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Chapter 196: Shemu's Outbreak

Seeing the transparent liquid swaying gently in the gourd, Shibumu took a deep breath.

Shemu raised the transparent gourd in his hand, placed it to the side of his mouth, and tilted the gourd slightly.

Along with the movement of Shemu, the crystal liquid in the gourd slowly flowed, following the direction of the mouth of the gourd, and fell into Shemu's mouth.

After dripping a few drops in his mouth, Shibumu immediately put the gourd down again.

Shemu once heard his father say that if the power of "Heroic Water" is really used, he must not swallow too much in one breath.

Otherwise, these chakras are enough to kill themselves before the body has adapted to the swelling chakras.

As soon as he swallowed those few drops of "hero water" into his throat, Shibumu felt his body heat up quickly, and at the same time.Chakra, who was calm in his body, began to boil.


Shemu's whole body couldn't help but shake, and a surging chakra spewed out of Shemu's body.

The light blue chakra energy envelops Shibumu's whole body.

A sense of strength that had never been felt before, gave Shemu a look of surprise on his face.

"What a powerful force! With such a force, you can definitely be rescued!"

Shemu clenched his fists vigorously, with excitement in his voice.

After finishing speaking, Shibumu quickly took out a plug-like thing from the side and plugged it on the gourd's mouth, and put the gourd on his body.

Only a few drops of "hero water" can't last long, and Shemu thinks it's safe enough to put it on her own.

Shemu turned around and moved his feet, and his whole body disappeared in an instant. When he appeared here, he was already standing by the pool where he had just swam up.

He slid under the foot of the wood and jumped into the water again. Following the route he had come, he quickly returned.

At this time, in Takigakura Village.

Bing Yu looked around and found that until now, there was still no movement, and not only an expression of impatientness began to appear on his face.

"That kid, won't you have escaped already."

Bing Yu turned his head, looked at the calm waterpipe beside him, and said with a suspicious tone in his voice.

Hearing Bingyu's doubts, a hint of impatient flashed through the eyes of Shisha, but his face was still expressionless and said:

"You can't be too rushed to do anything. And as his former teacher, I know him better than anyone."

"Although his personality is weaker and his talent is a little bit weaker, he will never give up the group of civilians in Takigakura."

The affirmative sound of the hookah made Bing Yu's face an interesting look.

Bing Yu turned his head and slid to the bound civilians, flashing a cold flash:

"Really, if that's the case, let's try to kill a civilian first."

As soon as the voice of the ice rain fell, a ninja quickly dragged a civilian out of the crowd and pulled it to the place where Shemu jumped into the lake.

The right fight hidden on a big tree, seeing this scene, his lips curled up with a smile on his face, and he looked at Xiaonandao next to him:

"Your Yuyin Village is called Bingyu. The methods are really brutal."

As a ninja, deliberately killing civilians has already touched the bottom line of being a "ninja."

Xiao Nan's face was a little cold, but her eyes were unusually calm, because the ice rain was already a dead person in her eyes.

"She is no longer from Yuyin Village."

Xiao Nan spoke coldly.

The peace she and Nagato are pursuing and the things she wants to protect are not like this!

Ninjas like Bingyu are one of the root causes of war in the ninja world.

Such unscrupulous killing of civilians, sure enough, such a ninja world needs a strong enough force to completely change it!


Following the actions of the ninja, the civilian of Takigakura was forcibly dragged to the shore of the lake.

"I know you are still here. Since you don't come out, I will start killing with these people until you come out and hand over the "Heroic Water"."

With a bright smile on Bing Yu's face, he spoke to the calm lake in front.

After speaking, seeing that there was still no movement around, the ice rain ninja waved his hand casually in the direction.

The ninja quickly couldn't get a handful of kunai from the ninja bag, aimed at the civilian who was struggling desperately, raised his arm and stab it.


At this moment, the originally calm lake exploded instantly, and then, a figure appeared in front of the ninja at a fast speed.

The moment Shemu appeared, he kicked the ninja's chest fiercely.

Before the ninja could react, he felt a huge force explode in his chest, and then, accompanied by a scream, the whole person was kicked out.

After the ninja smashed several houses for life, he finally stopped. At this time, the position of the ninja's chest had completely collapsed.

Obviously, those who are already dead cannot die again.

Shemu squatted down quickly and untied the rope from the civilians of Takiin Village, and said with a nervous expression:

"Uncle Ishihara, are you all right."

Uncle Ishihara shook his head, looking at Shemu with a worried look on her face and said, "Shemu, you really still used "Hero Water"."

