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Chapter 188 "Gentle" Right Fight

Seeing the look of disbelief on Gaara's face, You Dou did not continue to speak, but raised his head slightly, looking faintly into Gaara's eyes.

Gaara couldn't help but tremble with the gaze of You Dou, and took two steps back.

I don't know why, Gaara has an illusion that although You Dou is looking at his eyes, he is not actually looking at him.

At this time, a Shouhe in Gaara's spiritual world suddenly stood up and raised his head to look across from the seal.

Outside of the seal, there was clearly no Zara appearing, but Kazuo Shouzuru could clearly feel that a pair of eyes were watching him.

"Restrict your Chakra."

Right Dou's indifferent voice came, not only in Gaara's ears, but also in the ears of a Shouhe.

After saying this, You Dou raised his finger and nodded towards Gaara's forehead.


Following the right fight, the sand behind Gaara moved automatically and blocked Gaara's front.

However, Gaara's defense is almost like paper, easily broken by the right fight.

In the next moment, You Dou's finger was already in the center of Gaara's forehead.

A faint chakra gushes from the tip of the right hand and enters Gaara's mind.

Right Dou narrowed his eyes slightly, and after a while, a sharp light flashed in his eyes, and he spoke softly:

"Got you."

What You Dou was looking for was the Chakra hidden in Gaara's body.

With a thought in his heart, Right Fight controlled his chakras violently influx into the chakras left by Gaara's mother, Gaara.


A dull roar blasted in Gaara's mind.

Gaara felt a pain in his brain and passed out into a coma.

The moment Gaara lost consciousness, the last large amount of sand from Gaara began to tremble violently, and quickly gathered in Gaara's direction.

The right fighting figure flashed, and he had already left Gaara's side. When he appeared again, he had already returned to the position not far in front of Terumi Meishan.


A loud noise still rang in front of Gaara, and it caught everyone's attention for a while.

After almost a moment of effort, behind Gaara, a huge image of a woman composed entirely of sand appeared in everyone's field of vision.

A palm made up of sand, when in front of Gaara, make a defensive movement.

Gaara, standing in the middle, was supported by the sand. Although he had passed out in a coma, he did not fall.

And the consciousness of the whole person has entered the spiritual world.

You Dou guessed that Gaara should have already seen his mother, Gaara.

Terumi Ming blinked gently, glanced at the image of the woman behind Gaara with some daze, then walked to the side of You Dou, and said suspiciously:

"what is that?"

You Dou stared at it plainly, then retracted his gaze, and said softly:

"Maybe it's "love"."

With the sound of the right Doudu, Terumi Ming's face showed a strange look, and the eyes full of surprise fell on You Dou's face:

"I didn't expect Master You Dou to say this word."

Hearing Terumi Mei's ridicule, Youdou shrugged.

"I'm not that cold-blooded guy."

After speaking, You Dou raised his hand and grabbed the red hair of Ringo Yu Yuri standing beside him, and said jokingly:

"Right, Little Ringo."

Feeling the movement of the right fight, Ringo Yu Yuli's face turned red, and he nodded quickly.

"Master You Dou is a very gentle person."

With a look of worship on Lan Wan's face, he also spoke.

There was a smile on You Dou's face, he raised his hand and touched Ranmaru's head again, then raised his eyebrows at Terumi Mei.

The two words gentle, to describe Master You Dou, are really somewhat...

Terumi Mei sighed softly when he heard what Ranmaru said, with a helpless look on his face, but a smile flashed in his eyes.

"I've been confining one tail to Zhuli. I thought Master You Dou was going to take one tail out. The people in the seal class are already on standby."

Terumi Ming was surprised on her face and shrugged helplessly.

"The Ninjuli from Sand Ninja Village was taken away by our Wu Ninja Village. It's not a secret. Even if you really want to do something with Ninju Ninja, it's not Gaara."

"What's more, Gaara is useless to me. After he wakes up, send him back to Sand Ninja Village."

Right Dou spread his hands, and said flatly, suddenly Right Dou seemed to remember something, his eyes narrowed slightly:

"When I sent Gaara back to Sand Ninja Village, he made his movements a little bigger."

"Yes, Master You Dou!"

Qing, who was standing behind Terumi Ming, immediately spoke.

Make the movement bigger?

Do you want to attract the attention of some people, or do you want to do something to cover?

Terumi Ming licked her lips, a sharp light flashed in her eyes.


Towards the evening, before the flaming sunlight entered the entire Wunin Village, it was already blocked by the thick fog coming from the sea.

For this kind of phenomenon, the civilians living in Wuren Village have long been used to it.

The hawkers on both sides of the streets of Wuren Village have begun to clean up their stalls and prepare to leave.

Ringo Yu Yuri was walking slowly along the street towards home.

"It's Ringo, there are some grilled seafood here, do you want to take the girl home with Chuncai?"

By the side of the street, a middle-aged man who was cleaning up his stall saw Ringo Yu Yuri and said with a light smile.

"No need, Uncle Kim."

Ringo Yu Yuri waved her hand quickly, and said embarrassedly.

"Don't be embarrassed, it will break tomorrow anyway."

The Uncle Jin wrapped the baked seafood and handed it to Ringo Yu Yuri's hand with a smile.

"Some time ago, I realized that you turned out to be the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of our Wunin Village. I haven't congratulated you yet."

"In the future, everyone will be protected by you."

Uncle Jin scratched his head, and smiled a few times at Ringo Yu Yuri.

After speaking, Uncle Jin turned and left and continued to clean up the stall.

Lin Piaoyu Yuri looked at the thing in his hand blankly and smiled helplessly.

Along the way, in addition to Uncle Jin, there were some small vendors who bought and gave away a lot of things, and also handed over a lot of things to Ringo Yu Yuri.

By the time Ringo Yu Yuri arrived home, she was already holding a pile of her hands.

The people who gave the things were all residents who grew up watching Ringo Yu Yuri and Haruna, and they were all very simple people.

All around, there was a genius ninja like Ringo Yu Yuri, which can be said to be the glory of everyone nearby.