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Chapter 178 Madara's Anti-Water, Demi "Torrent Phenomenon"

The rich celestial chakra overflowed from the slug fairy's body and wrapped the whole body, causing the slug fairy's whole body to emit a faint milky white light.

Among the three holy places, Immortal Slug’s methods are probably the least.

But in terms of corrosive power, no one in the entire Ninja World can compare her.

After all, apart from the corrosive power, she herself did not have too strong offensive power. More than a thousand years was enough for her to study the corrosive power to a terrifying level.

Especially under the blessing of Xianshu Chakra!

At this time, in the body of Immortal Slug!

Looking at the rapidly corroding Susano around her body, Uchiha Madara's face was gloomy.

Mobilizing the Chakra in his body, Uchiha Madara let out a low drink again:

"Super·Shen Luo Tianzheng!"

The terrifying repulsion began to explode to the surroundings, and the huge body of the immortal slug outside suddenly bulged, but the next moment, the whole body returned to its original appearance.


Uchiha Madara's face changed, and her eyebrows wrinkled.

Controlling Suzuo Nohu's body shape keeps shrinking, and at the same time a large amount of pupil power gushes out from the eyes, constantly strengthening Suzuo Nohu's rigid strength.

But Uchiha Madara could still clearly see that Susano was corroding at an extremely fast speed.

I never thought that Immortal Slug was so tricky!

Uchiha Madara's face was a little ugly, but his eyes were still calm.

Is the slug immortal strong?It's really strong.

At least in Uchiha Madara’s eyes, he must be the one who lost the battle against the slug fairy.

But in Uchiha Madara's view, the threat of Immortal Slug is not as high as that of You Dou.

"Perhaps it is also a good choice to take the lead in destroying You Dou with the help of Immortal Slug."

Uchiha Madara's eyes shone brightly.

The reason why he cooperated with You Dou was naturally because he wanted to see the back hand left by Qianshou Zhuma. Since this back hand can deal with You Dou, it can also deal with him.

And now that I have seen Uchiha Madara, the worry in my heart has disappeared.

Since he couldn't resist this weird corrosive force, right-dou might not be able to resist it, but Uchiha Madara himself was not worried at all.

Although Uchiha Madara couldn't resist the weird corrosive power, it didn't mean that he couldn't leave the slug fairy's belly.

As for cooperation?

That's just an agreement that you can tear up at will!

Thinking of this, the corners of Uchiha Madara's mouth slightly cocked. Here, perhaps the best opportunity to solve the right fight!

As long as You Dou's body can be completely left in the belly of Immortal Slug, then You Dou probably has no hope of resurrection.

Of course, unless it was the slug immortal who released Right Dou from his body again.

However, this may be almost negligible, as Uchiha Madara understands Senjujuma.

Since Immortal Slug was a backer who stayed specifically to deal with You Dou, Qianshou Zhuma naturally reached an agreement with Immortal Slug.

Immortal Slug would never release You Douzai again.

In that case, a good opportunity is in front of us, so Uchiha Madara will naturally not give up!

A wistful smile appeared on Uchiha Madara's face, and the eyes of Samsara flashed a unique light again.

Round screen·side prison!

As soon as the ability was activated, Uchiha Madara summoned all four shadows.

Four shadows also appeared, and also felt the strong corrosive liquid around.

Round screen-Suzuo Nenghu!


On the bodies of the four shadows, at the same time, the same Susano guard appeared on Uchiha Madara.

Uchiha Madara's eyes narrowed slightly, and her perception quickly spread.

Although in the belly of Immortal Slug, the perception was compressed to a very low level.

Na Uchiha Madara didn't need to feel the huge body of the slug fairy, but felt in which direction vibrations would come from all around.

With the character of the right fighting, under such circumstances, he would definitely bombard the surroundings to judge whether he could escape, or create opportunities for his next actions.


Uchiha Madara's eyes lit up, with a smile on his face said, "I found you!"

Uchiha Madara and the four shadows moved at the same time, and rushed towards the direction of the vibration they had just sensed.

The Immortal Slug's body is very large, but the surroundings are full of strong corrosive liquid, unless it can break through the solid body wall that is unknown how many meters thick there are, otherwise it will be the same everywhere.

At this time, still maintaining the three-tailed state to fight right, his face looked a little ugly.

On the surrounding physical walls, You Dou banged on one side, and came to the same conclusion.

It is almost impossible to rush out from here on pure strength.

However, if you continue to stay here, I am afraid it will be really dangerous.

Right Dou was more afraid than anyone else about the back hand that Senjujuma had reserved for him.

You Dou was so confident in himself that he didn't leave any part of his body outside at all.

But even if it is true, I am afraid that Senju Zhuma will not give this opportunity.

Although there are no restrictions on the demihuman's ability to resurrect, there are conditions for resurrection.

For example, you must die before you can be resurrected. More importantly, when you are resurrected, the largest part of your body will become the carrier of the resurrection.

In short, even if You Dou hid one of his arms outside, if most of his body was still in the belly of Immortal Slug, that half of his arm would be of no use at all.

You Dou still has no way to resurrect!

As for whether Senjuzuma knew about this weakness, You Dou was not clear.

Unless it is a last resort, You Dou will not use his own unclear information to gamble with his own life.

