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Chapter 174: The Real Follower-The Slug Immortal

After Youto and Uchiha Madara smashed the meteorite, their eyes fell on Senjujuma at the same time.

"Long time no see, Senshou Zhuma!"

With a smile on your face, You Dou stood on the top of the huge King Kong blockade, looking down at the Senjue Zhuma below.

"In the column, I lost to you last time, but this time you are no longer my opponent."

Uchiha Madara was also condescending, looking at the lowered Senjujuzuma.

Those eyes!

At this time, Chijuma Sen just discovered that Uchiha Madara's eyes were no longer the kaleidoscope eyes of his impression.

The eyes of the legendary six immortals at that time-the eyes of reincarnation!

Senshou Zhuma's heart was shocked, and his body instantly tightened.

"The grievances between us, let's do a thorough understanding today."

Madara Uchiha's voice came faintly.

"Maa! Why did you join forces with You Dou, you know what his purpose is."

"Konoha was founded by the two of us!"

The voice from Senjuzuzu came again, with a hint of expectation in the voice.

"The Konoha nowadays is no longer the same Konoha, especially between you and me."

Uchiha Madara looked at Senjujuma below, and said in a flat voice.

"There is no need to waste your efforts in the Senjue Zhuma. Today we are planning to clean out Konoha completely."

The faint voice of You Dou came into Senjuzuzu's ears.

Senjuzuzuma stood straight, clenched his fists with both hands, looked at Uchiha Madara and Rightto in front of him, and shouted angrily:

"Right fight! Uchiha Madara! What are you two guys doing!"

Xianfa-Mu Dun-really thousands of hands!

There was a loud roar between the Qianshouzhu, and with the rumbling, the rumbling noise, a huge and incomparable Guanyin statue rose from the ground.

Senshou Zhuma stood on top of the Buddha statue, staring directly at the two people in front of You Dou, and said in a low voice:

"Have you really planned to stand on the opposite side of the entire Ninja World and justice!"


Hearing these two words, Uchiha Madara burst into laughter, his voice full of disdain and sarcasm:

"You are still so naive, between the pillars."

"This Ninja world never needs justice, but is born from destruction!"

As Uchiha Madara's voice sounded, Senjuzuzuma's eyes suddenly widened, and he obviously couldn't believe it.

Youto glanced at Uchiha Madara. Although he didn't agree with Uchiha Madara's so-called "destroying new life", right now, at least the two people had the same purpose on the main road.

Whether it is destruction or complete reunification, this requires sufficient military support.

Of course, if you want to be completely unified, you will need a lot of manpower, and this is where you and Uchiha Madara diverge.

There will be a battle between the two people, but Uto and Uchiha Madara have not mentioned this point.

Right Dou's gaze retracted from Uchiha Madara's body, and the eyes that looked at Senjujuma also showed a mocking look, and said in a faint voice:

"Until now, don't you understand, Senjujujuma! The peace you hold to is wrong!"

"It has only been 60 years since the establishment of the Five Great Ninja Villages. In this short period of time, there have been three Ninja World Wars."

When You Dou said this, his voice paused slightly, looking at the stunned Senjujuzuma, he continued to speak:

"Since your peace theory is wrong, then let the entire Ninja Realm welcome my peace!"

With the sound of the right fighting, the whole air suddenly became quiet.

There was a bit of bitterness on Senjuzuzuma's face. Just as You Dou said, was the peace that he desperately guarded back then really wrong?

However, the moment he hesitated in Senshou Zhuma's heart, it disappeared.

Like Qianshouzhujian and their level of power, everyone's will is far beyond normal.

It is almost impossible to disturb the other person's character with words.

Senshou Zhuma slowly raised his head, looked directly at the eyes of the opposite right Dou, and said with a firm tone in his voice:

"Maybe my peace is wrong, but as a ninja of the old age, this new age does not require our existence!"

"As a figure that has long since passed away, it's good for us to stay honestly in the history of Shinobi!"

Speaking of this, Qianshou Zhujian's body had already burst out with a strong killing intent.

Qianshouzhu quickly folded his hands together and let out a loud shout:

"Top up..."

Before the Thousand-Hand Pillars' technique was fully activated, the whole person suddenly spewed a mouthful of blood, and was kicked from the top of the head of "True Thousand Hands" by an inexplicable force.

But at this moment, Uchiha Madara's eyes on the other side shone with a special light.

Round screen·side prison!

In Uchiha Madara's field of vision, a shadow of him had already appeared on the head of thousands of hands.

But Qianshou Zhuma didn't notice it at all.

Naturally, without precaution, Senjuzuzuma took a hard blow.

After Thousands of Hands was kicked out, the thousands of hands that were not controlled by the Thousands of Hands also stopped in place.

At this time, You Dou controlled the giant King Kong blockade, and within a few steps, he had appeared in front of the real tree Chishou.


In an instant, dozens of powerful attacks all blasted on the thousands of hands that were frozen in place.


A series of broken sounds continued to sound, and within a short period of time, the entire thousands of hands had been blasted to pieces by You Dou.

At this time, Qianshou Zhujian's face was pale, and there were even traces of blood dripping on the ground at the corner of his mouth.

"I said, now you are no longer my opponent, we two join hands, you have no chance of winning."

Uchiha Madara gaze calmly at Senjujuzuma below.

With a faint smile on You Dou's face, he stared at the Senjuzuzuma below.

Hearing Uchiha Madara's words, Senjuju suddenly laughed.

"Since I have no chance of winning, why should you two join forces?"

"Obviously you two are worried or wary of something."

When Senju Zhuma said this, he was directly held across his chest by the huge scroll behind.

"Are you curious about why I died so suddenly in my life."

"What you worry about is in this scroll."

Senjuzuzu reached out his hand to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth, and said in a flat voice.

Both Rightto and Uchiha Madara looked at the huge scroll in front of Senjujuma at the same time.

Both of them frowned slightly at the same time. Although they didn't know what was in the scroll, they didn't feel the slightest sense of crisis.

To reach their level, as long as it can pose a threat to them, they should be able to feel it.

But now, there is no such feeling at all.

"Is it in the scroll?"

Uchiha's spotted eyebrows were lightly raised. He thought that the back hand of Senju Zhuma was hidden elsewhere, but he didn't expect it to be just in a scroll.

"A scroll? In that case, do it!"

You Dou curled his mouth and suddenly moved.

At the same time, at the moment when the right fight was moving, Uchiha Madara next to him also rushed towards the front scroll of Senjujuma, who was also the shadow of the controller.

Although Senju Zhuma couldn't see the shadow, he knew that this was definitely a special kind of ninjutsu.

The body kept violently retreating to the rear, while changing positions back and forth.

"Are you curious why this scroll doesn't give you the slightest danger."

"That's because in this scroll, I just store a large amount of chakra and vitality, and of course there is a simple spiritism."

Speaking of this, Senju Zhujian's face revealed a solemn expression.

Senjuzuzu reached out his hand, suddenly opened the scroll and pressed it to the ground.

"I used all the chakras and vitality I had in my lifetime, just for this spiritism!"

The hands of Qianshouzhu quickly formed the seal, pressing on the scroll, with a respectful and solemn expression on his face and said:

"Psychicism-slug fairy!!!"


The next moment, a cloud of white smoke covering the sky appeared in front of Youto and Uchiha Madara.

Great horror!!

An indescribable sense of horror suddenly rose up in the hearts of Uto and Uchiha Madara!