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Chapter 192 "Heroic Water"

After listening to Uchiha Madara's words, while taking a sigh of relief in his heart, deep fear flashed in his eyes.

What Uchiha Madara said just now was just a simple beating?

Or have you begun to doubt yourself?

Uchiha's body is tight with soil, no matter what it is, it is not good news for him now.

Now his strength is too far behind Uchiha Madara.

Regarding Lin's death, Uchiha Daido is now more and more suspicious that it is the ghost of Uchiha Madara.

However, the more suspicious, Uchiha Daido's performance is more respectful to Uchiha Madara.

"Go ahead."

Uchiha Madara's flat voice came into Uchiha's ears with soil.

"Yes, Master Uchiha Ban."

Uchiha Daido nodded respectfully, a spatial vortex quickly wrapped Uchiha Daido and disappeared.

Uchiha Madara didn't look back from beginning to end, staring indifferently at the map of Ninja world placed in front of him.

After a while, a thoughtful look flashed across Uchiha Madara's face.

Reached out and pulled out two pieces of information from the information already prepared below.

On the two pieces of information, Dedala and Scorpion were marked with basic information.

"The rebelliousness of Yanyin Village and Shayin Village is really unexpected gain. It seems that the plan has to be changed."

Uchiha Madara's mouth curled slightly, and a smile appeared on his face.


In a forest.

You Dou and Xiao Nan walked at the forefront with a flat expression, and walked in front of the two.

It was a fifteen or sixteen-year-old boy wearing dark green clothes with a guard from Takiguru Village on his forehead, and it was the leader of Takiguru Village, Shibuki.

It has to be said that, except for Shayin Village, which is located in a large desert area, the surrounding villages of the other big Ninja villages are all large tracts of dense forest.

Speaking of the environment alone, the forest in the Hokage World is a must.

After all, no matter what kind of destruction it experiences, the entire Hokage World still occupies a large area of ​​forest.

"Is the boy in front really the leader of Takinin Village?"

Xiao Nan stared at the walking in front of them, with a nervous look on his face, and spoke in a suspicious tone.

As the leader of a small Ninja Village, maybe you don't need to be too strong, but you must possess certain characteristics of being a leader.

But now Xiao Nan didn't even notice this trait in the young man in front of him.

"If there is nothing wrong with the information from the secret part of Wuyin Village, he is indeed."

You Dou spread his hands and said in a flat voice.

Hearing You Dou's words, Xiao Nan's eyes fell on She Mu's body again, a faint sadness flashed in his eyes.

In the current ninja world, the leader of a small ninja village, if not someone with a strong hand, would be a great sorrow for this ninja village.

Although the entire Ninja World was calm, it was just a hypocritical illusion.

I am afraid it will not take long before this peace will be completely broken.


At this moment, a roar of beasts suddenly came from deep in the forest.

Shemu, who was walking in the front, froze for a moment, and then immediately showed a panic on his face. At the same time, he quickly turned around and hurriedly ran behind You Dou and Xiao Nan.

With a scared expression on his face, Shibumu stuck his head from behind the right fighting body and looked forward carefully.

You Dou and Xiao Nan had a slightly surprised look on their faces, looking at Shemu with a scared expression on their faces.

Both can clearly feel that Shemu's fearful emotion is not a disguise, but a real fear.

At the same time, in the dense forest ahead, a huge bear about two people tall crawled out of the forest.

This is when the giant bear appeared, his fierce eyes fell on the three people of You Dou.

"You should be a ninja, just an ordinary bear. With your strength, it shouldn't be a problem."

Right Dou turned his head to look at Shemu who was hiding behind him, and said flatly.

"But... But, this bear is so big!"

Shibumu raised his head and glanced at the front, a big bear with a fierce look on his face.

Shibumu shuddered all over, lowered his head quickly, and said nervously.

"Cowardly man."

Xiao Nan frowned, a trace of disdain in his voice.

If the leader of a village is really such a man, Xiao Nan can't imagine the future of this village at all.


A low beast roar came from the front.

After seeing that the three humans on the opposite side did not move, the original cautious state of mind disappeared instantly.

The next moment, the huge bear rushed in the direction of the three people of You Dou.

Paper shuriken!

Xiao Nan shook his palm slightly, and a paper shuriken quickly formed, and at the same time shot in the direction of the huge bear.


A series of blood spattered.

The paper shuriken directly penetrated the huge bear.

Before even a whine, the huge bear fell completely to the ground and lost its sound.

