With Tsunade's opening, Danzo, Mito Menyan, and Zhuan Koharu's faces suddenly became gloomy.

The prestige of the original Hokage Qianshoujian was too high, and of course no one dared to refuse the order he gave.

And Tsunade now took this incident as a rhetoric, and naturally blocked the way for the Danzo trio.

Suddenly, the entire Hokage office suddenly quieted down.


At this moment, there was a soft noise, and Jilai rubbed his stomach and jumped off the wall.

Feeling Tsunade's gaze, Jilai also shrank his neck, then coughed softly, breaking the tranquil air first:

"Everyone, besides electing Hokage, the top priority now is that there are many things we need to do."

"Instead of discussing things that have no results at the moment, we should take the lead in solving the problems that can be solved at present."

Jiraiya's voice entered the ears of the three of Danzo, causing the solidified atmosphere to dissipate a bit.

A deep gaze flashed in Jilaiya's eyes, and Jilaiya saw the scene before him more thoroughly than anyone else.

Tsunade's character will naturally not compromise, but the power of the Danzo trio is completely ingrained in Konoha.

Even if the influence of the Hokage series is added, at most it will only create a balance between the two.

No matter how tough Tsunade was, from the beginning, the argument was meaningless.

The old man really has a problem for himself!

If you choose Tsunade to be Hokage, then the obstacles will be much smaller. After all, Tsunade's identity is there. Even if Tsunade is not in Konoha for a long time, this influence will never disappear.

But he himself, after all, was only a civilian, and he may have some reputation.

But if I haven't been in Konoha for such a long time, I am afraid that the previous influence has almost disappeared.

At this time, competing with Danzo for the position of Hokage was completely at a disadvantage.

Tsunade glanced at Jiraiya vaguely. Although his face was still angry, his heart was quite calm.

Some things are inconvenient to do, but in her capacity, she does not need to have such concerns.

And now, everyone in charge of the quarrel has spoken, so there is no need to continue this dispute.

Just when everyone was going to follow Nature's words and discuss Konoha's other issues.

A burst of air suddenly rang in everyone's ears.

Immediately afterwards, an Anbu figure suddenly appeared in the Hokage office.

"Masters, just caught a spy outside Konoha."

The Anbe member bowed respectfully to everyone present, with an inexplicable hesitation in his voice.


Everyone present frowned at the same time, there is no need to notify them of such a small matter.

Now that Anbe appeared in person, it was obvious that the identity of this spy was a bit unusual.

"Is there anything wrong with this spy?"

Jilai also looked at this Anbe member and said with some doubts.

"Master Jilaiya, this spy is the pharmacist's pocket wanted by Konoha some time ago. He has a certain relationship with the rebel Osaki Maru, and the other party seems to have taken the initiative to let us catch it."

Having said that, the Anbe member stopped.

Jilai also raised his head and glanced at Tsunade.

Immediately afterwards, Jilai looked at the Danzang trio again, and after finding that the Danzang trio had no expressions on their faces, they remained silent for a while:

"Bring the pharmacist in his pocket."

"Yes, Lord Jiraiya!"

The Anbe member nodded, and a flash of body disappeared in place.

Not long after, Yao Shidou was taken into the Hokage office by two members of the Anbu.

"You two go out first."

Tsunade looked at the two Anbe members and spoke casually.

The two Anbu members looked at each other and hesitated.Obviously, I am a little worried.

"With so many people, do you think he can escape?"

Tsunade's voice already contained a hint of dissatisfaction.

Hearing Tsunade's voice, the two Anbe members trembled and quickly turned around and disappeared.

"Although Oshemaru is dead, he can do things in that guy's hands. I don't think he is so stupid as to throw himself into the net.

Tsunade's gaze stared at the pharmacist's pocket coldly.

At the same time, the eyes of other people in the entire Hokage office also looked at the medicine master's pocket, their faces flashing with coldness.

After all, it is an indisputable fact that Oshemaru led other villages to attack Konoha. The reason why everyone is calm now is only because Oshemaru is dead.

And the pharmacist pocket in front of everyone is just a small role in the eyes of everyone.

Feeling the gaze of everyone present, a trace of cold sweat appeared on the forehead of the pharmacist, but his face still showed a calm look, he gently pushed his eyes, and said with a smile:

"Master Oshamaru is not dead, and I am here to make a deal with Konoha."

Hearing that Da She Wan was not dead, the faces of everyone present were different.

A gleam of surprise flashed in Jiraiya's eyes, but it felt right.

There are so many Oshe Maru's methods, even Jiraiya, who was a former companion, can't see through O She Maru.

"Trading? I'm afraid you don't have this qualification yet."

A sharp light flashed in Dan Zang's eyes, and his voice was cold.

"The content of my transaction is a piece of information, a piece of information that is extremely important to Konoha. If you are not careful, Konoha may even be destroyed."

Pharmacist pocket still had a faint smile on his face, watching everyone speak.

Suddenly, the pharmacist seemed to remember something, and smiled softly at the head:

"Before I came to Konoha, I had already performed a small operation on my brain. If someone wants to snoop on the memory in my mind, I am afraid they will get nothing."

With the sound of the pharmacist's pocket, Dan Zang's face suddenly became a little green.

Danzo knew better than everyone present about the spy he once worked for.

It is precisely because of this that Danzo knows that what Yao Shidou said just now was completely addressed to him.

Jilai also frowned. Yakushidou's expression didn't look like a lie. In other words, the information in Yakushidou's mouth was really important to Konoha.

Pharmacist Tou still had a Ruoyouruwu smile on his face and looked at everyone quietly. He believed that he didn't need to wait long.

"Yes, but I have to listen to the information in your mouth before deciding whether to make this transaction."

After a while, Jilai also spoke first.

This is a very unfair condition, but the pharmacist seems to have guessed it a long time ago, and there is no unexpected look on his face.

"The content of this information is-the original Shuiying Youdou has been resurrected."

The pharmacist nodded, and slowly revealed the information.

Hearing this news, everyone present was stunned for a while, and the three Tuan Zang who had been sitting by the side stood up directly.

"You should be very curious about this sudden war, but now this news can solve most of your confusion."

"This so-called war was planned by the original Shuiying."

The pharmacist looked at the startled people, pushed his glasses and said.

"No! With the style of the early generation Shuiying, if this is the case, then he should kill Konoha in one go."

Menyan Mito stared closely at the pharmacist's pocket, with suspicion in her tone.

"Rather than doubt this matter, it is better to think about the original Shuiying Youdou, why did you do this?"

The pharmacist shrugged and said helplessly.

Menyan Mito's face sank, obviously quite dissatisfied with the attitude of the pharmacist, but Menyan also knew that the other party should not lie to them with such important information.

If this is the case, then this war is somewhat intriguing.

All the people present were not stupid people. After a little thought, they had already guessed the matter.

"He is testing Konoha!"

A look of horror flashed in Jiraiya's eyes, and there was a trace of trembling in his voice.