Nagato's method of controlling Penn's six ways is naturally to transmit the Chakra signal through these black rods connected to the body.

If it was just a Penn Six Dao, then You Dou might really not be able to find the location of Nagato.

After all, there is quite a big difference between controlling one Penn Six Dao and controlling six Penn Six Dao.

Simply put, if you only control one, a single Chakra signal can be controlled from a distance.

But control six at the same time, if the distance is too far, then the signal of six people may appear chaotic.

This is why You Dou can be sure that Payne is around Wuren Village.

Seeing that You Dou easily solved Shura Dao, the other five Penn Six Dao were obviously a little surprised.

"It seems to underestimate your strength."

Tiandao Payne spoke in a flat tone.

As the voice of Heavenly Dao Payne fell, the remaining five people rushed towards the direction of the right hand at the same time.

You Dou showed a faint smile, and just about to leave, behind You Dou, the Asura Dao, who had been shattered by half his head, suddenly stood up.

Shura Dao instantly held the Right Fighter firmly behind his back, and at the same time his hands formed a ring-shaped trapped shape on the chest of the Right Fighter.

Is it okay to be shattered by half of your head?It's really troublesome.

Right Dou frowned and his shoulders shook sharply.

Shura Dao, who was clinging to You Dou, suddenly felt a strong impact erupting from You Dou.

The entire body of Asura Dao seemed to have suffered a heavy blow, and countless broken parts spattered from the body of Asura Dao towards the rear.

However, even the whole body, the Shura Dao, who is no longer human, still clings to the right fight.

At the same time, the human realm, one of Penn's six realms, rushed to the front of You Dou first, reaching out to grab your forehead.

The human world possesses the ability to capture memories and souls. This weird ability that directly affects the soul makes You Dou's eyebrows uncontrollably picking.

Do you want to get the memory of Guanwuren Village through him?


The physical energy of the King Kong blockade suddenly emerged from the right fighting, and instantly hugged the right fighting, the two arms of the Asura Dao shattered.

At the same time, the human road rushing forward was also instantly penetrated through the chest by the chakra chains that emerged from the right bucket.

In order to prevent the human world from becoming like Shura, a chakra chain was wrapped around the human road's neck and twisted suddenly.

The head of the human world fell directly to the ground.

At the same time, the evil spirit road on the other side had already rushed up.

Hungry Ghost Dao stretched out his hand and directly grabbed the Chakra chain that surged into the right bucket.

Hungry Ghost Dao has the ability to absorb all chakras and ninjutsu instantly activated, and the chakra chains of the right fighting began to be sucked into the body by Hungry Ghost Dao.

"Usually I suck other people. You are the first person to dare to suck my chakra."

Not only was there no surprised look on You Dou's face, but an interesting look appeared on his face.

With a thought in You Dou's heart, the Black Emperor's ability was instantly activated, and Chakra's chain that had been sucked into the body by the hungry ghost suddenly stopped.

Immediately afterwards, the Chakra chain was pulled out of the Hungry Ghost Dao again, and even the Chakra inside the Hungry Ghost Dao was absorbed by You Dou.

Unfortunately, the abilities of the Six Paths of Payne have nothing to do with Chakra, but the ability of the reincarnation eye itself.

You Dou's body flashed slightly, and the next moment he appeared in front of Hungry Ghost Dao, raising his fist and violently hitting Hungry Ghost Dao's chest.


Accompanied by a muffled noise, a big hole was blasted out of Hungry Ghost Dao's chest, and blood was splashed.

It seemed that it took a long time to solve the three Penn six in a row, but the time has not passed since the battle.

After the Hungry Ghost Dao was easily solved, the right fight did not stop at all, and his legs pressed down slightly.

The next moment it was like a spring, and the right bucket turned into an afterimage and disappeared in place.

The only remaining Heavenly Dao and Beast Dao stood close to the front, while the Hell Dao, which had the ability to resurrect, stood at the end and quickly sealed his hands. Obviously, he wanted to resurrect the three people killed by You Dou.

Right Dou was extremely fast, and the uncle was still caught a trace of trajectory under the gaze of the three pairs of reincarnation eyes.

Tiandao Payne swiftly stepped forward, stretched out his arm and slammed open in the direction of Right Dou.

Vientiane Tianyin!

The horrible suction erupted from the palm of Tiandao Payentian.

A sharp glow flashed in You Dou's eyes, there was no resistance at all, and the suction force allowed him to suck in the direction of Heavenly Dao Payne.

When Tiandao Payne saw the right fight that was getting closer and closer to him, Vientiane Tianyin suddenly ended. Then, a repulsive force completely opposite to the suction force just broke out from Tiandao Payne's body.

Shenluo Tianzheng!

Facing the combination of repulsion and suction, ordinary ninjas may be seriously injured in an instant, or even lose their lives.

But Tiandao Payne suddenly discovered that Right Dou, who was originally attracted by the "Vanxiang Tianyin", was not bounced back under the action of the "Shenluo Tianzheng", but still rushed towards him.

Gravity and repulsion have essentially surpassed the category of energy. In a sense, it is a higher level of "force" than energy.

Pure gravitation and repulsion could not be absorbed by the Black Emperor's ability.

But the inability to absorb does not mean that the right fighting needs to be restricted by these two forces.

Just like right now, the repulsive force generated by Tiandao Payne’s "Shen Luo Tianzheng" can not be absorbed by the right fighting force, but the power of the rebound generated by the collision with the right fighting body can be absorbed by the black emperor’s ability. Drop.

So this caused the Tiandao Payne in front of him to discover that You Dou was not affected by the "Shen Luo Tian Zheng".

Of course, within the scope of this repulsive force, although Right Dou was not affected too much, the speed still dropped by a few points.

But this speed is still extremely fast for Payne.

With the help of the suction just now, plus the repulsive power of the "Shen Luo Tian Zheng", the right fighting did not produce the effect expected by Heavenly Dao Payne.

The long gate that controlled Heavenly Dao Payne appeared in a moment of stunnedness.

With the help of this short moment of effort, You Dou has easily surpassed the defense composed of Heavenly Dao Penn and Animal Dao, and appeared in front of Hell Dao.

At this time, the formation of the hands of Hell Road was only halfway through.


The power of the diamond blockade shot directly, not only interrupted the seal of Hell Dao in an instant, but also strangled the Hell Dao in an instant.

"I have said, if the speed is too slow, don't seal in front of me."

Solving the hell road with resurrection ability, You Dou's face showed a relaxed expression.

You Dou turned around and looked at Heavenly Dao Payne and Brute Dao who were also watching him with a smile on his face.