairy mode, a real look flashed in everyone's eyes.

Everyone was in the same state as Junmaro, and the Xianshu Chakra in his body couldn't support them in the long battle.

The time for them to learn the fairy mode is too short, and there are still too few Xianshu Chakras stored in their bodies.

Compared with the helplessness that flashed in the eyes of the others, the dried persimmon ghost shark widened his eyes and couldn't help looking at Junmaro.

What happened to the chakra just now?

The dry persimmon ghost shark felt the big sword shark muscle behind him, and it was a rare sentiment of longing and fear.

"You Dou-sama's mission is completed, let's retreat."

Junmaro said indifferently.

Konoha party.

Looking at the bone forest in front of the Konoha people, Jilaiya had a solemn expression on his face:

"Is that feeling of chakra a fairy?"

How could the people of Wunin Village be able to use Xianshu?

As far as Ji Lai knows, the places where the entire Ninja world can learn immortality are nothing more than the three holy places, but these three holy places are all inextricably linked to Konoha.

As for other Ninja villages, even if they want to learn, there is no way to enter these three holy places.

Is it Dashewan?

Tsunade didn't know when, he was already standing next to Jiraiya, and said in a solemn voice:

"Wilder Ninja Village is silent and has so many powerful ninjas. Of the five major Ninja villages this time, I am afraid that only Ninja Village will not only lose the least, but also have a lot of gains."

Jilai also nodded, and said with a solemn expression:

"The village of Wunin has now taken away the power of a tail of humans, plus the village of Wuren itself, there are already three beasts with three heads and tails. Shinobu and Iwanobu negotiate the terms."

"As long as an agreement can be reached with Yunnin and Iwannin, then the problem of Sunnin and Konoha will be solved. As for the last Wunin village..."

Jilai said at this point, the voice stopped and did not continue.

Among the five great ninja villages, Wunin village is the most mysterious, and it is also the one with the least information from each village.

The man who would use the King Kong blockade seemed to have a special relationship between Ji Lai Ye and Wu Ren.

However, in the current situation with relatively little intelligence, Jilai did not dare to jump to conclusions.