From You Dou's point of view, people who bet on their own lives are totally stupid, because this in itself admits their failure.


A trace of white smoke rose from Sanweiji's body.

You Dou frowned and quickly withdrew from Sanwei Isosuke's full body state, covering the outside of his body with a coat of tail beast.

At the same time, the Right Fighter controls the energy in the body, spreading to the surroundings to form an existence similar to an energy shield to resist the strange corrosive force outside.

"Can it only expose the power of all the tail beasts?"

You Dou frowned and said to himself.

In the body, a Shouhe, three-tailed Jifu, five-tailed Muwang, six-tailed rhino, eight-tailed ox ghost, nine-tailed nine lama’s tailed chakra, began to gather in the physical energy of You Dou.

With the power of the Black Emperor, You Dou can fully mobilize the chakras of the six big-tailed beasts to form a half-fusion of the six big-tailed beasts.

This power may not be comparable to the power of Ten Tails, but when blasting the body of Immortal Slug, You Dou is still certain.

However, You Dou didn't want to expose this power, because once the consequences were exposed, Uchiha Madara would definitely doubt why You Dou collected the Chakra of the Tail Beast.

If Uchiha Madara is really vigilant, then the future plan will be a little troublesome for Youdou.

As for the elimination of Uchiha Madara here, You Dou didn't think about it, but he just thought about it.

Izanagi's ninjutsu is as disgusting as Youdou's immortal body.

Even, from You Dou's point of view, Izanagi's ninjutsu was far more practical than his immortal body in addition to his eyes.

After all, his immortal body has its limitations, but Izanagi has no limitations.

Without knowing how many pairs of eyes Uchiha Madara had on his body, Youto was not sure to kill Uchiha Madara with a single blow.

Thinking of this, a thought flashed in You Dou's eyes, and besides Immortal Slug, it was Uchiha Madara who made him the most alert.

Although the two people started out under the guise of cooperation, each had their own thoughts.

Now, under such circumstances, Uchiha Madara may not follow the original agreement.


A heavy sound suddenly sounded beside You Dou.

A terrifying heavy blow hit You Dou's body directly, causing You Dou to take a step back.

Damn it!

Uchiha Madara!

The moment You Dou was attacked, he reacted to something, it was the round screen·side hell!

The power of the Black Emperor unfolded in an instant, and the Right Fight fully sensed the movement of the surrounding power.

In the normal state, the Black Emperor has no way to perceive the round screen and side hell, only in the state of full firepower.

However, in this state, the burden on the right fighting is relatively heavy. Under normal circumstances, the right fighting generally does not use this ability, and some.

A muffled rumbling sound rang from You Dou's body.

The terrifying power began to spread to the surroundings, and at the moment this power unfolded, You Dou sensed that he was beside him at the same time, and four Uchiha Madara's shadows appeared at the same time!

When You Dou sensed them, the four shadows had already shot at the same time.

Round screen-hell!

Round screen-hell!

Round the curtain-even prison!

Round screen-needle prison!

Four terrifying powers poured out at the same time, all kinds of thunder lights flickered, as if caught in a sea of ​​thunder and lightning, the same other powers of various attributes also burst out, completely submerging the right fighting!

"Uchiha Madara, you are looking for death!!"

Right Dou let out an angry roar, and for the first time an expression of anger appeared on his face.

Uchiha Madara's move without hesitation had already caused endless anger in Youto's heart.

The violent power was continuously absorbed by Right Fight, and at the same time, they all blasted in the direction of the four shadows in the same way.

Youto kept looking around, but he didn't find Uchiha Madara.

Are you hiding in the dark?

A cold light flashed in You Dou's eyes, and his body jumped directly, preparing to escape the siege of the four shadows.

Round screen·Suzonenghu·Shinra Tianzheng!

A repulsive force that was several times stronger than Nagato suddenly exploded from the air.

Right Dou suddenly stopped in mid-air. Although this repulsive force could not bounce the right down, at the same time, the Right Dou could not continue to rise.

Round screen·Suzanoh·Dance of Two Swords!

The other two shadows appeared from the front and back of the right fighting at the same time, and the strong slashes before and after the flanks instantly attacked you.

Round screen·Suzano nohu·Yasaka's Gouyu!

The last shadow also launched an attack from below.

Four terrifying forces sandwiched the right fighting and rushed down.

Obviously, Uchiha Madara intends to completely kill You Dou here.


A stream of blood spurted out of the mouth of the right bucket, these four forces were too violent, even if the right bucket could absorb it, there was no way to absorb them all in one breath!

At the same time, a large amount of corrosive power also poured out from all directions at this time.

A soaring anger ignited in You Dou's heart!


Suddenly, a roar sounded in You Dou's mind.

A wave of black particles that everyone could not perceive suddenly exploded centered on You Dou!


A large number of black particles formed a terrifying impact, temporarily bounced off the four shadows besieging the right.

At this moment, You Dou also discovered a sudden appearance of his own, a large number of black particles gushing out of his body in all directions.

As if endless!

You Dou sensed that there was no lack of energy in his body, as if these black particles appeared out of thin air.

"This is... the deluge phenomenon!!"

You Dou showed a rare look of surprise.