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Chapter 151-The Power That Frightened Ninja World

Among the Six Ways of Payne, in the eyes of You Dou, the real trouble is the way of hell with the ability to resurrect.

After all, he finally killed the opponent, and then came back to life after a while. You can imagine how disgusting it was.

Right now suddenly understood a little bit about how Uchiha Madara and Senjuju had felt when they faced themselves.

"who are you?"

The young man opposite Tiandao Payne said in a flat voice.

But in the distance, hidden in a dense forest, the face of Nagato, who controls the Six Paths of Payne, showed a rare shocked expression.

Within a short period of time, all four of Penn's Six Paths had been resolved.

This has never happened in all the battles Nagato has experienced.

Even in the face of Sansho Fish Hanzo, who was known as a "demi-god", Nagato, who had the eyes of reincarnation, never felt shocked.

From the fight to the present, the young man in front of him has hardly used ninjutsu, relying entirely on pure physical skills.

Nagato, who controls only the Heavenly Dao and the Beast Dao, has an unprecedented level of caution in his eyes.

The strength of the young man in front of him was very strong, much stronger than anyone in the Xiao organization.

This kind of power does not come from the weirdness of ninjutsu, but an extremely pure power!

Being so young and possessing such a strong strength, it stands to reason that he shouldn't be silent in the Shinobi world.

"If you don't even investigate the basic intelligence, you dare to attack Wuren. It seems that you are confident of your own strength."

With a faint smile on You Dou's face, he looked at Penn Tiandao and said.

"Although your strength is very good, the power of God is not understandable by mere mortals."

Heavenly Dao Payne spoke flatly.

"God? With only a pair of reincarnation eyes, you dare to call yourself a god, who gave you the courage? It seems that the current Ninja world really hasn't seen what true power is."

A sneer appeared on You Dou's face.

The face of Nagato who was controlling Tiandao Payne changed. Hearing the meaning of the words in the right fight just now, the other party seemed to not only recognize the eyes of reincarnation.

Even the phrase "it seems the current Ninja World" gave Nagato a very bad premonition.

"Even I don't dare to call myself a god, if so, let you, a fellow who calls myself a god, feel the power that once made the entire Ninja World fear."

Right Dou spoke flatly.

With the sound of You Dou's voice falling, even if he was controlling the long gate of Heavenly Dao Payne from a long distance away, he could clearly feel an extremely dangerous aura.


The whole air suddenly made a muffled noise, as if something in the air had been sucked away in an instant.

You Dou stood quietly on the spot, but the clothes on his body were shaking like being blown by the wind.

The Black Emperor's abilities are fully utilized!

There was a muffled noise in the air around the right bucket, and the various energies in the air began to flood into the right bucket.

A pillar of wind resembling a storm of energy, with the right bucket as the center, continuously spread to the surroundings.

The originally clear sky, accompanied by the changes in the right fight, slowly became gloomy.

At the next moment, there was no sound between the whole world.

As if suddenly plunged into a very silent world.

The sound of wind, the sound of energy storm, all the sounds were swallowed by the right fighting.

Nagato's face changed while he was in control of Heavenly Dao and Brutal Dao.

Compared with controlling six six channels at the same time, the energy consumption required to control two six channels, etc., will be significantly easier.

But now Nagato suddenly felt that consumption was increasing sharply.

"He is actually devouring the Chakra signal that controls six Payne!" Nagato's face suddenly changed and said.

"What's wrong with Nagato?"

Xiao Nan, who was guarding Nagato, quickly asked when he saw Nagato.

Nagato couldn't care about replying to Xiao Nan's words now, and controlled the remaining Heavenly Dao Payne and Beast Dao to launch an attack quickly.


A long tongue suddenly stretched out in a hidden direction, curling the right bucket.

I saw that a huge chameleon was released from its invisibility, and the tongue of the right bucket in the scroll was exactly the chameleon's.

This is the huge chameleon violently retracting its tongue, trying to swallow the right bucket into its stomach.

But this huge chameleon suddenly discovered that no matter how hard he pulled, he couldn't make the right bucket move half a point.

Even a strong sense of pain continued to come from the tongue, and the chameleon quickly let go of his right bucket and prepared to retract his tongue.

But the next moment, You Dou had reached out and grabbed the chameleon's tongue.

With a slight force on the right-hand wrist, he directly threw the giant chameleon up from where it was, and then slammed it in the direction of Payne and Animal Dao.

Heavenly Dao Payne and Beast Dao hurriedly avoided to one side, and the huge chameleon that was smashed on the ground also turned into a cloud of white smoke and disappeared.


Another burst of white smoke drifted by, and as soon as the rhinoceros the size of a hill appeared, it directly collided in the direction of the right bucket.

There was no expression on the right fighting face, and he stepped on the ground lightly, and the whole person jumped out, hitting the position of the horns of the rhinoceros who rushed over.

Rhinoceros horns were not only blasted off by the right fist on the spot, but a rhino the size of a hill was also blown into the air by the right fist, and it was also dissipated into a white smoke.

Seeing Nagato in this scene through Tiandao Payne's perspective, the corners of his eyes twitched.

If Heavenly Dao Payne or Animal Dao were hit by the right fight, it would probably turn into a pile of flesh, without any resistance at all.

After easily solving the two psychic beasts, the right figure flashed and rushed towards the direction of Heavenly Dao Payne.

Seeing You Dou's movements, Nagato's pupils shrank, and he quickly controlled Heavenly Way Payne to retreat in the direction behind.

After the battle just now, Nagato already knew that whether it was Shenluo Tianzheng or Vientiane Tianyin, it would not have much effect on the person in front of him.

As for the close combat, I am afraid I will die at the touch of a button!

You can only use that trick!

You Dou's speed was too fast, even if Heavenly Dao Payne retreated violently, but You Dou had already appeared in front of Nagato within an instant of effort.

Before you waited for the right fighting to attack, just the energy pressure radiating from the right fighting body caused Tiandao Payne's body to continuously appear large and small wounds.

This is the time!

Seeing the right fight appearing in front of him, Tiandao Payne suddenly burst out of a large number of Chakras.

Really burst into the sky!!

The horrible suction exploded in an instant, and everything around it condensed into the middle at an extremely fast speed.

In order to prevent You Dou from escaping, Tiandao Payne allowed himself to be in the center of the "Earth Burst Heavenly Star".

In almost a short period of time, a huge sphere resembling a meteorite had surfaced in the air.