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Chapter 164 Konoha Ready to Use His Backhand

Test Konoha!

This idea appeared in the minds of everyone present.

This is also the only reason that can explain some changes in the acting style of the original water shadows.

Just because of one of my own purposes.

As soon as he shot, he used the power of the other three ninja villages to not only test out the details of Konoha, even after it was over, he attacked the other three ninja villages and almost wiped out the troops of the three ninja villages!

Such a person is too dangerous!

At this time, everyone in the Hokage office showed a trace of cold sweat on their foreheads.

The temptation of the first generation of Suikage's right fight is obviously related to the back hand left by Senju Zhuma.

Now in this Ninja World, if there is really something that can make the first generation of Suikage Youdou feel jealous, then there will only be the means left by Senjujutsuma.

Thinking about it now, if it weren't for the "really thousands of hands" appearance at the last moment, I'm afraid Konoha would have been completely wiped out.

This feeling of wandering on the edge of death for a while caused a trace of fear in the eyes of Danzo and others.

Suddenly, the entire Hokage office fell into a weird calm again.

At the beginning of this sudden war, everyone felt a little doubtful. With the appearance of the news of "Right Fighting Resurrection", everyone understood.

The pharmacist glanced around, and there was nothing unexpected about the look on Danzo and others' faces.

You know, when Oshimaru told him the news, the shocked expression on his face was much more exaggerated than the look on the faces of Danzo and others.

Turning to bed, Xiaochun took a deep breath, staring at the pharmacist pocket in front of him:

"Are you sure your news is true!"

"I don't have to deceive you. This is not good for me. Regarding the transaction can be postponed temporarily, it is not too late to discuss the transaction when you confirm the news."

A faint smile on Yakushidou's face, a calm look on his face.

Now, Yao Shi's confidence lies not in himself, but in the dead Oshe Wan.

Regarding the deal that has always been emphasized, Pharmacist does not care much about it.

No matter the transaction is unsuccessful, Yakushidou will tell you this information. What he is doing now is just to make Konoha's people look at him.

As a powerhouse like Senju Zhuma and Uchiha Madara, with Yakushi's knowledge of Oshemaru, I am afraid not only will not be evil, but will even take the initiative to attach.

But it turned out to be the opposite. Lord Oshemaru blatantly attacked the troops in Wunin Village. As a result, he was naturally beheaded by the original Suikage Youdou.

Master Oshemaru didn't have to do this, but he still made this decision, which is a very strange thing.

Therefore, from the perspective of Yakushidou, Lord Oshemaru is more optimistic about Konoha compared to Wuren Village.

And the pharmacist, deep down, also believed in the decision made by Da She Wan before his death.

Danzo, who was standing on the side, looked at Yakushi's pocket and his eyes flickered, and he was about to say something.

At this time, Jilai on the other side seemed to be the first to watch Danzo's movements and clapped his palms first.

The next moment, the door of the Hokage office was reopened.

The two had just left Anbu and walked in again.

"The pharmacist will trouble you two for the time being."

Jilai also chuckled at the two Anbu members and said, after finishing speaking, Jilai turned his head to look at the medicine master pocket again:

"If the information you mentioned is true, then I will consider the content of the transaction."

The pharmacist pushed his glasses around, his eyes flashed with a rush, with a smile on the corners of his mouth, allowing the two members of Anbu to take them away from the Hokage office.

Seeing this scene of Danzo, his eyebrows were slightly raised, and the expressionless expression on his face was restored.

"I didn't expect the legendary person to actually be resurrected. This is a person who is even more dangerous than Uchiha Madara. Do you want to pass this news to other Shinobu villages!"

With a trace of nervousness on his face, Mito Menyan quickly spoke.

"The current Konoha is stared at by all Shinobu villages. If there is a little turbulence, the people in Wu Shinobu Village will immediately notice."

Turning to bed, Xiaochun looked worried, and shook his head gently.

"Fortunately, thanks to the early generation of adults who left behind, otherwise, Konoha may not only be destroyed in half."

Menyan Mito sighed and said softly.

"Hmph, this is not necessarily true. If it is just a test, then the other party must have got the answer he wants, and the next thing Konoha will face is probably the problem of destruction."

"It may not be long before the next attack on Konoha."

Tuan Zang's eyes flickered slightly, and although his face was still calm, his heart suddenly lifted up.

In the first generation of Shuiying Youdou, no one dared to ignore such a person, not to mention such a person who had enemies with Konoha.

At this time, the faces of everyone present were a little hard to look at.

With Konoha's current combat power, there is absolutely no chance of winning against the "three outstanding" of the year.

The more they understood the strength of Senjujuama, the more fearful they were about the strength of Uchiha Madara and Utoto.

What's more, the opponent is not a single person, but Wunin Village, one of the Five Ninja Villages, as a powerful help.

Jilai had already tightened his eyebrows, and the information sent by the pharmacist directly pushed the form of modern Konoha to an extremely dangerous level.

If you are not careful, Konoha will disappear instantly.

Suddenly, Jilai felt something, and couldn't help but raise his head.

At this time, Jilai realized that the eyes of everyone present were all on his body.

"At this time, it should be possible to use the two backhands left by the first generation adults."

Tuan Zang looked at the solemn Jiraiya, and said in a low voice.

When Jiraiya heard Danzo's words, his first reaction was to refuse, but he swallowed it again.

The method left in those days was indeed to deal with the original Shui Ying You Dou Dao.


Seeing the tangled look on Jilaiya's face, Tsunade, who was standing on one side, frowned slightly.

It seems that the old man not only gave the key to Ji Lai Ya before he died, but also told Ji Lai some other things, which caused Ji Lai to have some concerns.

Otherwise, Jilai should not refuse at this time.

"Jiraiya, I hope you won't be as soft-hearted as Sun Slash. In this war, whether it is intelligence or strength, we Konoha have already fallen into the wind. If there are any more concerns, Konoha may be true. It was ruined."

Danzo saw Jiraiya's expression, a thought flashed in his eyes, and then he spoke in a deep voice.

Although Danzo didn't know anything about Jilai, Danzo knew more about Sarutobi Hisaki's former opponent than everyone present.

At this time, Danzo suddenly remembered that in the different space where the scrolls were stored, Sarutobi Hizen said the words in front of everyone at that time.

"Unless the original Shuiying Youdou is resurrected, even if Konoha is destroyed, you will never use those two scrolls."

At that time, Danzo still thought that Sarutobi Hizaki was too pedantic, but now he remembers the expression of Sarutohi Hizaki at that time.

Sarutobi Hizaki's eyes still had a complex and jealous look.