When Shibamu was talking to Uncle Ishihara, the eyes of the icy rain and hookah on one side were wide, and they looked at Shibamu's body together, the light blue chakra spewing out.

Not only did the two of them not pay attention, the ninja who was killed by the spur of the woods also showed excitement on his face.

"Is this the power of "Heroic Water"? It's not bad that even such a cowardly little devil can obtain such power!"

Bing Yu licked his lips, and there was a hint of suppressed excitement in his voice.

The hookah on the other side also had a look of excitement on his face, but compared to the cold rain a lot.

Hearing the sound of Bingyu, Shemu slowly got up and looked at Bingyu:

"I won't let you invaders go!"

"Really." Bing Yu licked his lips, his face showed no care, but there was a hint of caution in his eyes.

The light blue chakra spewing on Shibumu's body is not fake.


There was a muffled noise from the entire ground, and Shemu's figure directly disappeared in place.

high speed!

Seeing this scene, Bing Yu narrowed his eyes, and quickly jumped toward the back. At the same time, he took out a few kunai with both hands and shot it in the forward direction.

Obviously, Bingyu temporarily delayed Shemu's action with the help of these karma.

And this time.

Shemu's body that had come straight from him suddenly stopped and turned into streams of water and fell on the ground.

not good!It's the water body!

Bing Yu's originally calm face had a look of shock for the first time.

In other words, Shemu's body has been hidden in the dark from beginning to end.

If you are that kid, you will definitely use the water body to attract your attention, and then...

Thinking of this, Bingyu's eyelids lightly twitched, turned around quickly, and took out a handful of Kuwu to stand in front of him, making a defensive movement.


A sharp clash of weapons, as well as a strong force came down the arm.

Bing Yu smiled at the corner of his mouth, looked at the opposite face with a surprised look on the wood, and mocked:

"Smelly boy, you would tell me something big when you thought you got a lot of chakras. In terms of experience, ten you are not my opponent."

There was no change in Shibumu's face. With violent force on both arms, the two quickly separated and at the same time dropped out of school towards the back.

With a thought in Shibumu's heart, he quickly mobilized Chakra in his body, and his hands quickly sealed.

Water escape-water bombs!

One by one, water balls, like bullets, quickly condensed from the hands of Wading Mu and shot forward.

The icy rain on the other side, the moment she saw Shemu Jieyin, also began to Jieyin.

Water escape-water front wall!

Bing Yu opened his mouth and spewed out a waterfall-like stream from his mouth, quickly forming a wall made up of water in the front.


One by one, the water balls kept bombarding the water wall, causing the whole water wall to sway.

"It's much stronger than ordinary water bombs. Is it because of the large number of chakras? It's really a good power!"

Bing Yu saw the almost unsupported water wall, not only did not show a panic on his face, but on the contrary, he looked greedy.

Something like "Heroic Water" must be obtained!


With a loud noise, the water formation wall was exploded in a short time, and several extremely fast water balls directly landed on the place where the ice and rain stood just now, blasting large pits.

But the figure of Bing Yu had long since disappeared.

Water escape-water whip!

A sweet shout came from one side, and at the same time, a long whip made up of water was quickly shot out, and the wadwood was firmly bound.

With a smile at the corner of Bing Yu's mouth, one hand grasped the side of the stream whip, and slowly walked towards Sheding Mu:

"Little devil, hand over the "Heroic Water" obediently. If this is the case, there may be fewer people dying here today."

"Humph!" Shemu let out a cold snort, struggling constantly.

Seeing that Shemu seemed to be struggling, the original cautious look in Bing Yu's eyes faded slightly, and she strode forward to Shemu.

I looked at Shemu and saw the position of Shemu's waist. When she was a little bulging, the ice rain brightened.

"It seems to be on you."

Bing Yu said with a smile, and at the same time stretched out his hand to grasp the position of She Mu's waist.

At this moment, the hookah who was standing by saw the movement of the ice rain, his eyebrows were slightly frowned, but he still watched the scene quietly.

Just as Bingyu's fingers were about to touch the "Heroic Water", the wading wood, which was originally bound by the whip of the water, suddenly burst out of chakra.

He slammed away from the rope and hit the unsuspecting ice rain with a punch.


A mouthful of blood spurted directly from the mouth of the ice rain, and the surging gag was mixed with a distance, and the ice rain was blown out and hit a big tree.

"Boy, you dare to play with me!"

The sound of the ice rain was mixed with pain and anger, and he looked at Shibumu and let out a low growl.