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Chapter 181 Konoha's outbreak, forced to retreat!

Konoha's ninjas appeared behind Senjujuma.

These ninjas looked at Senjujuma, with excited expressions on their faces, and quickly spoke respectfully:

"First generation adults!"

A loud voice rang above everyone.

After that, these Konoha ninjas looked at Uchiha Madara and Uto in front at the same time, and they looked at the same enemy.

"What are you guys?"

Looking at the Konoha Ninjas who appeared, Chishou Zhuma was slightly startled.

Tsunade strode to the side of Senjujuma, with an angry look in his eyes, looking at Youto and Uchiha Madara:

"Kinoha Village needs more than just grandpa to guard it. Konoha is a place where everyone lives and grows together, and we will also guard it desperately!"

"Anyone who wants to destroy Konoha, all of us will fight to the end!"

"Yin Seal·Solution!"

Tsunade pinched his hands and uttered a low drink, and a huge chakra quickly rose from Tsunade's body.

I saw that the original diamond-shaped mark on Tsunade's forehead quickly began to grow, connecting the center of the entire forehead.

"Konoha won't be destroyed so easily!"

Jilai also stood beside Senshou Zhujian, with a serious expression on his face, and slammed his hands on the ground.



As the two smokes dissipated, the Immortal Shenren and Immortal Shima of Miaomu Mountain stood on the shoulders of Ji Laiya at the same time.

"What a tense atmosphere."

As soon as Shen Zuo appeared, he looked around, and there was a serious tone in his voice.

"Sure enough, is Konoha something serious."

Shima narrowed his eyes slightly, with a serious expression on his face.

"Two immortals, please come next!"

Jilai also spoke respectfully.

Shima and Fukasaku glanced at each other at the same time, then nodded, their two frog palms pressed together!


The next moment, Jilaiya suddenly burst into a powerful aura.

Fairy mode!

With a big smile on his face, Jiraiya looked at the indifferent Uchiha Madara and Youto who were opposite, and said loudly:

"Your battle with the first generation adults is over, the next battle is with Konoha!"

Feeling the Xianshu Chakra surging out of Zi Lai Ye's body and seeing the two frogs on the shoulders of Zi Lai Ye, a look of surprise appeared on the face of Qianshou Zhujian.

"Is it the magic of Miaomu Mountain? It's really amazing."

There was an unexpected tone in the voice of Senjuzuzuma.

"Yes, early adult."

Hearing the words of Senjuzuzuma, naturally he quickly spoke.

The first adult??

Hearing this name, Shensaku and Shima looked at each other with some doubts, and then set their eyes on Ji Laiya at the same time.

Perceiving the gazes of Shensaku and Shima, Ji Lai also spoke softly:

"Yes, it is Konoha's first generation Naruto Senju Zhuma."

Shensaku and Zhima had a look of stunned expression on their faces, and there was no reaction for a while.

"Then who are the two people across from you?"

Shen Zuo suddenly had an extremely bad feeling in his heart, and couldn't help but ask.

"Uchiha Madara and the original Mizukage fight right."

Jilai also spoke solemnly.

Shima's eyelids jumped sharply, turning his head to look at Ji Laiya's other shoulders:

"Old man, we are not dreaming."

When Shensaku and Shima were a little dazed.

A green figure and a flashing body also appeared at the forefront of the battlefield.

"Now is the time for Konoha's proud blue beast to appear, right, Kakashi!"

Mike Kay's business is full of war spirits, and he looks at Uchiha Madara and Uto who are on the opposite side.

Kakashi walked out from behind Mike Kay, pulled the blindfold down, and squatted slightly, with a solemn expression on his face, without any intention of replying to Mike Kay.

Seeing that Kakashi didn't answer, Mike Kay didn't care about clenching his fists with both hands and shouting:

"Eight-door Dunjia! Open the door! Open the rest door! Open the life door! Open the wound door!"

Mike Kay opened four doors in a row, and a pale blue chakra instantly enveloped Mike Kay's whole body.

Not only Tsunade and others exploded with a strong aura, the rest of the Konoha ninjas were also ready to fight at the same time, with an expression of death at home!

Is this Konoha now?

Seeing this scene in front of him, Qianshouzhujian's eyes flickered slightly, and the original solemn expression on his face suddenly disappeared.

At the next moment, Senjuzu pinched his waist with his hands, looked at Youto and Uchiha and laughed, showing a simple expression on his face.

"Bara! You fight! Seeing that, this is the peace I want to keep!"

Senjujuma laughed, and spoke to Uchiha Madara and Rightto.

Uchiha Madara folded his hands on his shoulders, with an indifferent expression on his face, watching Konoha's strong breath of Jiraiya, Tsunade and others, his eyebrows wrinkled.

When Uchiha Madara heard what Senjujuma said, she saw Senjujuma's silly smile.

Uchiha Madara's eyelids twitched, and slowly opened his mouth and uttered two words:


Standing in the other direction, You Dou, looking at the large number of Konoha Ninjas behind Senjujuma, the scene of constantly gathering, also couldn't help frowning.

Especially, when he saw Metkay standing in front of the crowd, You Dou sighed softly and said helplessly:

"It's really troublesome!"


At this time, the whole battlefield rang out loud laughter from Qianshouzhu.

Everyone looked at the Qianshouzhu who was standing in the center of the battlefield and laughing.

The atmosphere that was originally somewhat depressed, at this time, abruptly disappeared because of the laughter.

The Konoha Ninjas who had looked like death at home, accompanied by the laughter of Senjuzuzuma, not only showed an awkward look on their faces.

If it hadn't been known that the person laughing in front was the first generation of Hokage, I am afraid someone could not help but cover the mouth between Senjujutsu.


A fist slammed on Senjuju's head, Tsunade's face turned red, gritted his teeth and said:


Qianshouzhu stopped laughing and covered his head, revealing an innocent expression on his face.

Seeing Tsunade's murderous gaze, Senju Junma quickly showed a serious look, and raised his head to look forward to Uchiha Madara and Rightto:

"Would you like another fight! It's you now against Konoha!"

Uchiha Madara and Youto's faces sank at the same time.

Uchiha Madara's ugly face is not because of Konoha's ninjas, but because of the words that really fight Konoha.

As long as there is a right fight, he will definitely spend half of his energy to guard against the right fight at all times.

The reason You Dou's face is ugly is because Mike Kay, others don't know, how can he not know?

"Huh! Between the pillars, I will make you proud this time."

Uchiha Madara let out a cold snort in the direction of Senjujuma, and disappeared in place with a flash.

"This game has just begun. Since you want to hold your hand, compare the whole Ninja World."

Right Dou twisted his neck and said in a flat voice.

In the next moment, You Dou's entire body had turned into a black streamer, and disappeared into the eyes of many Konoha ninjas in the blink of an eye.

After a while, I noticed that the breath of Uchiha Madara and Utoto disappeared completely.

Senjujutsuma turned around to look at Tsunade next to him, smiled and said:

"You won the bet."

With the words of Senjujuma, Tsunade, Jiraiya, Kakashi and others all breathed out.

"Kakashi, what's the matter?"

Mike Kay looked at Kakashi who was relieved next to him with a surprised look, and his voice was full of doubts.


Kakashi stood up straight, put the blindfold back on, and spoke softly.