It wasn't until she saw the complete death of this bear, that Shemu, who was hiding behind You Dou, breathed a sigh of relief and walked out.

"How far is it from the destination?"

You Dou glanced at Shi Mu, and said in a flat voice.

Shemu was taken aback for a moment, and a little embarrassed, he said, "It will be here soon!"


On the other side, on a big tree some distance from Takigakura Village.

Dozens of ninjas stood quietly in different positions, their eyes falling on the two men and one woman standing in the center.

"The specific entrance of Takigakura Village, among all the people present, only you know, Shisha."

"I don't want you to lie to us, otherwise the consequences will be serious."

A ninja with a fierce look on his face said coldly.

"Huh, consequences?"

"Misty rain! Don't look at me now, I am the strongest ninja in Takigakura Village except for the previous leader."

The ninja named Shisha let out a cold snort.

"Really, if you have time, I want to compare!"

With a sneer on Wuyu's face, she spoke lightly.

With the sound of this sentence, the originally depressive atmosphere suddenly became tense.

"If I remember correctly, your Takigakura village has Renzhuli. That's a big trouble. If you really start with Renzhuli, we will probably all have to stay there."

As if perceiving the change in atmosphere, a slightly exposed woman walked out, licked her lips, her eyes fell on the hookah.

"Don't worry, the people in the village don't doubt me right now. I will distract Renzhuli first. However, Bingyu, don't kill too many people."

The hookah was leaning on the big tree, staring closely at the female ninja named Bingyu.

"Do you reduce the casualties of the villagers? Interesting, after all, I still can't bear to attack my village."

With a mocking smile on Wuyu's face, she said with a light smile.

Hearing Wuyu's mocking voice, Shisha did not seem to hear the mocking in the words, and his face did not change in any way.

In other words, from beginning to end, the face of Shisha was calm.

"It's not because of that, but because only the leader of the village, Shemu, knows exactly where the "Heroic Water" is hidden."

"For him to name this location, we have to take some villagers as hostages."

The hookah stood up from the tree it was relying on, twisted his neck and spoke plainly.

"It seems that it can only be so."

Bing Yu raised his eyebrows, with a smile on his face.

"We are now divided into two groups, following me all the way into the village of Takiin, to draw away the girl of Renzhu Lifu."

"Go the other way, just wait at the big waterfall outside the entrance of Takiin Village."

"Although it is not clear when Shemu will come back, it must be soon. If you can catch him in advance, a lot of trouble will be solved."

Shisha raised his head and looked at the fog and icy rain, and said his plan.

Wuyu and Bingyu glanced at each other and nodded lightly. The hookah plan was indeed the safest method at present.

After finalizing the plan, several people showed cold smiles on their faces at the same time.

At the next moment, all the ninjas present disappeared in place at the same time, dashing away in two directions.


On the other side, under Shemu's lead, after a short time, everyone heard the sound of running water.

Looking in the direction of the sound, a huge waterfall appeared in the eyes of everyone.

Several waterfalls of different sizes are connected together to form a scene that amazes everyone.

Next to a clear stream below the waterfall.

Xiao Nan raised his head to look at the huge waterfall surrounding him, a look of surprise flashed in his eyes:

"No wonder there are very few Shinobu villages invading Takigakura Village. I am afraid that even if they get here, there is no familiar person to lead the way, and there is no real entrance to Takigakura."

Yuyin Village, like Takiyin Village, belongs to the junction of the three major Shinobu Villages.

However, Yuyin Village is located at the junction of Sharen Village, Yanren Village and Konoha Village.

The Takigakura Village is the junction of Iwanin Village, Unnin Village and Konoha Village.

Although the locations are similar, the situation of the two villages is completely different.

Yuyin Village does not have a natural geographical advantage, so it has been in war all year round.

This is also the reason why Xiaonan was a little surprised when he saw Takiin Village in front of him.

With such a special environment, Takigakura can definitely avoid most of the troubles.

"Thank you, two adults, for sending me here, which caused trouble for both of you along the way."

She Mu, who was walking in the front, suddenly stopped and turned to look at You Dou and Xiao Nan, speaking embarrassedly.

"Does this sentence mean to drive us away?"

Xiao Nan looked at Shemu with a flat expression, and said coldly.

"It seems to be some precautions for us, and does not want to expose the specific entrance of Takigakura Village."

An interesting look appeared on You Dou's face, and he said with a chuckle.

When Shibumu heard You Dou and Xiao Nan's words, his face not only changed, but he took a few steps back quickly.