The angry voice of Bing Yu rang in everyone's ears.

"This is the price you pay for underestimating "Heroic Water"!"

Shemu took a few rough breaths and said loudly.

After finishing speaking, he rushed directly in the direction of the ice rain, obviously wanting to solve the ice rain completely.

"You angered me, and you killed all the civilians in Takiin Village!"

Bing Yu turned his head and looked at her remaining subordinates and shouted.

Wa Mu, who was originally planning to rush towards Bing Yu, his face changed drastically, and he quickly turned around and rushed towards the group of ninjas under Bing Yu's men.

"I will protect everyone! Don't think about it!"

Shibumu let out a roar, and the Chakra in his body was directly urged to the extreme, like an afterimage, quickly rushing towards the ninja who was ready to attack the civilians.


Along with the splashing of a few strands of blood, a series of muffled noises rang from the ninjas.

At this time, everyone found that all the ninjas under Bingyu's back were stuck with kunai.


"You dare to do something to us, you betray us!"

Bing Yu's eyes widened, his face showed an expression of disbelief, and he looked at the hookah that was suddenly touching himself and others, and shouted angrily.

At this time, Shemu, who was planning to save the villagers, also stopped suddenly, staring at his former master in a daze.

"Betrayal? Don't be so ugly. We are just using each other. Now you are useless."

The hookah buttoned his ears and said helplessly. While talking, he walked in the direction of Bing Yu.

"Hookah! What do you want to do!"

"You dare to do it to me, the fog and rain won't let you go!"

Seeing the hookah constantly coming towards him, Bing Yu covered the position of his chest, a look of panic appeared on his face.

"Are the people in Yuyin Village so naive?"

"Up to now, the Wuyu gang has not appeared, do you think they can come back alive?"

"When Shemu came back, she should have hired other ninjas from Ninja Village, and took the initiative to attack Shemu, but there is a high chance that they will confront these ninjas."

"Originally I planned to clean up you together while waiting for them to escape, but now it seems that those ninjas have helped me a lot."

Shisha shrugged and sighed in a helpless tone.

Hearing the waterpipe, especially seeing the waterpipe whose complexion had not changed from beginning to end, Bing Yu sank deep in his heart.

He quickly shot a handful of kunai in the direction of the hookah, and at the same time, Bing Yu jumped up quickly, trying to escape to the distance.

"You can't go anywhere now."

A faint voice came from behind Bingyu, the hookah from behind held Bingyu's neck with one hand, and kunai with the other hand, slammed into Bingyu's heart, and twisted hard.

Bing Yu's eyes widened, and a large amount of blood was constantly overflowing from the corner of his mouth. After struggling a few times, Bing Yu completely lost its sound.

At this moment, Xiao Nan, who was still hiding in the dark, couldn't help shaking his fingers when he saw this scene.

"Your Excellency Right Dou, can you give me the one called hookah below?"

Xiao Nan turned his head, looked at the right Dou who was watching the show next to him, and said softly.

Right Dou waved his hand with a casual expression.

For Xiao Nan's thoughts, You Dou was not surprised.

In short, it means that I can kill my own people, but others cannot kill them!

Perceiving the softened body, the hookah flicked, throwing Bing Yu's body aside.

"Teacher, you..."

Shemu looked at the hookah in a daze, and for a while, he didn't know how to speak.

"I'm not helping you, I'm just taking the lead in getting rid of those who threaten me more seriously. Now, no one should grab "Heroic Water" with me."

Shisha looked at Wading Mu, still looking calm.

As if from beginning to end, everything in front of him was in his plan.

"Give me the "Heroic Water", it would be too wasteful to put something like that in your hands."

The hookah looked at the wading wood and said plainly.

Shemu couldn't help taking a step back. Seeing this former teacher, she felt a sense of fear deep down in his heart.


The hookah saw that Shemu did not speak, she stretched out her arm and flicked it forcefully, and a Kuwu directly flew out, but such Kuwu did not shoot at Shemu, but at a nearby villager.


A sound of metal collision came from the side, and Shemu quickly appeared in front of the villager, resisting the shooting kunai.

"Don't involve the villagers, your opponent is me!"

Shemu had a solemn expression on his face, with a serious look on his face.

"You really haven't changed at all. The "Heroic Water" should be on your body, just like your dead father, without any changes."

