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Chapter 189 Ringo Yu Yuri's Concealment

Ringo Yu Yuri carried a lot of things in each hand and walked into the house.

Haruna with bare feet had run out of the room before the things were put down.

When Haruna saw a large amount of delicious food in Ringo Yu Yuri's hand, her eyes glowed green.

Haruna opened her arms to face Ringo Yu Yuri's direction and rushed over.

Ringo Yu Yuli's eyelids lightly twitched, and he lifted his foot and kicked Chuncai back.

"It hurts! Sister!"

Haruna clutched her belly, clenched her small fist, and said with a dissatisfaction.

"Did you sneak out without training today?"

Ringo Yu Yuli narrowed his eyes slightly, and a dangerous look appeared on his face.

The original dissatisfaction expression on Haruna's face became slightly stiff, just about to speak sophistry.

"Don't forget what I do. The foundation of the ninja basics is to collect intelligence. What's more, you don't need to collect intelligence at all. You can know where you went during the day by walking around the street."

Ringo Yu Yuli suddenly smiled, and even a faint light of thunder flashed between his hands.

Haruna crossed her face, put her head in her hands, and knelt on the ground and whispered:

"Punishment is fine, but what you have in your hands will divide me half."

Listening to the words of Haruna, Ringo Yu Yuri stretched out his hand to support his forehead and sighed helplessly.

Ringo Yu Yuri put the things in his hands on the table, and said helplessly:

"Tomorrow I will check your three-body technique, if it doesn't pass you just wait for punishment."

After speaking, Ringo Yu Yuri turned and walked towards his room.

"Sister, don't you eat?"

Haruna hurriedly stood up, ran all the way to the table, and then said with some doubts.

"I ate."

Ringo Yu Yuri didn't look back, but a faint voice came into Chuncai's ears.


After entering his room and closing the door, Ringo Yu Yuri breathed a sigh of relief.

The next moment, a layer of secret sweat appeared on Ringo Yu Yuri's forehead.

Stretching out his hand to cover the position of his chest, a look of pain flashed across Lino Yuyu's face, and he knelt on the ground with a "bang".

Just outside the room, preparing to eat special spring vegetables, suddenly heard a muffled noise from Ringo Yu Yuri's room.

With a suspicious look on her face, Haruna looked at Ringo Yu Yuri's room: "Sister, what's the matter?"

"It's okay."

The flat voice came into Haruna's ears.

"Oh." Haruna nodded, and once again focused on the pile of delicious food in front of her.

In the room.

Ringo Yu Yuri knelt on the ground, and the colic sensation from her chest made her whole body tremble slightly.

After a long time, the constant spread of colic began to subside slowly.

Ringo Yu Yuri took a breath and stood up from the ground again, as if it were all right, sitting on her bed with a calm look on her face.

"Is the physical problem getting worse?"

Ringo Yu Yuri's voice was slightly low, and she muttered to herself.

The next day.

Water Shadow Office.

Holding a packet of fish balls in your hands, You Dou sat on the sofa next to him with a leisurely look.

"Finally, I got down."

Right Dou finished his mouthful of fish balls and opened his mouth with satisfaction.

At this moment, Terumi Ming, who was sitting at Hokage’s desk like this, heard You Dou's words, a light smile appeared on his face, and he opened his chin and said:

"It's not necessarily true, Master You Dou."

"Disrupt other people's good mood, but you will not get married."

You Dou curled his lips and joked.

Terumi could not help rolling his eyes when he heard Youdou's words.

at this time.


With a sound of pushing the door, Chojuro walked in with a map in his hand and respectfully.

"Master You Dou, Master Shui Ying, bring the map here."

Chojuro respectfully spoke to the two of them, and after speaking, he lifted the map in his hand.

You Dou nodded, then pointed slightly at the wall in front of him.

Seeing Youdou's movements, Chojuro immediately understood, and quickly unfolded the map and fixed it on the wall pointed by Youdou.

You Dou and Terumi Ming raised their heads at the same time, looking at the map of Ninja World in front of them.

Right Dou glanced lightly, then picked up the fish balls in his hand, and flicked the remaining lottery with his finger.


This and the lottery flew out directly and fixed it on a certain location on the map.

"Yuyin Village!"

Terumi Ming narrowed his eyes slightly when he saw the position specified by the signature.

"That guy Uchiha Madara, stay here now."

You Dou continued to take out a bunch of fish balls to eat, and said casually.

"Do you need to send someone to monitor Yuyin Village?"

Terumi Ming said with a serious look on her face and said seriously.

"No, I can't monitor that guy either."

"Isn't Xiao Nan in the village? You can get information about Yuyin Village from her, but you don't have to hope too much."

"Xiaonan still has a secret connection with Yuyin Village. It can even be said that Yuyin Village is still under Xiaonan's control, but that is just Uchiha Madara's disdain."

You Dou smiled softly when he said that, then continued to speak:

"Even if Uchiha Madara is staying in Amagi Village now, the ninjas there may not know where Uchiha Madara is."

Hearing You Dou's words, Terumi Ming frowned slightly, and after a while, there was a hint of doubt in her voice:

"Yuto-sama meant, don't we need to control Uchiha Madara?"

You Dou shook his head, staring lightly at the location of Yuyin Village:

"It's not that it is unnecessary, but it is not necessary at the moment."

"Yuyin Village happens to be in the border of the country of fire, land, and wind. This location is very special, and this location is also very tasteless."

Terumi Ming looked over and nodded softly. Such a position belongs to a buffer zone for the three major Shinobu villages.

Although it seems extremely important, once any movement occurs in this location, it may be immediately noticed by the people of the Three Ninja Villages.

"So, it is not us who really cares about this matter, but the other three Ninja villages."

"There is a guy between Senjuju in Konoha Village, so the first one is eliminated, so there are only two left."

You Dou looked at the map, with an inexplicable look in his eyes.

Picked up two sticks from the side and flicked them gently.


Accompanied by two broken air sounds.

Two lotteries were inserted in the center of the land of the land and the land of the wind at the same time.

"Yuto-sama meant that Uchiha Madara might act on Iwagakura and Sagakura?"

Terumi Ming's eyelids twitched, with a look of shock in her voice.