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Chapter 145-Furious Raikage, Earth Shadow

Tsunade raised his head and looked at most of Konoha that was destroyed. There was a moment of silence.

In this battle, Konoha does not know how many civilians and ninjas died.

This is the village left by Grandpa, and she will guard it no matter what.

After a while, Tsunade raised his head and looked to his side, also somewhat silent, his voice regained his former heartiness:

"Why, are you worried about that child now?"

Jiraiya was also taken aback for a moment, and nodded slightly. He naturally knew who Tsunade was referring to the child.

"Who is that kid? I think it won't be as simple as a pure human being."

A thought flashed through Tsuna's hand, and he spoke softly.

Jilaiya had a complicated look on his face, and said with a trace of guilt in his voice:

"That's the child of Pratunam and Josina."

Tsunade's face first showed a stunned look, and then a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth:

"Are those high-level boring decisions made again?"

Tsunade turned his head and looked directly at Jiraiya: "Before the old man is dying, since you have placed the burden of Hokage on you, I hope you can take the position of Hokage."

After finishing speaking, before Ji Lai Ya opened his mouth, Tsunade turned and walked towards Konoha. At the same time, Tsunade's faint voice came into Ji Laiya's ears again:

"I will stay and help you."

Jilai was shocked, and then a wry smile appeared on his face, and he said to himself helplessly:

"Hokage's position, I actually hope you will do it..."


Thunder Country·Yunren Village.

In Raikage's office.


With a furious look on the fourth generation of Raiking Ai, he smashed the desk in front of him with a punch.

Even the entire Lei Ying office building was shaken by this punch.

It is as if a small earthquake occurred in this area.

Ma Buyi, who was standing not far away, saw the desk that had been photographed in shattered pieces, his eyes flashed with pain, but he did not dare to interrupt at this time.

"Damn Wu Ren, dare to calculate the old man!"

The fourth generation of Raikage Ai let out a roar again, raised his fist and couldn't help but blast forward.

It is a pity that the only remaining desk in the entire Raikage office has been blasted to pieces. This punch can only blast into the air, making a small, rapid sonic boom.

After a long time, the angry fourth-generation Raikage Ai calmed down slowly.

"How is Darui now?"

The fourth generation of Raikage Ai turned his head to look aside Mabuyi.The worried tone in the voice.

As soon as Azabuyi wanted to speak, the door of Raikage's office was already pushed open.

Darui walked in with most of his body wrapped in a bandage.

With an expression of pain on Darui's face, with a "bang", he half-kneeled on the ground and said in a hoarse voice:

"I'm sorry Raikage-sama... I couldn't bring them back."

"This matter is not your fault, blame it. As Raikage, my negligence, whether it is Konoha or Mizuna, this grudge, the old man will definitely avenge it!"

The fourth generation of Lei Ying was full of killing intent, and said coldly.

After speaking, the fourth generation of Raikage Ai reached out and pulled Darui up.

"Master Raikage, Master Kirabi is trapped by Konoha. In any case, Master Kirabi must be rescued first."

Darui spoke to the fourth generation of Raikage Ai.

Regardless of the relationship between Kirabi and the fourth generation of Raikage Ai, the single-tailed beast must not be tainted by other Shinobu.

The eyes of the four generations of Raikage Ai flickered. Compared with Wuren's hatred, rescuing Kirabi is indeed the most important thing at present.

The Land of the Earth·Iwanin Village.

Tuying office.

Compared with the furious Raikage's office, the Tuying's office was unusually calm at this time, and even calmly depressed.

Onoki sat quietly on the chair, his whole person extremely calm, but his face turned blue.

Standing on the black soil beside Ohnoki, his face was also a little ugly.

After coming over for a while, Oh Yemu suddenly laughed a few times, but the laughter was full of coldness.

"Very well! The old man has lived a long time, and he was calculated by a female doll."

"There is also Konoha. After so many years, there is still such a back hand. It is indeed the old man who underestimated Konoha."

Onoki's voice was calm, but there was a heavy look on his face.

The entire Yannin troops, except for the loess, terracotta and two guards, all the other Yannin forces were destroyed.

If it hadn't been for Oh Yemu's experience of many winds and waves, I'm afraid he would have spit out blood.

"Huang Tu, Chi Tu and the two guards are okay?"

Onoki turned his head to look at the black soil beside him, and said in a calm voice.

Hei Tu shook his head: "Father, Uncle Terra and the others, apart from overconsumption, they don't have much problem."

After speaking, the black soil looked at Ohnogi with some worry, and said carefully:

"Master, are you okay?"

Hearing the words of the black soil, Ohnoki was taken aback, then flew directly from his seat, and said loudly:

"My old man, my body is very strong! You don't need to worry about this little girl."


Onoki just finished speaking, suddenly covering his waist with his hands, screamed in his mouth:

"Oh, my waist! My waist!"

With a helpless look on Black Earth's face, he hurriedly stepped forward to support Oh Yemu.

After a long time, Oh Yemu slowly came over, wiped the secret sweat on his forehead, and said solemnly:

"Compared to Misty Ninja, Konoha actually trapped Han. It seems that he is going to negotiate terms with us!"

"However, the old man is not going to let Konoha easily this time. With such a method hidden, Konoha can endure more danger than the mist now."

"There are also suspected strong people from the whirlpool clan. Hei Tu, you will send someone to check it out. Those who survived the whirlpool clan should be able to find clues."

Onoki's face was calm and calmly analyzed.

Hei Tu nodded, turned and walked quickly outside the office.

This battle of the four great Ninja villages attacking Konoha is over.

This war is coming soon, and it will end soon.

Many small countries or Xiaonin villages have just received the news that this war is over.

In the entire history of the Ninja world, there has never been a joint attack on a Ninja village by the four great Ninja villages.

Under such circumstances, Konoha was not completely destroyed.

Instead, Mudan Ninjutsu, which was once famous for the original Naruto, defeated all the four great Ninja villages!

And one of the four major joint forces, the Wunin unit, with the least loss, suddenly turned back against the water and wiped out almost all the remaining units of Yunnin, Iwanin and Sand.

At the end of this battle, the only beneficiary turned out to be the weakest Wunin village, the weakest Wunin.

When most of the forces in the Ninja World received this news, all of them were a little confused.

Not only did the two major ninja villages of Yunnin and Iwanin suffered heavy losses, even their own tail orc pillar power was completely left in Konoha.

As for the sand ninja, the strength of the human pillar was taken away by the village of Wuren. At least one human pillar of the Yunnin and Yannin remained.

There is only one Sand Ninja, and it was taken away by Wu Ren. You can imagine the shock to the entire Sand Ninja village.

For a Ninja village, the tail beast not only represents a strong combat power, but also a proof of the strength of the Ninja village.

Facing the four great Ninja villages that suffered heavy losses, the entire Ninja world was like a calm lake, suddenly thrown into a huge boulder, and an undercurrent surged.

Numerous Shinobu villages, large and small, began to become active.