Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 210-Ningci Hyuga's Determination

With the sound of the right fighting, the entire office suddenly became quiet.

Terumi Ming looked at You Dou with a little surprise. Did You Dou-sama already start the layout a long time ago?

And this person is Konoha's person!

The reason why Lan Maru suddenly became quiet was because for a while, he couldn't remember who the man you Dou was talking about was. He was frowning, remembering in his mind constantly.

As for Ringo Yu Yuri, he naturally didn't know who this person belonged to, so he could only look at Lan Wan, who was frowning and thinking about it.

"I remember, it was the big brother with white eyes."

Lan Wan's eyes lit up and suddenly said.

Right Dou nodded lightly, and looked at Ringo Yu Yuri and Lan Wan:

"This matter troubles you two."

"We will definitely not disappoint Master You Dou's expectations, we will bring him back!"

Ringo Yu Yuri bowed to You Dou, his voice full of determination.

Lan Wan, who was next to him, nodded after seeing Ringo Yu Yuri's movements.

After speaking, Ringo Yu Yuli and Lan Wan turned and walked outside the door.

Seeing Ringo Yu Yuri's gradually disappearing back, You Dou raised his eyebrows lightly. For some reason, You Dou felt a farewell accident from Ringo Yu Yuri's words.

You Dou shook his head slightly, maybe he was thinking too much.

Little Ringo is always so solemn with herself.

"The person You Dou-sama is going to take back is from the Hyuga clan!"

Thinking of Ranmaru's words just now, Terumi Ming looked at You Dou with a surprised expression on her face.

"Yes, this person is called Hyuga Neji."

You Dou nodded and said with a chuckle.

"Is it possible to rely solely on Ringo Yu Yuri and Ranmaru? After all, it is Konoha."

Terumi Ming had a solemn expression on her face. Although these two men were very strong, the current Konoha had the presence of Qianshouzhu.

"It's not that the two of them are going to attack Konoha, just wait outside Konoha."

"If Neji Hyuga could not solve such a thing secretly how to leave Konoha, there would be no value in cultivation."

Right Dou stretched out, and said flatly.

"Lan Wan and Ringo Yu Yuri are the two most suitable candidates. Lan Wan's red-eye ability can completely block the pursuit of the Hyuga clan. As for Ringo Yu Yuri..."

Having said that, You Dou paused slightly, with an interesting look on his face:

"This girl's fairy mode is the best among the Seven Swordsmen right now. Really, this girl's recent training seems to be a bit desperate, and it happened to let her stop training through this mission."

Seeing You Dou's unconcerned expression, Terumi could not help rolling his eyes.

Sometimes, Terumi Mei doesn't know whether to use scheming or heart to describe You Dou.

That is the Hyuga Clan, one of the three most powerful pupil techniques in the entire Ninja World, and they are still stealing people. Such a thing is actually understated by Master You Dou.

Right now, the right fight did not see Terumi Mei roll his eyes, but raised a hand in front of him, forming a special mudra with one hand.


You Dou glared his eyes and let out a low drink.

In the beginning, Right Fight not only lifted the seal of "the bird in the cage" for Neji Hyuga, but also left a little something.

"Nagato has been resting long enough this time. It's time for him to start."

Right Dou stood up from the sofa and spoke softly.

After speaking, with a slight force under You Dou's feet, the whole person has disappeared in the water shadow office.

Seeing You Dou suddenly disappeared, Terumi Ming's eyes flashed with helplessness. He lowered his head and saw a table of documents, and couldn't help sighing heavily.

Konoha Village.

On a training ground of the Hyuga clan.

Hyuga Neji was sweating, and he constantly punched the front.

Soft Fist-Eight Diagrams Hundred Twenty Eight Palms!

Hyuga Neji squatted quickly, his feet quickly turned into a circle, and at the same time, he moved forward at a certain pace and began to shake his fists.

A tiny amount of Chakra kept gathering on Neji Hyuga's hands, shaking his fists forward every time.

There was a faint chakra blasting into the air along the tip of Hyuga Neji's fingers, making a tiny sonic boom.

With such precise control, even those ninjas of the Hyuga clan who have already become Shangnin, I am afraid they can't help but exclaim.

One aspect of Bagua Hundred and Twenty Eight Palms is an enhanced version of Bagua’s 64 Palms. In short, after the first attack is completed, the original 64 main acupuncture points are quickly placed again. Sixty-four palms are applied to gossip.

When Neji Hyuga finished the first set of exercises and was about to perform the second set of exercises, his body suddenly paused, and then he directly exited the state just now.

"Sure enough, can't it?"

"Furthermore, even if one learns to gossip one hundred and twenty-eight palms, the improvement in strength is minimal."

Neji Hyuga took a few breaths, clenched his fists, and muttered to himself.

At this moment, a tingling sensation suddenly came from my mind.

At the next moment, a voice rang out from Hyuga Neji's mind.

"Are you ready? The kid who doesn't believe in fate."

As the voice disappeared, the tingling sensation in his mind also disappeared.

Neji Hyuga covered his forehead with one hand, a look of horror flashed in his eyes.

The voice that sounded in my mind was very familiar. It was at the beginning that I saw the voice of the young man during the Zhongnin exam.

As for the identity of this young man, Neji Hyuga had just found out not long ago.

The first generation of Shui Ying fights against each other again, and the legend has it as the "three outstanding"!

Not only did he remove the seal of the bird in his cage, but he also deliberately left this sentence in his mind, did he get the attention of such a character?

Suddenly, Neji Hyuga didn't know how he was feeling now, whether he was happy or frightened.


A footstep sounded slowly from behind Hyuga Neji.

Hyuga Neji suddenly turned around and looked behind him, then heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

It turned out to be a member of the Hyuga clan who was also separated.

"Ci Ning, I didn't expect you were still training. You are really working hard."

This member of the separated family walked in, saw the sweat on his head and couldn't help but speak in surprise.

Ning Ci nodded coldly, turned around and prepared to walk outside the training ground.

The member of the branch was not surprised to see the cold look on Ning Ci's face. Everyone Ning Ci saw this expression, and everyone was used to it.

Ning Ci, who had just walked a few steps away, turned his head as if he was thinking of something, and looked at the member of the division:

"How's the recovery of the Japanese football-sama's injury?"

The member of the division suddenly heard Ning Ci's question. He was taken aback first, then grabbed his head and whispered:

"I heard that there is nothing going on, Ning Ci, who seems to be one of the three ninjas, Tsunade-sama, came to our Hyuga clan personally."

"With such a powerful medical treatment as Tsunade-sama, I think there should be nothing wrong with Nizu-sama."

After listening to this member of the family separation, Ning Ci nodded again, turned and continued to walk outside the training ground.

At this moment, Neji's face was already full of solemn expressions.

Hyuga's injury has now recovered, and he has not much time to think about it.