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Chapter 149 The Six Paths of Payne Attacks

Seeing Nagato with a firm look on his face, Xiao Nan didn't speak any more.

Even for this attack on Wuren, Xiao Nan always felt an extremely bad feeling deep in his heart.

But Xiao Nan knew that Nagato would never give up this plan to attack Wunin Village.

In that case...

Xiao Nan looked at Nagato, and said softly:

"When shall we go to Wunin Village?"

Nagato slowly raised his head, Samsara looked ahead, and said flatly, "Now!"

At this time, in another dark room of Akatsuki's organization.

Uchiha took the soil with some doubts, watching the sudden appearance of Zee: "What's wrong?"

"Nagato is going to attack Wunin Village, we have to prepare in advance."

Heijue spoke in a flat voice.

Attacking Wunin?

Uchiha's face was startled, but now is not the time.

After all, the plan has only just reached the second step, and now Akatsuki can't easily be exposed to the vision of other Shinobu Village.

"Why didn't you stop him?" Uchiha looked at him, with a hint of dissatisfaction in his voice.

"We listened to your orders, just to help Master Uchiha Madara perfect the plan, but we are not really loyal to you."

Kurozu looked at Uchiha's belt soil, and continued indifferently, "The original plan is no longer feasible. Now I can only start the second plan left by Uchiha Madara."

Uchiha took the soil for a moment, and his face under the mask suddenly became gloomy. Sure enough, Uchiha Madara had other methods left.

"Now our positions are reversed, and you will assist me."

Kurozutsu's voice sounded again, and it spread into Uchiha's ears.

Uchiha's soiled eyes narrowed slightly, and a trace of anger flashed in his eyes. A man-made creature asked me to help you!

However, thinking of Uchiha Madara’s horror, Uchiha Daito was a little silent, and he wanted to see what Uchiha Madara left behind.

Uchiha took the soil and said silently for a while: "Okay!"

Kurozutsu saw Uchiha's agreement with him, and there was no mood swing.

For Uchiha who brought the soil, he thought carefully, how could he not notice that he had lived for a thousand years.

"But I'm still a little curious, just because Akatsuki has been exposed, do I need to launch another method?"

Uchiha looked at Kurozutsu with the soil, a look of disbelief in his eyes.

"Of course not, there are more important reasons, you will know soon."

Hei Jue did not explain, and said flatly.

Uchiha stretched out his hands with the soil, and asked Kurozu, "Then what shall we do now?"

Hei Jue said without hesitation, "Go to Wunin Village!"


Water Country·Fognin Village.

As a village shrouded in dense fog all year round, the weather is unusually clear during this period of time for unknown reasons.

This has made many civilians who have adapted to life in the dense fog not comfortable for a while.

However, sunny weather always makes people feel happy.

In the forest some distance from Wuren Village.

A man wearing a black-bottomed red-cloud robe and an orange-haired man walked out of the forest slowly, and followed the Wunin Village in the distance without expression.

One of the six ways of Payne, the animal way!

This location is still a bit far from Wuren Village.

Beast Dao looked around and found that there were no ninjas around, his body was slightly pressed down, and the whole person rushed out in the direction of Wunin Village.

The animal figure ran swiftly, and at the same time constantly used the surrounding trees or stones to hide his figure during the run.

Just as the Beast Road was getting closer and closer to Wuren Village, a sound of breaking through the air suddenly came from the front.

Immediately afterwards, a kunai shot directly at a position not far in front of the animal road.

Hu Shengdao's fast-moving body paused for a while, and then stopped, raising his head blankly, looking in the direction of Kuwu Wu.

Not far in front, a young man was sitting casually on a large rock, holding his chin, interested in him.

Animal Dao was silent for a while: "Have you been discovered?"

"Yeah, it's faster than I expected. If you come a little later, I'll be looking for you."

With a bright smile on You Dou's face, he looked at Brute Dao and said.

"It seems that the dried persimmon ghost shark has revealed all of Xiao's information, if this is the case, then we can only kill all the people who know!"

Hearing the words of Right Fight, the voice of Beast Dao still said coldly.

You Dou blinked and laughed and said, "It's really decisive, but it depends on whether you have this ability."

With the sound of You Dou's voice falling, the voice of You Dou has disappeared.

The reincarnation eyes of the animal realm turned around quickly, while his hands were ready to press on the ground quickly.


A stream of blood spattered!

The animal Dao's original psychic movements stopped quickly, his body was forcibly twisted, and at the same time he quickly retreated backwards.

But even so, one arm was still easily twisted off by the right bucket.

"If the action is too slow, you can't do it in front of me."

You Dou casually threw the animal Dao arm on the ground, and looked at the animal Dao that quickly retreated in front, with a faint smile on his face from beginning to end.

As Beast Dao retreated quickly, I lifted the only remaining arm and quickly pressed it on my body.


A series of white smoke appeared in front of the right fighting.

When the white smoke dissipated, the six figures stood together neatly, looking directly at the right bucket in front of them.

"It turns out that one arm can still be used for spiritism."

You Dou looked at Brute Dao with surprise in his eyes. He really didn't know that.

"Information leaked, Wunin Village was prepared in advance, if so, let's start with you first."

Heavenly Path Payne stood in the middle of the six, with an unusually flat tone.


Along with a muffled noise from the first side, the figure of Shura Dao rushed in the direction of Right Dou first.

In just two short jumps, Shura Dao has appeared in front of You Dou.

Shura Dao suddenly raised his fist and blasted towards You Dou with a punch.

Right Dou's body flashed, and the whole person moved directly from the same place to the side of Shura Road.

While avoiding the attack of Asura Dao, You Dou raised his fist and slammed towards Asura Dao's head.


A muffled sound exploded directly.

Half of the head of Shura Dao disappeared with a punch from the right fighting, revealing the spinning gear inside.

"Solve one, it's you guys next."

Right Dou's eyes narrowed slightly, and Payne Liudao, who looked forward, said with a smile.

Nagato's body should not be far from here. Before finding it out, it seems that he can only fight with these six guys.