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Chapter 195 Old Branch

be quiet!

The whole village is too quiet.

She Mu had just breathed out deep in his heart, and instantly raised it again.

Shibumu squatted slightly, looked around, and then walked cautiously to the nearest house.

When Shemu was about to approach this house, a sharp weapon sound suddenly remembered.

Immediately afterwards, a handful of Kuwu pierced out of the room.

With a look of panic on Shibumu's face, he quickly stepped back.


Although he had retreated backwards, he still reacted a little slower, and he stabbed one of the arms of Kuwujiang Sheba.

The intense pain came, making Shemu pale, and only after a few steps backwards did Shemu clearly see the ninja coming out of the room.

There is no forehead guard, and even dressed casually, he should be a wandering ninja!

"It's a pity, I almost can poke your heart through."

After the ninja walked out of the room, he saw that he had just stabbed Shibumu's arm, and his face not only showed a pity.


Accompanied by the sound of this Ming ninja, there was a slight low laughter in the originally quiet surroundings.

Under Shibumu's ugly expression, a famous ninja slowly walked out from the hidden position.

"Hey, thanks to just stabbing the arm, if you kill this guy, be careful that the leader kills you."

The companion of the ninja walked over from the side and let out a low laugh.


The sound of light footsteps suddenly came from behind Shemu. Shemu's body became stiff, before he could react, a sudden heavy blow landed on his back.

Shemu directly spouted a mouthful of blood, and someone was kicked to the ground.

After flipping several somersaults on the ground, Shemu stopped.

Regardless of the pain from his body, Shemu quickly raised his head and looked behind him. Only then did he see the figure attacking him, a woman with a cold smile on her face.

"Hey, I thought I was relatively strong, but I didn't expect it to be so weak. Wu Ren was really lazy, and he was run away by a person of such strength."

The cold-faced woman shook her head and said with a smile.

"What about everyone! What have you done to everyone?"

Shibumu ignored the blood stains on his mouth, showing an angry look, and looked at the cold-faced woman.

"Oh, you deserve to be the leader of Shinobu Village. Although his strength is weak, he still cares about the group of ants."

Bing Yu raised her eyebrows and looked at Shemu on the opposite side with a sneer on her face.

"Don't worry, it's just a bunch of ants. It's not worth my hands. But if you don't cooperate, then you can't tell."

Bing Yu raised his finger, placed it next to his lips, and said softly, although the action was a bit ambiguous, there was an undisguised killing intent in his voice.

Call everyone in the village ants?

Hearing such words, Shibumu couldn't help clenching his fists fiercely, and looked at the ice rain opposite with angrily.

Although Shemu was angry inside, he was relieved at the same time.

The meaning of this woman's words just now proves that there is nothing wrong with everyone.

"How did you get in? How could a group of outsiders find the entrance of the village!"

Shibumu looked at the icy rain, and said in a voice of anger and confusion.

Bing Yu's face showed Ruo Ruo Wu's smile, as if his fingers gently pointed upwards, he smiled:

"This question, you have to ask the one above."

Shemu was taken aback for a moment, then quickly raised his head and looked up.

I saw, uh, on a big tree not far in front, a figure was standing on a branch, looking at the wood below with indifference.

When she saw the appearance of this figure, Shemu's face showed an unbelievable look, and she stammered and said:

"Old... teacher, why do you do this."


Seeing the look of consternation on Shibumu's face and the hookah standing on the branch, a deep disdain flashed in his eyes.

With a slight force under the waterpipe, the whole person disappeared from the branch in an instant, and when he appeared again, he was already standing in front of the ice rain.

"You are still so cowardly, Shibumu."

Shisha looked at the expression on Shibamu's face, and said with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

"Why... do you want to do this? Everyone respects you!"

Shemu still had a look of disbelief on his face, and his whole body trembled with excitement.

"Respect? What is that! What I want is strength, tell me where the "Heroic Water" is."

The hookah waved his hand impatiently, his voice full of disdain.

"What about Fu? What do you do with Fu, she trusts you so much!"

Shemu stood up trembling, his voice full of unwillingness.

However, Shemu had just finished speaking, and the hookah had an instantaneous technique, and she had already appeared in front of Shemu.


The hookah suddenly raised his fist, and hit Shibumu's belly with a heavy muffled sound.

Shemu's eyes widened, and a mouthful of blood came out of his mouth.

