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Chapter 168 Nagato Has No Retreat

Seeing the expression on Haruna's face, You Dou couldn't help showing a smile on her face and smiled lightly.

The whole Wuren Village knew him, and if he dared to talk to him so casually, it was only Haruna.

"I have a treat today and I can eat whatever I want."

You Dou reached out his hand and patted Haruna's head, and said with a light smile.


Haruna's eyes lit up with a surprised expression on her face.

Haruna, who was originally following You Dou, ran directly in front of You Dou, her eyes glistening at the cries on the street.

Right Dou put his hands in his pockets, and followed Haruna leisurely.

Although there are loud noises everywhere on the street, there is a hint of comfort in the ear on the right.

Unfortunately, this kind of comfort may not last long.

In the entire history of the Ninja world, war is the main color.

As for the so-called friendship, fetters, etc., they are just to set off the war.

Right Dou raised his head and randomly looked at the bustling streets ahead, as well as the scenes of large and small carriages and goods.

At this moment, a figure with light blue short hair.Suddenly appeared in the vision of You Dou.

As soon as this figure appeared, he walked directly towards You Dou.

Xiao Nan walked to the front of You Dou with a look of calmness, saw the startled You Dou, and said softly:

"Why, I haven't seen you for one day, your Excellency You Dou doesn't recognize me?"

With the sound of Xiao Nan's voice, You Dou returned to his senses, with a surprised look in his eyes, looking at Xiao Nan who was dressed up in front of him.

At this time, Xiao Nan, the red cloud gown with black background that gave people a low and depressing feeling, had disappeared.

I changed into a light blue kimono again. This kimono is very ordinary, but it gives people an amazing feeling when worn on Xiaonan.

"It's just an accident. You will change that robe."

You Dou shook his head and said softly.

"After all, this is your Wuren Village. Although Your Excellency You Dou has already given an order in advance, that robe is too eye-catching after all."

Xiao Nan's eyes flickered a few times before speaking softly.

At this moment, Haruna ran from the side, looked at Xiao Nan with wide eyes, and let out a soft cry:

"Wow! What a beautiful big sister."

Xiao Nan couldn't help being stunned when he heard the sound from Haruna, a blush flashed across his face.

"What is this little girl?"

Xiao Nan slightly squatted down and touched Chuncai's head, and said softly.

"Lingoyu Yuri's sister, a foodie."

You Dou shrugged casually and said helplessly.

Hearing You Dou's words, Haruna pursed her mouth immediately, just about to say something.

Suddenly, Haruna saw You Dou's smug look, and pointed to the wallet on her waist.

Seeing You Dou's movements, Haruna hurriedly closed her mouth, her little face showing aggrieved look.

Seeing this scene in front of him, Xiao Nan suddenly felt a little funny.

Especially the right fight in front of him, the casual expression on his face, was completely different from the look on Uchiha Madara's face.

Right fighting at this time gave people an extremely easygoing feeling.

Haruna whispered and said, "Stingy."

After speaking, Haruna honestly ate what he was holding in both hands, while continuing to look towards the snacks on the street.

The corner of his right bickering curled up, with a satisfied look on his face, following the direction of the flow of people, walking toward the front like a walk.

Seeing You Dou's movements, Xiao Nan looked at him, and then quickly got up to follow.

A gleam of light flashed in You Dou's eyes when he noticed Xiao Nan following him.

I originally thought I met Xiao Nan by accident, but now it seems that it was intentional.

"Thank you, Your Excellency You Dou's eyes."

Xiao Nan followed You Dou with a grateful expression on his face.

"I have already said that, don't thank me, I have my own purpose in doing everything. It seems that Nagato's operation was very successful."

Right Dou shook his head lightly, speaking flatly.

With the physique of the whirlpool family, basically there will be no problems.

Xiao Nan nodded and was silent for a while, before speaking softly:

"Your Excellency You Dou, I want to ask about the eternal kaleidoscope writing round eyes."

"Oh, it seems that Nagato asked you to ask."

You Dou raised his eyebrows, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Xiao Nan did not speak, neither admitted nor denied.

"The key to this matter lies with Uchiha Itachi's younger brother, Sasuke Uchiha. As long as his eyes can evolve into a kaleidoscope, you must know what to do next."

"As for whether you can take those eyes from Uchiha's body, it depends on Nagato's ability."

Right Dou spoke flatly.


Hearing You Dou's words, Xiao Nan's face was clear, gritted his teeth slightly, and continued quietly:

"What if Nagato loses?"

Like a walk, the right Dou, who was walking forward, suddenly stopped, turned his head and stared at Xiao Nan indifferently.

Seeing You Dou's look, Xiao Nan's heart trembled.

"You seem to understand something wrong. When Nagato made this choice, he had no way out."

"And there are only two results, either Uchiha Sasuke regains Uchiha Itachi's eyes, or Nagato succeeds, and the loser faces only one result, and that is death."

The indifferent voice of You Dou fell into Xiao Nan's ears.

Xiao Nan's face was pale, and she understood the meaning of You Dou's words.

Xiao Nan knew better than anyone what the current Nagato was carrying.

Nagato has no retreat, or Nagato does not need to retreat at all!

It is not Uchiha Sasuke that really worries Xiao Nan, but Uchiha Madara. That is the real worry in Xiao Nan's heart.

"Big sister, here!"

At this moment, Haruna's voice came from the side.

I saw that Chunca held a string of grilled dried fish in her hand and handed it to Xiao Nan's hand.

After Chuncai distributed the grilled dried fish to Xiao Nan, he smiled and handed the fish balls to You Dou.

"Oh, when were you so sensible?"

Right Doujie's eyes lit up after the fish balls, and smiled and said to Chuncai.

"Haruna, has always been sensible!"

Haruna curled her lips, turned her head and blinked at Xiao Nanxia, ​​and then ran toward the front of the street.

Xiao Nan looked at the dried fish in his hand and couldn't help but look up at You Dou.

"Don't look at me, just eat."

You Dou said casually while chewing on the fish balls in his hands.

The slightly nervous atmosphere just now disappeared without a trace, accompanied by the movement of spring vegetables.

"If you are worried about Uchiha Madara, you can rest assured."

At the same time, a somewhat vague voice came into Xiao Nan's ears, which made Xiao Nan feel relieved.