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Chapter 201-Three Tails and Nanao's Secret Conversation

Fu wanted to break away from the shackles of the King Kong blockade, but he couldn't even open his tail beast state, not to mention that he had now exited the tail beast state.

Fu stared at the orange pupils and looked at You Dou with a stubborn look.

Being able to absorb Chakra's Blood Succession Boundary, although Fu has never seen anyone with this ability, it does not mean that he has never heard of it.

A former teacher told him that Wuren Village has a blood inheritance boundary called "Netherworld", which has the ability to absorb Chakra.

Thinking of this, Fu quickly mobilized Chakra in Nanao Shigeaki in his body again.

Even if it can absorb the chakra, Fu doesn't believe that the huge chakra like the tail beast will not burst this damned guy in front of him.

With the thoughts in his heart rising, Fu suddenly stunned, the tail beast Chakra that could have been mobilized at any time.

Now it seemed that he had lost control of the tail beast Chakra, and there was no way to use it.

Only Nanao in her own body can do all this.

"what happened?"

Fu quickly let herself enter the spiritual world where Nanao was imprisoned, but before Fu entered, her mental power was directly bounced out.

In the spiritual world.

Mitsuo Isosuke and Nanao Shigeaki are looking at each other.

"You can appear here directly, it seems that you have not been sealed."

Nanao Shigeaki lowered his body slightly, with a trace of amazement in his voice.

Immediately after that, Nanao Shigeaki's eyes quickly flashed the color of Mingwu.

He didn't feel Mitsuo's Chakra just now, that is to say, Isoki's guy had hidden his chakra.

This guy came to see him making a joke, Nanao Shigeaki narrowed his eyes in dissatisfaction.

"Hey, Chongming, it seems that you are very concerned about this little girl. Not only did you lend her your strength, you didn't even have the influence of negative emotions."

Miso Iso smiled, with a proud tone in her voice.

"As a tailed beast, without being sealed, he still stays beside a human being. Although you are relatively courageous, you may not care about a human being. Who is the man opposite?"

Nanao Shigeaki didn't pay attention to Mitsuo Isosuke's words, but spoke thoughtfully.

"Sure enough, it's better to chat with the rhino dog. The guy next to me is the original Shui Yingyou fight back then. Although you haven't seen him, you should have heard his name."

Sanwei Iso shook his head humanely, made helpless movements, and finally said flatly.

The first generation of Water Shadow Right Fight?

Hearing this name, Nanao Shigeaki was stunned for a moment, and then quickly recalled the information about Youdou in his mind.

For tail beasts, they almost have an infinite life span, even if they have existed, they don't know how long they last.

In such a long period of time, there are not many names that can be remembered by them, and Yoto, Uchiha Madara, and Senjujutsuma are among the few people who have the deepest impression in their minds.

"His blood inheritance is a bit special and it has great restraint effects on us, so you'd better not let the little girl outside have too much resistance, otherwise you may be in trouble."

Sanoiso shook his head lightly and said casually.

Nanao Shigeaki was slightly silent, allowing Isao to say this, which is enough to show that this man named Youdou is not only terrifying in strength, but I am afraid it can cause him substantial harm.

"You are here on purpose. I'm afraid you are not just telling me about these things."

Nanao Shigeaki looked at the opponent's Misuo Isosuke with solemn eyes.

"There are indeed some things, I saw the old man's eyes."

Sanoiso nodded, his voice also becoming serious.

The old man's eyes?

Reincarnation Eye!

Nanao Shigeaki was shocked, and her breath suddenly fluctuated.

"The man named Uchiha Madara has awakened these eyes. Since he has these eyes, Uchiha Madara must be able to psychic, which is something we don't want to mention."

There was a slight lowness in the voice of Sanwei Isosuke, and none of them wanted to return to that place.

"It really feels uncomfortable. I didn't expect that after so many years, some people would awaken the eyes of reincarnation."

Nanao Shigeaki's wings trembled, with an uncomfortable tone in his voice.

"Not only Uchiha Madara, but the man next to me called Youto seems to be collecting our chakras."

"I don't know exactly what he is going to do, but I think it should also be related to that thing."

Mioi Iso said with a worried voice.

"Apart from you and me, do they know this news?"

Nanao Shigeaki said solemnly.

"I only got this news recently. Besides you, there are rhinos who know that I wanted to tell that guy Shouhe."

"But he makes me very upset, so I don't bother to tell him."

Sanweiji curled his lips, and said with some uncomfortable mouth.

Nanao Shigeaki was a little dumb when seeing Mitsuo Isosuke's expression. Obviously, something pleasant happened between Isosuke and Morizuru.

outside world!

Seeing the appearance of exerting force, but there was not the slightest Fu coming out of Chakra on his body, an interesting look flashed on You Dou's face:

"It seems Nanao is very good to you, for fear that I can't stop it and kill you."

Hearing Dao You Dou's words, Fu looked stunned, and then stared at You Dou Dao:

"I can't call the Chakra of the Tail Beast, is it your ghost?"

You Dou didn't answer Fu's words, or was too lazy to answer, and withdrew the hand on Fu's head, turned around and looked in Xiao Nan's direction.

The Nanao Chakra absorbed just now is enough, and the purpose of coming to Takigakura this time has also been completed.

But Fu saw that he ignored his right fight and wanted to struggle to move, but unfortunately, being blocked and tied up by King Kong, Fu found that he could not move at all except for his mouth.

These chakra chains that bind oneself are not only unusually hard, they also seem to have the effect of a seal.

At this time, on the other side, under You Dou's gaze, both Xiao Nan and Shisha were already in the most intense stage.

"The power of this "Heroic Water" seems to be really good."

There was a sense of dumbness in You Dou's eyes.

The hookah strength is indeed good, even stronger than ordinary Shangren, but compared with Xiao Nan, it is far worse.

But in front of me, the hookah after taking "Hero Water" can actually match Xiao Nan's, even if it weren't for Xiao Nan's paper Dunn himself, he was not afraid of Water Dune Ninjutsu.

I'm afraid, it's not quite the same on the surface.

However, this battle is almost over.

You Dou just took a few glances, and he already knew the next situation.