Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 147 Exchange "Forbidden Technique-Reincarnation of Oneself"

Looking at Right Dou who was still lying lazily on the rock, Terumi Ming shrugged, and pulled a strand of beautiful hair behind her ears.

"By the way, you should be very busy now, right?"

Right Dou closed his eyes and spoke softly.

However, as soon as You Dou finished speaking, his nose suddenly arched, then suddenly opened his eyes and sat up, looked at Terumi Ming next to him, and said with a smile:

"Sure enough, you still understand me."

Terumi Ming said with a smile on her face and blinked:

"Master You Dou, this is complimenting me."

While talking, Terumi took out a bag of fish balls from behind and held it in front of You Dou.

The smile on You Dou's face was even worse. He took the fish ball from Terumi Ming and ate it contentedly.

Looking at the right fight who was eating fish balls, Terumi Ming's eyes flashed a smile and said:

"It seems that Master You Dou is not very worried about the situation in the Ninja World."

You Dou shook his head and swallowed the fish balls in his mouth:

"There is nothing to worry about, just a bunch of clowns."

Terumi Mei nodded likewise, and was silent for a while, with a look of doubt and caution on his face, he looked at You Dou and said:

"My lord, the matter of intercepting and killing the three Ninja villages is not like the style of Master Youdou, so the identity of Master Youdou may be exposed."

"Oshe Maru is dead. As long as Wuren develops steadily, we can slowly eat it away without knowing the Four Great Ninja Villages."

You Dou nodded slightly, smiled and said:

"This is indeed the initial plan, but now we have to change the original strategy."

Terumi Mei was taken aback, and hurriedly said, "Did You Dou discover something?"

"I did find an interesting thing, but it won't take long for the whole Ninja World to know it. This is why I suddenly don't worry about my identity being exposed."

"On the big chessboard of Ninja World, from the beginning of the Warring States Period to the present, there are still those chess players after all."

With a deep gaze in your eyes, You Dou said quietly.

Terumi Mei raised her eyebrows, a little confused, obviously did not understand the meaning of Youdou's words.

Just as Terumi Ming was about to ask again, a sound of breaking through the sky came from a distance.

Within a few blinks, Ringo Yu Yuri had appeared not far in front of You Dou and Terumi Mei.

"Master You Dou! Master Shui Ying!"

Ringo Yu Yuri saw Terumi Mei sitting next to You Dou, she was taken aback, and then quickly bowed her head and spoke respectfully.

You Dou turned around, looked at Ringo Yu Yuri, and said with a chuckle: "It seems that the people from Sand Shinobu are here?"

"Yes, Uto-sama, Sand Ninja Village did send a ninja over to negotiate with us, wanting to exchange Gaara, Temari and Kankuro for three people back."

Ringo Yu Yuri nodded, showing her pointed teeth.

"Currently, who is in charge of Sand Ninja Village?"

Right Dou turned his head to look at Terumi Ming, and said curiously.

"It's Chiyo who is called the super first-class puppet master by the entire Ninja world." Terumi Ming said softly.

It really was her!

A sharp light flashed in Right Dou's eyes, and he looked at Ringo Yu Yuri again, and said curiously:

"People from Sunnin Village, how are you going to change back to the three Gaara."

Ringo Yu Yuri curled his lips: "Sara Shinobu who came here said that they are willing to exchange money or land for them, and they can even make an alliance with us."

"Money? Land? How much money can Nina Ninja have? As for the land, there are deserts everywhere, not to mention that there is a Konoha in the middle. Even if it is given for nothing, we may not want it. As for the final alliance, Nina Village will not suffer. ."

When Ringo Yu Yuri's words were heard, Terumi said with disdain.

"Tell Chiyo that it's okay to change back to Gaara and the three of them. Presumably, the identity of the three of them plus a tail of Shouzuru, and the forbidden technique in her hands should be no problem."

A smile appeared from the corner of the right bickering mouth, and he spoke softly.

"You Dou, what secret technique do you want to exchange for Sand Ninja?"

Terumi Ming looked at You Dou curiously. As far as she knew, in addition to puppetry, Sand Ninja Village was famous for various poisons, and these two things might not be appreciated by You Dou.

"A forbidden technique in the hands of Chiyo-reincarnation."

Right Dou narrowed his eyes slightly and said with a chuckle.

Soon after the ninja got the request of Wunin Village, he passed the message through spiritism, and the Ninja Village quickly received the request about Wunin Village.

"How can the people in Wunin Village know that my sister has the technique of "reincarnation"?"

Hai Lao Zang's old face was wrinkled tightly, and his voice was serious.

The mother-in-law of the thousand generations who was sitting at the side was silent for a while, then turned to look at Maji beside her:

"Agree to Wunin Village's request. As long as Gaara and the three of them can come back safely, I can give them this technique."

"Sister! Are you really planning to give this technique to the fog man?"

Eilaozang's expression changed, and he said solemnly.

"It's just a forbidden technique. There are a few people in this world who will use this technique at the cost of their lives."

The mother-in-law of the thousand generations had a calm face, but there was a trace of sadness in her eyes.

When You Dou received the message that Chiyo's mother-in-law agreed, he put Temari and Kankuro back with a smile on his face.

As for Gaara who is left behind, it is natural that You Dou intends to verify the authenticity of "Reincarnation".


In a dense forest.

The pharmacist wiped the sweat on his forehead, turned his head and looked behind him, and found that no one was chasing him until now. He couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief slowly and slumped on a big tree.

Lord Oshemaru is dead!

Moreover, he himself witnessed that scene with his own eyes.

It was a battle that was completely crushed.

The Oshe Maru, who had been terrifying in his eyes, had no resistance to that young man from beginning to end.

Was beheaded so easily!

You can imagine the shock and fear in the pharmacist's heart.

Therefore, at the moment when he saw Dashewan being killed, the pharmacist turned around and ran away. He had been desperately rushing for several days, just because he was afraid of being overtaken.

Because before the death of Lord Oshemaru, he not only explained how to resurrect him, but also told him a secret.

One secret that made the pharmacist's body stand up all over his body is that the legendary first generation Shuiying Youdou has been resurrected!

A person who deliberately hides himself, now that others know his existence, you can imagine...

And the pharmacist does not want to die!

So after knowing this secret, the pharmacist flees desperately.

But up to now, the pharmacist found that no one came after him.

"Doesn't you know that I exist? Or do you not care about your identity exposure?"

The pharmacist was silent for a moment and said to himself.