"I don't want to listen to your nonsense, just pull it out."

Shisha raised his arm and blew his fist, and spoke to the other ninjas beside him.

Hearing the hookah's command, the other ninjas around nodded slightly and left the place instantly.

It didn't take long for the civilians who were tied up and gagged at the same time, they were pulled out of the surrounding houses by these ninjas.

The hookah walked up to a civilian and reached out to take out what was stuffed in her mouth.

"Hookah, you bastard, everyone trusts you so much that you did such a thing to the village! Lord Shemu, go quickly and leave us alone!"

The civilian had just let go of his mouth, cursed at the water, and at the same time looked in Shemu's direction and quickly reminded him.

"A lot of nonsense."

Hookah frowned, raised his foot and violently kicked the civilian to the ground. Stepping on the civilian's head, he looked at Shibumu:

"Hand over the "Heroic Water", otherwise all these people will die!"

With a look of anger on Shibumu's face, he rushed in the direction of the hookah.

However, as soon as she appeared in front of the hookah, the whole person was kicked out by the hookah at a faster speed.

"Run! Lord Shemu, you are not the opponent of this group."

The civilian who was trampled under the feet by the hookah shouted to Shemu with difficulty.


Shemu bit his lip vigorously, even directly biting out the blood.

In the next moment, Wamu suddenly turned around and quickly jumped into a pond not far behind him.


A figure quickly appeared by the pond, and when he saw that there was no one under the pond.

Bing Yu turned his head abruptly, with a sullen expression on his face, and looked at the water pipe whose face was still calm:

"You let him go!"

A flash of disdain flashed in the eyes of the hookah, and he kicked the civilian who had stepped on the sole of his foot aside, and said casually:

"If you don't let him go, how can he use the "Heroic Water" to come out and fight me desperately."

The ice rain was taken aback for a moment, and the originally ugly expression slowly faded.

At this time, everyone did not notice, not far from everyone.

On the crown of a big tree, two figures were standing quietly.

"You Dou, don't you need help in the following situation?"

Xiao Nan looked down at the ice rain, frowned slightly, and said softly.

"They are waiting, we are also waiting, presumably you should also be curious about the thing that can increase Chakra ten times."

Right Dou smiled lightly, with an interesting look on his face.

Xiao Nan glanced at the civilians below, not being attacked for the time being, and nodded gently.

At this time, Shemu, who jumped into the bottom of the river, did not run away, but swam to the depths of Kedi quickly following the route his father had told him in his mind.

It didn't take long for Shemu to see a small cave at the bottom of the lake that could only be passed by one person.

Without the slightest hesitation, Shemu plunged in, and after a while, Shemu suddenly appeared on a lake.

Wading drilled out of the lake, breathing heavily, then raised his head and looked around.

This is not a hole in a huge old tree, the space is not very large.

Therefore, Shibumu saw the forefront at a glance, and placed something in the middle that resembled a cabinet.

Shemu hurriedly climbed out and walked to the front of the cabinet. When she saw the familiar patterns on the surface of the cabinet, the corners of Shemu's eyes were not only slightly moist.

The voice of his father before he died, did not sound in Shemu's mind:

"Heroic Water" is poison even if it has power. Those who use the Heroic Water mean that they are ready for death.

Promise me... Shemu, don't let the people in the village use such power.

"Father, I'm sorry, I still used this after all, and now I need to use this power to save everyone!"

"I will beat the teacher and tell him that he is wrong! Even if I give my life for it!"

Shemu clenched his fists and spoke firmly in his voice. After speaking, Shemu quickly made a few seals.

In an instant, the lines on the original cabinet suddenly lit up, and then, the originally closed cabinet slowly opened.

I saw that a transparent gourd was placed in the center of the whole cabinet.

At this time, there was nearly two-thirds of the transparent liquid in this transparent gourd.

At the top of the mouth of the gourd, an extremely old branch was placed there.

Shemu didn't know when this branch was here.

Shemu only knew that when Takigakura seemed to be building the village, these and ancient branches had already appeared here.

Every half a year or so, a drop of liquid will drip on this ancient branch.

And the transparent liquid in the glass gourd dripped from this branch.

The transparent liquid of more than half a gourd is not known for how many years the entire Takigakura village has been accumulated.

With a solemn expression on his face, Shibumu slowly took down the transparent gourd.