Konoha recently can be said to be the center of attention of the entire ninja world.

First, the four great Shinobu villages jointly attacked, and in this situation they failed unexpectedly, and then it didn't take long for Konoha to break out another terrifying battle.

As far as the major Shinobu villages had already tensed up, they immediately mobilized their power to obtain the cause of the battle and various intelligence.

Therefore, not long after the end of this battle, almost all Shinobu villages received information one after another.

The secret technique that instantly enveloped Konoha!

A huge meteorite falling from the sky!

The slug fairy of the three holy places in the legend!

These three important pieces of information appeared in all Ninja Village’s intelligence.

It is not difficult to obtain this information, after all, as long as a person is not blind, normal people can see it.

What's more, for some reason, Konoha didn't seem to cover up this information. Just a little bit of inquiries about the civilians around Konoha would be enough to easily obtain some important information.

This is probably the easiest way for all the secret members of Shinobu Village to obtain information in the process of collecting information.

But just the three simplest pieces of information are enough to make all Shinobu Village feel cold.

More importantly, this terrifying battle was not caused by a large number of ninjas.

Even, launching such an attack turned out to be only three people.

Yanyin Village.

Tuying office.

With a solemn expression on Ohnoki's face, he constantly scanned the information gathered during this period.

Compared with other Xiaoren Villages, Yanyin Village has collected far more intelligence.


Onoki let out a sigh of relief, and after reading the last piece of information in his hand, he casually threw it onto the table.

When did this ninja world have such a powerful ninja, and there were still three.

If this is the case, it is impossible for such a powerful ninja to have no information.

A solemn expression flashed in Ohnoki's eyes, and the information that Anbe sent just now contained Anbe's analysis and speculation on this matter.

Senjujuma, Uchiha Madara, the first Mizukage right fight!

This is the result of the analysis of the identities of the three people in the battle that took place outside Konoha by the members of the Anbe of Yanyin Village.

One of Ohnoki's hand trembled slightly, not only did he recall a terrifying figure in his mind.

Uchiha Madara!

Even after decades, Ohnoki can still clearly feel the horror of Uchiha Madara back then.

"It is absolutely impossible that the three of them, both of them are dead, and the other one has already been sealed!"

Onoki muttered to himself, as if to remind himself that the three of them did not exist anymore.

Unfortunately, even though Onoki said so on the surface, deep down, he seemed to have acquiesced to this information.

"Grandpa! What's wrong with you?"

At this moment, a hearty voice came from the side.

With a suspicious look on his face, Hei Tu looked at Oh Yemu who was sitting on the chair in a daze.

"Black Earth, when did you come in?"

Hearing the sound of the black soil, Oh Yemu also recovered and raised his eyebrows and said.

"I knocked on the door and didn't respond, so I walked in directly."

"What was grandpa thinking just now, I didn't even notice when I walked in."

Hei Tu grinned, blinked, and asked suspiciously.

A dumb look flashed across Ohnoki's face, and then he let out a soft breath.

"I didn't expect that at such an age, I would lose my mind because of this kind of thing."

A wry smile flashed across Ohnoki's face, but instantly regained his original expression, looking at the black soil beside him and saying:

"Suddenly, is there something wrong?"

Hei Tu glanced at Oh Yemu curiously, after all, she had never seen the look on Grandpa's face just now.

Stopping the curiosity in his heart, Hei Tu quickly took out a scroll from her body and placed it in front of Oh Yemu, with a serious expression on her face:

"Grandpa, this is the information Konoha suddenly sent over."

Information from Konoha?

Onoki narrowed his eyes, and instead of taking the lead to pick him up, he glanced at the black soil.

"Don't worry, Grandpa, it's been checked. And this information is not only given to us, but Konoha's people seem to have also sent a copy of information to other Shinobu villages."

Seeing the expression on Oh Yemu's face, the black soil spoke quickly.

"Konoha sends information to all the Shinobu villages? It's interesting. Such a thing is not something that old Sarutobi can do."

"Almost forgot, that old guy is dead, but Danzo, Mito Menyan and Zhuan Xiaochun should not have the courage to do such a thing."

With curiosity on his face, Oh Yemu took the scroll from the black soil while opening his mouth and opened it casually.

Glancing at the content on the scroll, almost instantly, the original casual look on Ohyemu's face suddenly froze on his face.

After a long time, Ohnoki put down the scroll in his hand.

Senjujuma, Uchiha Madara, and Youdou are really resurrected!

