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Chapter 148 Xiao Nan's Worries

Don't know your existence?

The pharmacist shook his head, the legendary first generation Suikage Youdou, he met when he was in Konoha.

Thinking of the tone of his words at the time, the back of Pharmacist's pocket was soaked again. Fortunately, his luck was not bad at that time, otherwise, there would be no today.

And if it is really the second possibility, then the pharmacist is a little confused.

"This information may be a good bargaining chip."

The pharmacist pushed his glasses around, thinking inwardly.

As a spy with multiple identities, maximizing the benefits is the best choice.

After all, it takes a lot of preparation to resurrect Lord Oshemaru.

In a dark cave.

All the members of Akatsuki's organization are rare.

"The recent Ninja World is a bit lively."

With a smile on Deidara's face, he looked at the others around and said.

"It is indeed a bit lively, but it's a pity that the bounty is all over the floor."

A slightly hoarse voice came from the angle, and the voice was full of pity.

"Uchiha Itachi and dried persimmon ghost shark did not show up last time, but they still haven't come this time."

Scorpion glanced at the people around him, and said suspiciously.

Along with Scorpion's opening, the faces of other Akatsuki members also showed doubts. Two consecutive meetings did not appear. This was something that had never happened.

Standing on the edge, the half of Bai Jue's face was excited, as if he was holding back some important news and wanted to say it.

As for the part of Hei Jue, there was no expression on his face, but there were strange gazes in his eyes.

"Don't wait any longer, the two of them won't be here."

An indifferent voice suddenly entered everyone's ears.

Everyone looked forward in the direction of the sound, and saw Payne and Xiao Nan slowly walked out from one side, appearing in everyone's field of vision.

"What do you mean?"

Fei Duan had a puzzled look on his face and said curiously.

"Announce three things this time!"

"The first thing is that Uchiha Itachi has died. The specific cause of death should be Konoha or Kirinin!"

"The second thing is that the dried persimmon ghost betrayed the organization, and at the same time the information about "Akatsuki", the dried persimmon ghost has been leaked to Wuren Village."

After Penn said this, his voice paused slightly, obviously waiting for everyone to digest the two news.

All the people present suddenly became quiet, and it was obvious that they were a little bit confused when facing the news.

"What? Uchiha Itachi died! I haven't gotten revenge yet!"

With an unbelievable look on Deidara's face, he stared at Payne with wide eyes.

"Dried persimmon ghost shark that shark head will betray Akatsuki? I thought Uchiha Itachi would be the first to betray the organization."

Jiao Du had a sneer on his face, and said softly.

To him, it doesn't matter who betrays the organization, even deep down in Jiao Du's heart, he welcomes it.

After all, there is one more person who can claim the bounty.

Xiao Nan, who was standing next to Payne, glanced at the expressions on the faces of the people below, a trace of grief flashed in his eyes.

The "Xiao" in front of me is no longer the "Xiao" it used to be. Regarding the death of his teammates, the faces of everyone present could not feel a trace of sadness except for the look of surprise or surprise.

A sorrow suddenly appeared in Xiao Nan's heart.

It seems that everyone has digested the two news almost, and Payne's indifferent voice sounded again:

"The third thing, I will personally go to Wuren Village to kill the dried persimmon ghost shark, and at the same time get back the two rings of "Xiao"."

"So, after the outbreak of this war, Akatsuki will be thoroughly exposed to the eyes of all Shinobu Village. It is best for you to prepare in advance."

With the sound of Payne's words, the many Akatsuki members present all looked seriously.

"Does this matter require me to sneak into Wuren Village in advance to obtain information?"

Jue looked at Payne at this moment with a grinning expression.

"no need."

Payne spoke flatly and refused directly.

After speaking, Payne and Xiao Nan turned and left.

Bai Jue spread his hands, with a helpless expression on his face, but Hei Jue's eyes flashed with spirit.

Sure enough, don't you trust us anymore?

And just now, Heijue felt a very special chakra on Penn's body.

Although Payne is just a corpse, not the main body, but the extremely special Chakra, Hei Jue can still vaguely feel from the black rod that transmits the signal.

That technique has already been activated!

Hei Jue originally had some speculations, but now he is quite sure that the original Shui Ying You Dou has been resurrected!

Because the condition for the activation of that technique is to see the face of Youdou in the eyes of Samsara, this was the technique set by Uchiha Madara in the eyes of Samsara just in case!

Compared with careful thinking with dirt, You Dou is the one who really makes Heijue wary!

Such a person is definitely the prime enemy of the resurrected mother.

Thinking of this, Heijue immediately manipulated Bai Jue's body and quickly sank into the ground.

In a somewhat gloomy room, a special instrument similar to various tubes inserted in the middle of a sleeping cabin was placed in the center of the room.

In this instrument, a skinny red-haired man with various black rods stuck in his back was half lying in this instrument.

This person knows the true leader Nagato now.

And Penn, who was in the meeting just now, was standing at one side of the room. Beside Penn, there were also five corpses with reincarnation eyes.

"Nagato, do you really want to do this? That's one of the five Ninja villages."

Xiao Nan spoke with a worried tone in her voice.

Looking at Nagato's scrawny body, Xiao Nan's face flashed an unbearable expression.

Yahiko sacrificed himself for peace, and Nagato in front of him also became what he is now for peace.

Sometimes, Xiao Nan even wonders, is it right or wrong for them to do this?

"Anyone who betrays Akatsuki must pay a price. This is the consciousness of being a leader."

"We have already experienced infinite pain, haven't we, and these pains have allowed us to grow and transform from mortals to gods."

As if feeling the confusion of Xiao Nan next to him, Nagato slowly squeezed out a smile on his stiff face.

"Not only for Yahiko, but also for ourselves. I want to fight a truce in this war-torn world. This is the mission of being a god and the mission given to me by this pair of eyes!"

Nagato's firm voice rang in Xiao Nan's ears.

Seeing the look on Nagato's face, Xiao Nan took a deep breath and said with a bright smile on his face: "I will help you."

Nagato was silent for a while, then slowly said, "Thank you."