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Chapter 171 Shot, Chaos Konoha

After seeing Right Fight, Madara Uchiha was naturally unwilling to fall behind, and a gleam in Samsara's eyes.

"Thanks to the sky!"

Madara Uchiha folded his hands together, and after his hands were sealed, he spoke in a low voice.

Hearing the name of this ninjutsu, You Dou's eyes lit up and he couldn't help but glance at Uchiha Madara.

As soon as he shot, he planned to clear the map, and he was a cruel man.

This ninjutsu can also match the ninjutsu launched by You Dou just now!

However, Uchiha Madara's "Tianjin Earthquake" launched in this state may be weakened.

But the Obstacle Vibrating Star is still the Obstacle Vibrating Star, no matter how weak it is, it will not be weak.

Konoha at this time.

Faced with the sudden rain, everyone couldn't help being a little bit stunned.

"It was sunny just now, why did it rain suddenly?"

Hinata raised his head with some doubts, and looked at the sky suddenly gloomy.

At this moment, Hinata suddenly felt a sense of weakness in his body.

Is the injury you suffered some time ago not complete yet?

wrong!This feeling...

"White eyes!"

Suddenly, Hina Tian was shocked, and quickly opened his eyes, the blue-stranded eye sockets, instantly shrouded the dense rain in the sky in his vision.

The next moment, Hinata suddenly sat down on the ground with a look of horror on his face.

Inuzuka, who was standing not far from Hinata, was the first to notice the strangeness of Hinata, and hurried over.

"Hinata, what's wrong with you?"

Inuzukaga looked at Hinata who was slumping on the ground, with a puzzled expression on his face.

"This, this rain!"

Hinata stretched out his fingers, the rain falling in the air, his face was pale, and his voice was trembling.

At this time, in Hinata's white eyes, every drop of rain in the sky contained a special chakra.

The amount of chakra in each drop of rain is not much, but this is enough dense rain to cover the entire Konoha.

This is a huge chakra that surpasses Hinata's current knowledge and is completely unimaginable.

At this time, Konoha had been enveloped by this huge chakra.


A deep sense of powerlessness!

This is the first feeling passed to Hinata by seeing this scene in front of him with a blank eye.

There is no escape, no retreat!


With a soft sound, the figure of Yuenoshino suddenly fell to the ground.

Yurihong was the first to react, and a flash appeared next to Yuzino.

Just as Yurihong wanted to say something, she suddenly noticed a large swath of black bugs, seeping out from under the oil woman Shino's skin, and then crazily crawling out of her body.

However, these large patches of black bugs, as soon as they crawled out of the body of Yu Nv Shino, they all rolled down and died completely.

In almost a short time, a large number of insect corpses gathered around Yuuki Shino.

Seeing this scene, Yuri Hong, who was about to reach out to help Yuenoshino up, suddenly froze in the air.

At this time, Yu Nv Shi Na had already fainted.

At this time, Akamaru, who was crawling on top of Inuzuka's head, made a weak "Woo" sound.

Enemy attack!

At this time, even if the reaction is slower, people know that Konoha may be attacked by the enemy!

With the rain on his body, even Yu Rihong could clearly feel that the Chakra in his body was being weakened little by little.

Xi Rihong glanced at her three disciples, with an extremely solemn expression on her face.

This rain has only lasted for a while, and it has already caused such an obvious effect, if the rain falls like this again.

I am afraid that the enemy does not need to appear, and Konoha will almost lose more than half of its combat power.

Especially seeing Yuzino and Inuzukaga, a chill flashed in Yuhihong's heart.

I am afraid that the entire oily girl clan has already...

Just as Yurihong had expected, Konoha was in confusion at this time.

Especially the ninjas who rely on special methods like the oil girl and the Inuzuka clan were almost severely affected, and even the entire army was destroyed.

"Quick! Find a place to avoid the rain, Ya, you take Shino!"

Yurihong appeared beside Hinata in a flash, and quickly jumped towards the housing area next to her.

Inuzuka-toa was stunned, looking at Yu Nishino among the corpses of insects, he couldn't help showing a chill in his heart.

However, Inuzuka also knew that the situation was urgent, so he gritted his teeth, reached out to grab the oily girl Shino in the corpse pile, and ran towards the house next to him.

On the other side, Neji Hyuga, who was staying under a house to take shelter from the rain, looked at the terrifying chakra that covered Konoha with a look of horror on his face.

I don't know why, seeing this scene in front of him, Neji couldn't help but a figure appeared in his mind.

"Want to fight against fate?"

A Ruoruuowu voice seemed to ring in Hyuga Neji's ears.

Naruto Office!


The sound of a crutches knocking on the ground fiercely sounded, and Dan Zang roared with an angry look on his face:

"Trash! Haven't found out where the enemy is so far!!"

A member of the Hyuga family standing not far from Danzo heard Danzo's words with a look of dissatisfaction on his face.

However, this member of the Hyuga family still speaks neither humble nor humble:

"Sorry, Master Danzo, the ninjutsu launched by the other party, the chakra is too big, and this chakra also caused a great obstacle to the eye."

Hearing the words of this member of the Hyuga clan, Danzo still wanted to continue speaking. Tsunade's voice came from the side at this time:

"Trouble you, go back first."

The member of the Hyuga clan bowed slightly to Tsunade, turned and left Hokage's office.

Seeing the members of the Hyuga clan leave, Danzo was silent. If it was before, Danzo could not give Tsunade face, but now, behind Tsunade is Senjushima.

"You must find the enemy as soon as possible, and let the opponent disarm this ninjutsu, otherwise..."

Tuan Zang looked out the window and looked at the dense rain covering the entire Konoha, with a deep jealous look in his eyes.

"It seems that the other party has already arrived!"

Jiraiya's voice came from the side, with a rare nervous look on his face.

"The ninjutsu that instantly covers Konoha is probably the only one."

Tsunade's face remained unchanged, but there was a trembling sound in his voice.

Obviously, Tsunade was far from the calmness expressed on his face.

Hearing what Jiraiya and Tsunade said, Danzo also reacted instantly.

It is not that Danzo reacts slowly, but according to Danzo's knowledge, You Dou will not attack Konoha again quickly after starting a war.

This is obviously against common sense!

"Now we can only look at Grandpa..."

Tsunade spoke with a hint of worry in his voice, but before he could finish speaking, a very slight noise came from Hokage's office.

Although this voice was extremely slight, it was naturally able to listen to it with the strength of everyone present.

Tsunade and others looked in the direction of the sound.

I see.In the empty air, a black dot suddenly appeared, and then the black dot rapidly enlarged, forming a space portal in the blink of an eye.

"come yet!"

Senjujuma carried a large scroll behind his back, stepping out of a different space!