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Chapter 158: Playing With Our Justice

Youdou quietly looked at the look on Uchiha Madara's face. Although he didn't know how the process was, the result was naturally Uchiha Madara's defeat.

If it weren't for the forbidden technique of "Izanah", I'm afraid Uchiha Madara would have already died.

"I was defeated and I was seriously injured between the thousand hands."

Uchiha Madara spoke flatly, but there was a hint of a different tone in his voice.

A proud man like Uchiha Madara, first joined forces with Senjujuma to defeat Youto, and then defeated by Senjujuma.

These two things can be said to be a considerable blow to Uchiha Madara, who has always been proud.

You Dou frowned slightly, watching Uchiha Madara and continued:

"Serious injuries alone are not enough to kill Qianshou Zhuma."

Uchiha Madara's mouth curled slightly, "It's not enough to kill him."

"But he is still dead." The corners of You Dou's mouth also curled up.

With the powerful physique of the Thousand-Handed Clan, coupled with the ability of the Immortal Mode, both Yoto and Uchiha Madara, who were once opponents between the Thousand-Hand Pillars, understand.

With the powerful vitality between Qianshou Zhujian, even if he was seriously injured, it was not enough to kill him.

After all, in the fairy mode, the ability of "Mujima Healing" is just a passivity between Qianshouzhu.

And in this situation, Senju Zhuma was still dead.

In other words, Senshou Zhuma did something that even he could not bear.

You Dou raised his head and looked at each other with Uchiha. Then, a smile appeared on the faces of both people.

"Before doing what you want to do, you really should check."

Uchiha Madara's voice said in a low voice.

"That's right, there are still too many players on this board. When will you start?"

You Dou put his hands behind his head and said calmly.

Uchiha Madara was silent for a while, then said: "Three days later!"

After speaking, Uchiha Madara turned and walked in the opposite direction, and in a few blinks, he disappeared from You Dou's sight.

In just a few words, the two sides have reached a certain agreement.

Of course, it's not so much an agreement as it is Uchiha Madara or Udou, using each other.

However, because the strength of the other party is similar, in this case, the so-called use becomes cooperation.

"Three days? Really cautious."

Youto looked at the direction where Uchiha Madara disappeared, and said inwardly.

There are Hei Ze and Bai Ze, and within three days, it is enough for Uchiha Madara to obtain most of the current intelligence of the entire Ninja World.

Thinking of this, Youto shrugged. As for Uchiha Madara's next movements, Youto guessed a bit, but it didn't have much to do with him.

With the help of the strong sense of the fairy mode, You Dou turned and walked in a certain direction in the forest.

A place hundreds of meters away from the fighting center.

Feeling the roar stopped, Uchiha swallowed with soil, "Is the battle over?"

"Does it seem to be over?"

Hei Jue narrowed his eyes slightly and said faintly.

Uchiha took the soil for a moment, with a curious look on his face: "I don't know who won."

Kurozu's eyes flickered, and he did not speak, with the strength shown by Uchiha Madara and Youdou.

In such a short period of time, it is impossible for the battle to end so quickly.

In other words, did the two people reach an agreement?

At this moment, a slight noise came from the front, interrupting Heijue's thinking.

Within a few steps, Uchiha Madara had appeared in front of Uchiha and Kuroju.

Seeing Uchiha Madara's indifferent look, Uchiha took the soil and stood up straight.

"go back."

Uchiha Madara said calmly.

As soon as Uchiha Madara's voice fell, Uchiha Daido immediately activated the ability to write round eyes, and a spatial vortex wrapped three people.

Uchiha Madara has an interesting look on his face: "It's a convenient ability."


In the next moment, with the disappearance of the spatial vortex, the three people had already disappeared in place.

The right fight on the other side, following the direction of induction, like a walk, walked towards a certain position in the forest.



Stepping on the leaves in the forest, there was a crisp sound.

Xiao Nan slowly raised his head and looked in the direction of the sound of footsteps.

"You really came."

Xiao Nan glanced at the right Dou who came over, and there was no hint of surprise on his face.

"Oh, you know it will come."

You Dou glanced at the half-kneeling Xiao Nan and the corpse of Nagato lying beside Xiao Nan, raising his eyebrows and showing an interesting look on his face.

"With your strength, if you really want to kill me, I can't escape at all."

Xiao Nan stood up, staring directly at Right Dou, and said in a flat voice.

You Dou said with a smile in his eyes: "Then what else do you know?"

"I also know that the current Akatsuki organization has changed hands..."

Xiao Nan said that there was a sad look on his face, after a slight pause in his voice.

Xiao Nan looked at You Dou with a firm look that he had never seen before:

"Akatsuki is an organization founded by "Yahiko". The red cloud on this great cloak that we are passing on symbolizes the bloody war that brought Yuyin Village. Xiao is only controlled, but this great cloak is still It is our justice!"

"Nagato is not Uchiha Madara's opponent, nor am I. We can be defeated! But he must not play around with our justice! Even if he is Uchiha Madara!"

"And you have the power to fight against Uchiha Madara, I can join Kirinin Village!"

Xiao Nan's firm voice passed into You Dou's ears, making You Dou's eyes even more smiley, but You Dou still had a plain face.

"It is not good for me to join Wunin Village. And why do you think I will help you?"

Although You Dou had this idea at the beginning, he didn't immediately agree, instead he spoke plainly.

"Although I don't know what your purpose is, at least I know that war is never the solution to all problems."

"The entire Uyin Village is always managed by me. In the hearts of the civilians in Uyin Village, my status is even higher than Nagato. Uchiha Madara only controls the Akatsuki organization, but cannot control the entire Uyin Village. Civilians and ninjas."

"As long as I join Wuren Village, Yuyin Village will be under the jurisdiction of Wuren Village."

Xiao Nan stared at You Dou and said with a firm voice.

This method is currently the only method Xiao Nan can think of that can impress Wuren Village.

Of course, this method is not only to avenge Nagato, but also to protect Yuyin Village!