The terrifying chakra that belongs to the Yutail Beast, the waterpipe that kept calm from beginning to end, showed a rare look of anger on his face.

Shisha was very clear about Fu's strength, and because of this, he deliberately led Fu out and then sealed it.

"Heroic Water" must be obtained, otherwise he will undoubtedly lose against Renzhu Lifu!

Thinking of this, Shisha stared tightly in the direction of Shibamu, her eyes flickering slightly.

"This chakra... is the strength of the man from Takinin Village."

Xiao Nan looked at Fu who was rapidly approaching everyone, her eyebrows wrinkled slightly.

However, when he saw the leisurely right fight beside him, the worry that had just risen deep in Xiao Nan's heart quickly subsided.

Mioi Isosuke, who was lying on Youdou's shoulder, shook his head slightly.

This chakra is the guy Shiming!

Do you want to remind it?

Mioi Isosuke poked out the tortoise shell and glanced in the direction of Shigeaki Nanao, but when Miosuke believed his painful experience.

He quickly retracted his head into the shell, and at the same time converged his Chakra, a sly look flashed in his eyes.


A violent wind mixed with a sharp sound rang in everyone's ears.

Under the action of the squally wind generated by this tailed beast, Chakra, the surrounding trees were constantly shaking.

At this time, Shemu, who was lying on the ground, also clearly felt this chakra, and a look of surprise flashed on his originally somewhat gloomy face.

In just a few blinks of an eye, Fu has already flown to a position above everyone.

The translucent wings kept swaying behind him. When Fu's eyes fell on the villagers of Takigakura who were tied down below, Fu's face not only showed an angry look.

"Hookah! Not only did you betray your village, you even dared to do something against the village, you bastard!"

Fu's eyes quickly fell on the hookah, and his voice was full of anger and unbelievable tone.

Shisha was once a rare powerful ninja in Takiin Village, and was the teacher of the new leader, Shibumu.

With such an identity, the entire Longyin Village can be said to have great trust in Shisha.

Otherwise, how could Fu be so easily deceived by the hookah to leave the village and trap her in the place where the hookah was already prepared.

But now, Shisha has betrayed his own village and even attacked with ninjas from the outer village. You can imagine Fu's anger.

"Betrayal? I have had enough of this pedantic village. Having "Heroic Water" can burst out the treasures of powerful Chakras, plus you as a human being."

"Obviously, the village has such a powerful force, it might not be unqualified to become the sixth big ninth village, but now, it is willing to hide in the waterfall.

"Even the previous leader continued to compromise and reduce the number of ninjas in the village, so that Takiguru Village could not pose a threat to the other great Shinobi villages, so as to reduce possible future wars."

"What a pedantic reason! In this world of ninja, the weak are not qualified to pray for peace!"

"There was only one village that didn't even have much self-protection strength! Instead of letting others destroy it, I should destroy this Ninja Village myself!"

There was a violent mood swing on the hookah face, a deep laugh, and a deep contempt in the voice.

The sound of hookah rang in everyone's ears, calming the entire surrounding air.

Shemu, who was lying on the ground, saw the hesitant Fu in the air, and quickly shouted:

"Fu! "Heroic Water" must not fall into the hands of these people."

Fu couldn't help but froze for a while, and was silent for a while, looked at the hookah, and said firmly in his voice:

"Regardless of whether the village's decision is right or wrong, no matter what reasons everyone has, it is unforgivable!"

As soon as the voice fell, Fu's wings shook suddenly, and the whole person rushed downward at a very fast speed.

Hookah's eyes condensed, holding the long sword in both hands, fiercely slashing at the front.

A series of attacks directly turned into afterimages, this is a set of moves that can both defend and attack!

After seeing this scene, Fu's body still didn't stop, but at the moment when he was about to approach the hookah, the originally extremely fast speed suddenly increased again.

Fu's whole body seemed to have lost inertia, and he moved directly to the left side, and in the blink of an eye, he had appeared behind the hookah.

Just as Fu was about to attack, the hookah seemed to have expected it a long time ago. Without even turning around, he thrust the common in his hand to the rear.

Fu swiftly turned sideways, the blow of the hookah sometimes turned his body at the same time after the flooding.

"You are very involved in the woods, Sora has a powerful body, and the combat experience is really too little."

Shisha looked at Fu with a sneer, and while talking, his hands quickly formed seals.

Water escape-the technique of water dragon bomb!


