At the moment when the "Earth Burst Star" condenses and takes shape.

The Beast Dao, who was staying outside, quickly activated psychic skills to psychic the Heavenly Dao Penn from the "Earth Burst Star".

Heavenly Dao Payne appeared miserably in front of Animal Dao, the clothes on her body were already in tatters, and blood was constantly bleeding from all over her body.

Even half of his body is already a bit twisted, and obviously the bones inside are probably broken.

However, with such a serious injury, if it were a normal person, he would have passed out or died.

However, the Heavenly Dao Payne in front of him still stood blankly on the spot, quietly watching the "Earth Burst Sky Star" floating in the sky.

For a corpse, the emotion of pain does not exist in itself.

The huge "Earth-Blasting Sky Star" floats in the sky, even though there is still some distance from Wunin Village, but the shadow of the "Earth-Blasting Sky Star" still covers a small half of the village.

Such a loud noise has naturally attracted the attention of the ninjas in Wunin Village.

A large number of fog ninja rushed towards the door of fog ninja village.

However, when these ninjas appeared at the gate of Wunin Village, they suddenly saw Shuiying Terumi leaning on the gate alone.

"Master Shuiying, is this...?"

When a Wu Ren saw the photo, Mei Ming quickly showed a respectful look, but her tone was a little confused.

"Nothing, just let all the ninjas in the village go back and comfort the commoners."

Terumi Ming waved his hand, and said in a calm voice.

"Yes, Lord Shuiying!"

Although the surrounding ninjas were still a little confused, they still nodded respectfully and turned back to the village.

Terumi Mei was still leaning against the gate, looking at the huge meteorite floating in the distant sky, with a rare trace of worry in his eyes.

At this time on the battlefield.

Nagato slowly let out a sigh of relief when he saw the scene in front of him through Tiandao Payne's eyes.

The pressure from You Dou just now was really too great, but the "Earth Burst Sky Star" technique could seal the tail beast after all. Nagato was still somewhat confident about this.

Just as Tiandao Payne was preparing for the next move, the huge meteorite floating in the air suddenly shook.

The next moment, a huge roar blasted in the air.

The huge meteorite floating in the air was directly blasted into pieces of different sizes of stones, and fell from the air like a rain of stones.

A chakra chain passed directly through Payne's chest at a speed that could not cover his ears.

At the same time, a black shadow had appeared in front of Brute Dao, and You Dou stretched out his palm to casually pat the front.

The Beast Dao hadn't reacted, it was directly shattered by a violent energy.

With a thought in You Dou's heart, Penn, who was pierced by Chakra's chain, was directly drawn to him by You Dou.

"Is this a god who claims to be powerful?"

Right Dou looked at Tiandao Payne who was hung in the air, and said flatly.

"Your strength is indeed very strong, but even if you fail, I am still a god walking in the world, even if I pay the price of my life, I will let peace come to this world of Ninja!"

Tiandao Payne looked at You Dou, his voice as calm as ever.

You Dou raised his eyebrows: "Peace?"

"With absolute power to make the entire Ninja world feel pain! When this kind of pain permeates, the fearful heart will produce restraint, and there will be no more wars!"

Heavenly Dao Payne looked far away, with a firm tone in his voice.

Hearing what Tiandao Payne said, You Dou did not ridicule.

In a certain way, the peace in Nagato's heart is very similar to the peace of right fighting.

The peace pursued by the right fighting is to unify the entire Ninja realm in order to stop the war. It's just that there is no unified concept in this world.

"Are you the first generation of Shuiying Right Fight?" Tiandao Payne suddenly said.


You Dou was taken aback for a moment, and then directly admitted that there was no need for You Dou to conceal his identity now.

"Sure enough."

With You Dou's acknowledgment, Nagato couldn't help trembling deep in his heart.

After seeing the thousands of hands left between the Senshouzhu, Nagato returned to the Akatsuki organization and spent a little time investigating some of the information about Youdou that year.

It's just that there is really little information, the only certain thing.

It was the first generation of Mizukage Right Fight, which was able to resist the horrific power of both Senjujuma and Uchiha Madara.

Nagato's eyes flickered slightly, even so, he would never give up easily, because this was the only justice left in his heart!

Just when Nagato was about to let Heavenly Dao Payne use his last power, Xiao Nan who was guarding Nagato suddenly raised his head and looked in a direction in the forest.

I saw that a spiral vortex suddenly appeared in the air not far from Nagato and Konan, followed by Uchiha's figure with Mu Kazue and walked out of the vortex at the same time.

"Oh, this location is really secret. It took a while to find it."

Uchiha squinted his eyes with Tu slightly, and a funny voice came into Nagato and Konan's ears.

Konan's face changed, and he looked at Uchiha with a killing intent in his eyes:

"Why are you two here?"

Bai Jue grabbed his head and smiled, "Of course I am here to ask you for help."

"No one needs help here."

Xiao Nan's hands hidden under the robe had already made the gesture of Jieyin, ready to attack at any time.

"Oh, Your Excellency Xiaonan may have misunderstood. We are not here to help you, but to ask the leader for help."

Uchiha stared in the direction of Nagato with dirt, and said with a light smile.

Nagato slowly straightened his body from the special device, and looked at Uchiha with a flat face and said, "Can you help me?"

"Yes, I hope to use the leader's reincarnation."

Uchiha said with a chuckle.

With the sound of this sentence, the whole forest suddenly fell silent.


In an instant, dozens of pieces of paper, like karma, came towards Uchiha with earth and extinction!


At the same time, Nagato's somewhat stiff face also showed a cold look, raising his hand and pressing it on the air.


As the smoke went up, Tiandao Payne, who was originally bound by the right fighting, had appeared in front of Nagato.

At this time, the battlefield on the other side.

Looking at the sudden disappearance of Tiandao Payne, the right eyelid lightly raised:

"It's almost time to lock your position, but the general direction is already known, I hope I can make it in time!"

After speaking, the ground under You Dou's feet suddenly cracked, and You Dou directly turned into a stream of light, disappeared in place, and rushed towards Nagato.