The trace of fluke that existed deep in Ohnoki's heart was completely dissipated at this time.

"Are these three old antiques planning to mess up the entire Shinobi world!"

Onoki stood up directly, his eyes kept flashing with thought and fear.

No wonder Konoha has such courage to send information to all Ninja villages!

It turns out that Senju Zhuma has been resurrected!

With the old antique character of Senshouzhujian, I am afraid that only he can do such a thing.

"Grandpa, what's the matter?"

Seeing the solemn expression on Oh Yemu's face, Hei Tu didn't just become serious, and said with some worry.

"See for yourself."

Onoki spoke impatiently.

Since the fluke in the heart no longer exists, Ohnoki will naturally not deceive himself or others.

Onoki quickly suppressed the shock in his heart and adjusted his state.

He now needs to think about the next situation in the entire Shinobi world, and even what Yan Shinobu Village should do in such a situation.

Hearing Ohnoki's impatience, Hei Tu didn't care, reached out and took the scroll next to him, and took a look.

The next moment, Hei Tu's whole person froze directly in place, his face was full of shocked expressions, and his voice was a little trembling.

"How is this possible? Could Konoha lie to us?"

"Huh, deceive? How can such a thing be deceived."

"Only when the three old antiques are resurrected can they explain everything that happened during this time."

Oh Yemu let out a soft snort, and said in a low voice.

Hei Tu still had a shocked expression on his face, and looked at Ohnogi with some surprise:

"But... aren't these three people dead?"

Onoki glanced at the black soil, and said in a warning tone:

"This world of ninjutsu, but there are all kinds of ninjutsu and mystery, there are resurrected ninjutsu, what's so strange."

At this time, the dignified and worried expression on Ohnoki's face had disappeared, and his original look was restored.

When Onoki was thinking a moment ago, he also discovered something.

If only two people, Uchiha Madara and Rightto, were resurrected, Ohnoki would feel extremely tricky.

But with the addition of a Senjujutsu, Ohnoki suddenly felt less nervous.

Whether it's Utoto or Uchiha Madara, these two are extremely dangerous figures.

Qianshou Zhuma may also be quite dangerous, but compared with these two people, it is completely insignificant.

From a series of things done by Senjujuma during the Warring States Period, Ohnogi can infer what kind of personality Senjujuma was.

Just as it is now.

I am afraid that only people like Senju Junma can do the news of their resurrection and send them all kinds of information for nothing.

However, everything is relative.

These things that Senjuzuma did, although they also had his purpose.

While giving everyone a reminder, it is nothing more than trying to use the power of the major Ninja villages to deal with the two people Uchiha Madara and Uto.

Onoki narrowed his eyes slightly, no matter what Senjuzuma's personality was, he couldn't absolutely believe it!

Because he represents Iwa Shinobu, and Senju Zhuma represents Konoha.

"If this is the case, then there is something easy to handle, Black Earth, send someone to Konoha to talk about the cooperation with Konoha, and bring Hanji back."

Onoki raised his head and looked at the black soil, and said solemnly.

The black soil was taken aback, and looked at Ohnogi in surprise.

"It is not important to cooperate or not. The important thing is to bring Han Ji back first. With the character of Qianshouzhujian, I am afraid that he will agree to this condition. As for whether it is really cooperative, it will be fine to discuss at that time.

A look of helplessness flashed in Ohnoki's eyes, patiently explaining the matter to the black soil.

Hei Tu nodded, and quickly turned and left, but before he took a few steps, he was stopped by Oh Yemu again.

"I haven't finished speaking yet, how is the recovery of loess and terracotta injuries?"

Oh Yemu looked at the black soil, with a helpless tone in his voice.

"Daddy and Uncle Terra have almost recovered from their injuries, there are no major problems."

The black soil scratched his head and said embarrassedly.

"In that case, let the two of them go to Shayin Village and Yunyin Village respectively, and the three old antiques will be resurrected. I also want to know what Fengying and Leiying think now."

Onoki's eyes flickered, and there was a hint of solemnity in his voice.

Hearing Oh Yemu's words, Hei Tu was stunned for a moment, and then he understood what Oh Yemu was planning to do.

Cooperating with Konoha is probably just a cover. Grandpa's real purpose is to get Renzhu Lihan from Konoha.

The objects that Grandpa really wants to cooperate with should be Yunyin Village and Shayin Village.

Hei Tu nodded to Ohnogi, then turned around and quickly walked outside of Tu Ying's office.

Grandpa should have other thoughts, but she couldn't guess it for a while.