A rush of water quickly condensed behind the hookah, and in the blink of an eye, a water dragon has already condensed.

With a roar of Ruoyouruowu, the water dragon blasted directly in Fu's direction.

After issuing this attack, the hookah backed away, while turning his head to look in the direction of the two people on the right side:

"Are you two still going to continue watching? The three of us work together to solve the human pillar first, otherwise, none of us can take away the "Heroic Water.""

Shisha knows that only a water dragon bullet technique can't solve the human column force.

However, after speaking this sentence, Shisha found that two more people did not move at all, still watching him quietly, as if watching a play.

Damn it!

Do these two guys want to swallow "Hero Water"!

A roar came from Fu's direction.


Fu's figure easily broke through the water dragon bomb's attack, quickly flew out, and rushed towards the hookah.

With the help of Nanao Shigeaki's power, the fufu that can fly at will has more mobility than hookah can imagine.

Almost at the moment when the breaking sound rang, Fu's body had appeared in front of the hookah.

"You bastard!"

With an angry look on Fu's face, he raised his fist and hit the hookah's face directly.

"The crime you committed, I will leave it to everyone to judge!"

Mystery-the technique of hiding scales!

Fu opened his mouth, and a large amount of yellow powder sprayed out of it.

Within such a short distance, these yellow powders easily envelope the hookah.

"Shui Dun-big..."

Hookah's face changed, and he quickly planned to use water ninjutsu to flush out the powder.

Unfortunately, Jieyin was only halfway through, and a strong sense of dizziness rushed into my heart. The hookah only felt his head sink, and the whole person fell to the ground and fainted.

Seeing the waterpipe fainted on the ground, Fu breathed a sigh of relief and turned to look at You Dou and Xiao Nan.

"Now that his problem is solved, let's talk about our affairs. We haven't done anything to your people."

You Dou smiled lightly, looked at Fu and said.

Fu's body swayed back slightly, and then rushed directly towards You Dou and Xiao Nan:

"Although I don't want to kill people, since the two of you already know the entrance of Takigakura, then I can't let you go."


Fu's speed is so fast, even a bit faster than when dealing with hookahs.

"It's really unfriendly, it looks like you need to calm down."

You Dou lightly raised his eyebrows, and said helplessly.

In the next instant, You Dou had disappeared in place.


A heavy muffled sound suddenly sounded from the front.

I saw that Fu, who was approaching You Dou and the others at a high speed, seemed to have been attacked suddenly, and was directly blasted out by You Dou and hit a big tree not far away.

The heavy force caused the entire tree to be cut off directly, and Fu looked at his stomach in a daze.

If it weren't for the sharp pain in her stomach, she would not have noticed that the other party had attacked her just now.

"It should be possible to talk about it now."

You Dou looked at Fu and said calmly.

Fu Yi turned over and jumped up directly from the spot, with a solemn expression on his face, looking towards the right fight:

"No wonder there is no fear, the original strength is so strong, but our Takiyin Village is not easy to bully!"

Half-tailed animalization!

A horrible chakra rushed out of the Fu in an instant. The dark red tail beast chakra covered his body, forming a tail beast coat.

The seven huge chakra tails swayed constantly behind Fu, giving people a strong sense of shock.

"Sure enough, except for Naruto, everyone else can directly borrow the Chakra from the Tail Beast."

Even if the seven chakra tails have come out, You Dou can still clearly perceive that Fu's will has not been affected.

Even Gaara, who is extremely emotionally unstable, can directly use the power of a Shou Crane by borrowing the "Fake Sleeping Technique".

As for Naruto, I am afraid that even the state of three tails can't bear it.


Fu moved, and the whole ground seemed to have an earthquake.

Fu's entire body directly turned into a red glow, and appeared in front of You Dou in a flash.

The tyrannical Chakra breath enveloped the Right Dou, Fu suddenly stretched out his hands wrapped in Chakra's coat and pressed them on the Right Dou's shoulders to prevent the Right Dou from escaping.

At the same time, the seven dancing chakra tails behind Fu constantly bombard Right Dou.

A terrifying air wave erupted towards the surroundings, and the ground where the two were standing.

In Fu's constant bombardment, a large number of cracks appeared, and they began to spread around.

Suddenly, a roar sounded continuously over Takigakura Village.

"Is this the ninja of Wujin Village? My comrades are not worried about being attacked like this."

At this moment, Shemu, who had been lying on the ground because of the injury, also slowly stood up, looked at Xiao Nan, who was calm, and sneered.