Shisha with a sneer on her face, taunted at Shibamu.

"Your father is not allowed!"

"In any case, as long as you are called to defeat, everything is over."

Shemu first spoke angrily, and then calmed himself down with a cautious expression on his face.

The two people looked at each other silently, and suddenly they both uttered a low drink at the same time.

"Ninfa—Waterfall·Water Sword!"

"Ninfa—Waterfall·Water Sword!"

A stream of water solidified on the hands of the two people at the same time, and then the stream of water changed rapidly, turning into a long sword.


The two quickly collided together, constantly attacking each other.

There is no imaginary balance situation, and the battle is almost one-sided at the moment of fighting.

Obviously, she had taken "Heroic Water", but Shemu found that facing his former teacher, he still had no power to fight back.

"I said that the "Heroic Water" is in your hands. It's a waste. These chakras are not helpful to weak people. I have seen all your actions clearly. These are all what I taught you. ."

There was a slight disdain in the sound of the hookah.


Blood splattered!

Shemu reluctantly avoided the vital parts, but the long sword in Shisha's hand still almost pierced his entire chest.

"Did you avoid it?"

The hookah said indifferently, kicking the wading tree to the ground.

Shemu lay weakly on the ground, and the light blue chakra spewing out of his body began to fade away.

I lost...

Still can't save everyone, father, let you down.

Has the time for "Hero Water" taken? It seems that you don't take much. In that case, I will send you to see your father's old stubborn."

The hookah raised the long sword in his hand and pierced it against the wading wood that fell on the ground.


At this moment, a piece of white paper floated slowly down from the sky.

The hookah movement paused slightly, frowning at the white paper floating down from the air.

However, in the next moment, Shisha's face changed suddenly.

Directly on the empty white paper, it suddenly changed into another look.

What kind of blank paper is this, it's just an initiating talisman!


A huge explosion sounded above the hookah.

"who is it!"

The hookah quickly retreated to the rear, a rare angry expression on the originally calm face.


Two footsteps came slowly from the front.

"I thought I could watch a good show. Who knew it would end so soon, it was really boring."

An indifferent voice came into the ears of hookah.

The hookah narrowed his eyes slightly and looked forward.

I saw two figures of a man and a woman walking slowly at a position not far from Shibumu.

Shisha quickly looked at the two people who appeared, hoping to obtain basic information from them.

When Shisha saw the forehead of the Wujin Village guard that she was wearing again, she couldn't help but sink.

Shemu, this guy, unexpectedly exposed the location of the entrance to Takigakura.

Although Shisha brought Bingyu and others into Takiin Village, from the beginning, Shisha had already figured out how to deal with Bingyu all the guys.

At this time, originally lying on the ground, the weak Shemu could not help being surprised when seeing the two right-to-do people appearing.

How did these two find the entrance to Takigakura?

You know, he made a special circle at the time, just to prevent anyone from following him into Takigakura.


A pocket-sized little tortoise, at this time, crawled out of Shibumu's body, followed the body of You Dou, crawled slowly onto his shoulders, and then merged into the body of Sanwei Isao.

"Good job."

With a smile on You Dou's face, he softly said to Miiso.

There was a look of disbelief in Shibumu's eyes, and he couldn't say a word.


Shisha sighed softly, put away the long sword in his hand, and then smiled on his face, looking at You Dou and Xiao Nan Dao:

"The two of you have been hiding in the dark. I think I should have heard such treasures as "Heroic Water". I don't know if the two of you are interested in sharing the same."

"Oh, split?"

An interesting look appeared on You Dou's face, and he raised his eyebrows lightly.

Just at this time!


A huge roar suddenly exploded in the distance of Takiin Village.

A frenzied, tyrannical Chakra came from a distance and appeared in everyone's perception.

Looking at the direction of the sound from the hookah, his calm face changed completely.

"Damn it! I didn't expect that the seal still didn't trap her, and it really underestimated the power of the tail beast!"

The hookah spoke with an unusually ugly face.

In order to trap Zhu Lifu from Takiin Village, he deliberately prepared a powerful sealing technique.

But I didn't expect that Fu still broke through the seal he prepared in such a short time.


A gust of wind blew suddenly from a distance.

I saw that a young girl with transparent wings and short blue-green hair, full of terrifying Chakras, flew towards everyone.