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Chapter 167 The Confidence Between Thousand-Hand Pillars

Looking at the people who were suddenly silent.

Senjuzuma turned his head and blinked at Tsunade, then whispered:

"Did I say something wrong just now?"

Accompanied by the sound of the Qianshouzhujian, he naturally reacted, and quickly spoke respectfully:

"The first generation adult made no mistake, but the Oshe Maru is dead."

Jilai did not say that Oshemaru was a traitor, but only that Oshemaru was dead.

"That's a shame."

Senjuzuzu frowned his eyebrows, with a look of regret on his face.

Immediately afterwards, Senjuzuma seemed to think of something with a puzzled look on my face, and looked at Ji Lai again and said:

"I don't know who you are, and the group of people behind."

Hearing what Qianshou Zhujian said, Jilaiya also remembered that he only said his name without introducing his identity.

"The first generation of adults, I am the disciple of the third generation of Hokage Sarutobi teacher, and the fourth generation of Naruto Sarutobi is my disciple."

Jilai said respectfully.

Senju Zhuma's eyes lit up, and Jiraiya's identity was quite impressive.

"The position of Naruto has been passed to the fourth generation? Which is the fourth generation of Naruto?"

With a surprised expression on Senshou Zhujian's face, he looked at Jiraiya.

"Watergate is dead."

A look of sadness flashed in Jilaiya's eyes and replied respectfully.


A terrifying killing intent suddenly erupted from the body of Qianshou Zhujian. In an instant, the temperature of the entire alien space seemed to drop by one or two degrees.

"Dead, was it killed by the right fight?"

A gleam of cold light flashed in Qianshouzhu's eyes, and he looked at Jiraiya.

Under this terrifying killing intent, everyone present couldn't help but stiffen slightly.

This kind of feeling that I am different from two people once again let everyone know that the first-generation Hokage who looked a little silly in front of me was a ruthless person.

"No, Mizumon has been dead for many years, and Mr. Sarutobi has been managing Konoha during this time."

With a nervous expression on his face, Jilai quickly said.

With the sound of Jiraiya's voice, the killing intent on Qianshou Zhuma's body instantly disappeared.

Senjuzuzu opened the mouth somewhat curiously: "How did the fourth generation of eyes die?"

With a respectful look, Jilai explained the cause of the death of Bofeng Shuimen in general to Senjuzuzuma.

After listening to Jiraiya's words, Qianshou Zhujian had a weird look on his face. After a while, he slowly sighed, and a trace of helplessness flashed in his eyes:

"What about the third generation?"

"Ms. Sarutobi died in the war caused by the fight against the original water shadow..."

Tsunade walked to the side of Senjujuma, speaking in a low voice.

"Causing war? Tell me all the information you know about the right fight."

There was a solemn expression on Senshou Zhujian's face.

"Master of the early generation, I know a little bit more about the information about the first generation of Shuiying Youdou. Underneath is the manager of the root, Danzo."

Tuan Zang hurriedly stepped forward, speaking with a respectful look on his face.

As if afraid that Senshou Zhujian would not understand the position of the root, Danzo continued to speak:

"The root is to help Naruto deal with some special and urgent matters, and it is also the Anbe directly under Naruto, where it specializes in training Anbe ninjas."

There was a faint flash in Qianshouzhu's eyes, and he whispered:

"Such a department seems to be a handwriting in the interim."

Tsunade frowned slightly when he saw Danzo who had approached him, but did not speak.

Grandpa has been resurrected, no matter how careful Tuan Zang is, it is no longer useful now.

Status, strength, and prestige are completely incomparable.

Seeing the sudden look on Senjujuan's face, Danzo stood upright and respectfully told all the information he knew about Youdou.

"Combining the forces of the four Ninja villages to attack Konoha, You Dou hasn't changed much from that year."

"I am afraid that after so many years, that guy's ambition has not changed at all."

After listening to Danzo's words, Senjujuzuma frowned slightly, with a dignified tone in his tone.

After a while, Senshou Zhuma raised his head to look at everyone, his eyes gleaming with spirits:

"During this time, I will first stay in a different space, and will not appear in Konoha. Similarly, the news about my resurrection will be temporarily hidden."

"According to my guess, the time for this guy You Dou to do his hands next time may not be long."

"Yes, the first adult!"

Jiraiya, Danzo and others, quickly spoke respectfully.

Seeing this scene, Qianshou Zhujian's face again showed a silly expression, smiling at the people:

"During this time, trouble everyone."

"The first generation adults, do you really want to stay in this different space?"

Ji Lai is also a little dumb, but normal people can't survive in a different space.

"Just give me the key in your hand. That key is not only for determining coordinates."

"Moreover, my breath is a bit special. If I appear in Konoha, I'm afraid it might be discovered by You Dou."

With a casual look on Senjuzuzu's face, he smiled and said.

Jilai was also taken aback, and quickly took out the special key and handed it to Senshou Zhuma's hand.

Senjuzu passed the key, and after ordering something, he reached out and touched Tsunade's head.

After confirming that the Qianshouzhujian was temporarily in the different space, it didn't take long for Jilaiya and others to withdraw from the different space.

Seeing the space channel slowly closing, the eyes of the Qianshouzhu flickered slightly, and his gaze turned to the big scroll that was still in the different space at the center of the position.

"You Dou, this time you definitely have no chance of escape."

A firm and confident voice sounded in a different space.

"Before this, it seems that you have to go to that place first."

Senjuzuma stood up, slowly raised a lazy waist, and made a mark with his hands in front of him.

The next moment, with the sound of "bang", the figure of Qianshou Zhujian had disappeared in the different space.

Water Country·Fog hidden village.

On a main street, loud cries came from time to time.

Since the end of the attack on Konoha by the Four Ninja Villages, Wunin Village has ushered in its second prosperous scene.

As for the first time, it was naturally the time Cardo contributed.

This time, it was naturally because Konoha suffered heavy losses, while the other three Ninja villages suffered constant losses.

Only Wunin Village, not only showed its strength to the entire Ninja World, but also the least lost among the four Ninja villages.

When such a situation arises, for those civilians or wealthy businessmen who plan to entrust tasks, Wuren Village will naturally become the first choice.

After all, the strongest Konoha Village currently has almost no ability to do tasks, and such a large number of commissioned tasks will naturally be equally divided by the other four ninja villages.

As the biggest beneficiary of this war, Wuren Village contracted almost two-thirds of Konoha's original commission.

Even the commissioned tasks of the other three Ninja villages were partly attracted by Wu Ninja village.

The bustling streets.

You Dou raised his eyebrows and looked at Haruna who had been following behind his ass, curiously said:

"Where is your sister?"

Haruna grinned and said, "Sister naturally went to training."

"Oh, that means you ran out sneakily."

A faint flashed across You Dou's face.

"I didn't sneak away, Chuncai came out with integrity."

Haruna pursed her mouth, and said in a voice of dissatisfaction.