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Chapter 186 Get rid of the "monster" name

With a cautious look on Lan Wan's face, he walked in the direction where the roar was coming.

It didn't take long for Lan Wan to see Gaara who was constantly bombarding the cage made up of stone pillars.

This cage made up of stone pillars was not intended to really confine Gaara, it was just a restriction.

After all, if you really intend to trap Gaara, you only need to seal the Chakra on Gaara.

Lan Maru raised his head and looked at the stone pillar opposite. Under the impact of Gaara, a lot of cracks had begun to appear.

Obviously, the stone prison that imprisoned Gaara might not last long.

"Should wait until the stone prison is broken before taking action."

Lan Maru's eyebrows wrinkled lightly, recalling the practices of the other Seven Swordsmen and others, and whispered to himself softly.

According to Taodi's method of not cutting and waiting for others, it is generally to wait until Gaara breaks through the cage, and then take action to defeat Gaara.

Then Gaara was thrown back in a coma, or Gaara who had no strength, and rebuilt the cage with Earthen Ninjutsu.



Just as Lan Maru was thinking, the stone pillars that were already covered with cracks were completely broken under the impact of Gaara, making a huge roar.

Gaara has a chaotic and violent breath

A strong killing intent flashed in his eyes, and he stepped out of the cage.

When Gaara got out of the cage and saw Ranmaru, who looked like a child standing not far away from him, I was slightly taken aback.

The reason for the shock is not that Ranwan is a child, but that Gaara has seen Ranwan before.

At that time, the young figure sitting on top of Sanwei's head with a casual look appeared in Gaara's mind again.

At that time, Lan Wan was standing beside that figure.

Thinking of this, Gaara let out a deep laugh.


Hand of Sand!

An arm made entirely of sand suddenly protruded forward from Gaara.

In a flash, this arm made entirely of sand appeared in front of Ranmaru.

Sand's hand squeezed fiercely and directly grabbed Lan Wan in the palm of his hand.

Gaara caught the opponent so easily, feeling slightly startled, and then quickly formed a seal with both hands.

Sand-bound hazel!


The hand of sand gripping Lan Wan instantly turned into a large amount of sand, enclosing Lan Wan in it.

Surrounded by sand, darkness and a sense of suffocation came, making Ranmaru's face change.

Curse one!

A violent breath erupted from Lan Wan's body, and Lan Wan's entire body began to swell in an instant.

The sand that originally restrained Ranmaru began to tremble constantly, seeming to show signs of collapse at any time.

Sandstorm funeral!!

Gaara glared, raised his hands and pressed them directly on the ground.

A large amount of mad sand rushed out from Gaara's gourd, constantly squeezing towards the orchid pill surrounded by sand!

Gaara's eyes had a serious look that he had never seen before.

The reason why he kept challenging these guys in Wunin Village was not only because he wanted to vent his tyrannical emotions, but also because he wanted to meet that young man.

Because Gaara saw some kind of hope in that young man, a hope that could completely get rid of the name "monster".

Gaara can clearly feel that when Shouhe saw the young man, there was a feeling of fear coming from him!

However, several consecutive riots, apart from being repeatedly defeated, did not attract the young man's attention.

This originally made Gaara, who had been emotionally unstable, became even more irritable.

But now, Ranmaru, who once stayed next to the young man, gave Gaara a new hope.

If Ranwan is defeated or killed, that man will definitely appear!

Thinking of this, Gaara's killing intent became more intense.

"Oh, this time I used such a trick as soon as I came up."

With a look of surprise on Gui Deng Shuiyue's face, she said with some surprise.

"Ranmaru, don't you have any grudges against Gaara, right?"

A deep laughter came from the other side, and there was a look of interest on the face of the dried persimmon ghost.

The center of the battlefield.

Although a large amount of sand is constantly squeezing toward the center, the figure in the middle has not changed at all, and even a trace of blood has not seeped out of the sand.


The violent aura suddenly erupted from the center, and a large amount of sand was suddenly exploded under this aura, splashing around.

Ranmaru's exaggerated body appeared in everyone's vision.

Seeing this scene, Gaara's pupils shrank, just about to move.

In the next instant, a gust of wind had blown head-on, and Ran Maru's eyes blinked before Gaara.

Lan Maru raised his fist, and instantly hit Gaara's chest.

A terrifying force burst out, directly piercing Gaara's chest.

However, Gaara, who was penetrated by the whole arm, did not splash out the slightest blood, but slowly turned into sand and fell to the ground.

Lan Maru's expression remained unchanged, and his clear eyes instantly turned red.

found it!

With a light step on the foot, Lan Wan's whole body moved laterally in an instant, appearing on a flat ground with a small amount of sand.

Lan Wan lifted his foot and slammed it down!


A huge muffled sound came from the ground, and the whole ground quickly began to crack with Ranmaru as the center in the next instant.

Gaara, who was originally hidden underground, was shaken out again, and a mouthful of blood was sprayed out by Gaara.

"Gee! Die to me!"

Reaching out to wipe off the blood on the corners of his mouth, Gaara let out a low laugh and shouted with murderous intent.

Quicksand bursts!

I saw that with Gaara as the center, the entire ground quickly began to sand, and almost instantly turned into that small piece of desert.

Numerous mad sands swept away, as if a wave of quicksand was formed, squeezing towards Lan Wan one by one.

Lan Wan pushed hard at his feet, and just about to leave the place, the desert under his feet suddenly sank, and Lan Wan fell into the desert with no focus.

A look of surprise appeared on Ranmaru's small face, because Gaara had never used this move in front of him.

Although he was a little surprised, Lan Maru's eyes were still abnormally calm, raised his fist, and punched the Kuangsha that swept towards him.

The terrifying force accompanied by the strong wind instantly blasted the mad sand that hit.

Lan Wan's double fists were constantly thrown out, and the terrifying power, as if it were endless, poured down forward.

The layers of mad sand summoned by Gaara were all blasted away by the powerful force before they were even close to the orchid pill.

At this time, the Seven Swordsmen and the others who were watching the play saw this scene, and their eyes flashed with surprises.