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Chapter 213 Sakura and Tiantian of Similar Destiny

Out of the gate of the Hyuga clan.

A sense of relief suddenly felt in Neji's heart.

Turning his head, he glanced at the direction of Hiyoshi Ichi behind him, Ning Ci's eyes flickered slightly, and he lifted his foot and walked forward firmly.

The first place Ning Ci must go now is the meeting point for the third shift.

the other side.

Sasuke also walked out of the door of the Uchiha clan. Uchiha was empty, and there was nothing worthy of Sasuke's nostalgia.

Originally planned to pack up some things before leaving, but remembering the current situation of Konoha, Sasuke gave up again.

After two attacks, Konoha has been repaired by seven or eight points even under the wooden escape between Senjuju, but all Konoha's ninjas still behaved a little tight.

At this time, if there are extra actions, I'm afraid it will attract the attention of many people.

Sasuke thought for a while, and walked towards the place where the seventh class was assembled.

It's not that Sasuke is reluctant to bear Kakashi and others, but Sasuke knows that even if he can slip out of Konoha at this time, he may be discovered before he goes too far.

After all, except for some special situations, these Xia Ren will gather at a fixed time almost every day to receive fixed tasks.

Especially now Konoha, due to the war, although the external tasks have been reduced to a low point, the tasks in the village are unusually large.

For example, finding lost items, repairing houses, clearing streets destroyed by war, and so on.

Therefore, if Sasuke does not gather at the specified time, then ninjas like Kakashi will definitely come and look for them in person.

At that time, Sasuke might not have gone far before he was discovered by Konoha's people.

As usual, it didn't take long for Sasuke to arrive at their seventh class, a scheduled meeting point in advance.

When Sasuke appeared, Sakura and Naruto had already appeared at the meeting point. Obviously these two guys had already arrived.

Seeing Sasuke's appearance, Sakura's eyes lit up and hurried over.

As for Naruto when he saw this scene, he curled his lips:

"Sasuke, you guy, you're late."

Sasuke's face was still cold, not caring about Sakura who ran over, nor did he reply to Naruto's words, just walked to the side at random, stood in a corner, and quietly waited for Kakashi's arrival.

Seeing that he was directly ignored, Naruto's face showed a look of dissatisfaction. He raised his foot and walked in the direction of Sasuke.

But just after walking a few steps, Sakura next to her raised her fist and slammed it on Naruto's head.

"You fellow, don't bother Sasuke."

With a fierce expression on Kozakura's face, she said in dissatisfaction.

"Pain... Pain..."

Naruto covered his head and couldn't help grinning.

Seeing Naruto and Sakura who are making noises, if it were Sasuke before, he might be a little impatient, but now, I don't know why Sasuke feels calm.


At this moment, a footstep came from a distance.

Kakashi walked in the direction of the three with his hands in his pockets, with a relaxed look on his face.

"Ms. Kakashi, you are late again!"

Kozakura turned her head to look at Kakashi, and said with some dissatisfaction in her voice.

"Sorry, I just ran into a lost cat."

Kakashi scratched his head, no apology in his voice.

Sakura and Naruto both showed contempt at the same time, obviously they didn't believe it at all.

After confirming that the three people had arrived, Kakashi took Sasuke and the others, and walked towards the hall where the task was received.

As usual, Kakashi received a D-class mission to clean up a section of the river in Konoha Village and clean up all the nearby garbage.

Seeing that it was such a task again, Sakura and Naruto sighed together, and looked at Kakashi with a look of resentment in their eyes.

They are almost throwing up when doing such a task!

Kakashi spread his hands, and after taking the scroll of the mission, he walked outside with Sasuke and others.

Seeing the three Naruto walking forward, Kakashi's gaze gave Sasuke a glance without leaving a trace.

For Sasuke, Kakashi has always been more concerned, although the usual Sasuke also showed unusual indifference, but today, Kakashi feels a little bit strange from Sasuke.

If you have to say it, it is calm!

Usually when taking on such tasks, Sasuke will not complain, but he will also be impatient, but today is much calmer.

Although he didn't understand what happened, Kakashi thought it was a good thing.

At least, Sasuke's state of anxiety is much better than that some time ago.

"Unexpectedly, I encountered Class 7 here! Good morning, Kakashi!"

Kakashi and others just walked out not far, and an excited voice came from the side.

Hearing this familiar voice, Kakashi's face turned dark.

The third class of Metkai appeared in the vision of Kakashi and others at this time.

"Thick eyebrows!"

When Naruto saw Xiao Li and Metkay, he couldn't help but speak loudly.

Metkay and Xiao Li didn't care, both of them held out their thumbs at the same time, showing their shiny white teeth.

At this time, Neji's gaze also turned over, looking at Naruto.

Ning Ci didn't care that it was a fake for the tail of the crane that would defeat him.

Naruto naturally felt Neji's gaze too, and his expression paused slightly. Just as Naruto wanted to speak, Neji looked back.

If there is another chance to meet next time, I will not lose again!

Ning Ci lifted his foot and walked directly in the direction of the mission hall.

Tian Tian, ​​who stood behind Ning Ci, quickly followed.

When Neji passed by Sasuke's side.

For some reason, Neji stopped suddenly and glanced at Sasuke. At this time, Sasuke also turned his head and glanced at Neji.

After two people stared silently for a while, they looked back at the same time.

As the two geniuses in Konoha, both sides saw unwillingness in each other's eyes.

Metkay saw Ningji and Tiantian who had passed directly over him to receive the task, and suddenly showed a decadent look, but in the next second he cheered up again.

"As expected of Ning Ci and Tian Tian, ​​they didn't even show any negligence. This is youth!!"

Metkay let out a loud roar and hugged Xiao Li next to him. The two rushed towards Ning Ci and Tiantian at the same time.

Kakashi clutched his forehead, and said to Sakura and others next to him: "Let's go."

time flies.

Unconsciously, the sun that had risen in the east had already begun to set in the west.

It is now approaching evening.

The vicinity of the originally messy river has all been cleaned up at this time.

"Finally finished!"

Kozakura rubbed her wrist and exhaled heavily.

At this moment, Kakashi, who was standing on the side, also closed the little book in his hand, raised his head and looked at the sky slightly, and said softly:

"Let's stop here today. Regarding the reward for the task, I will collect it for you. By the way, I can take a day off tomorrow."


Naruto's eyes lit up and said in surprise.

Standing on the side, Sasuke looked indifferent, and his eyes flashed slightly.

Kakashi nodded and disappeared after a flash.

Seeing Kakashi leaving, Naruto looked at Sasuke next to him with a joyful expression on his face:

"Sasuke, do you want to train together tomorrow."

"No." Sasuke said flatly, then turned and walked in the direction of the Uchiha clan.

Hearing Sasuke's answer, Naruto's eyes flashed with disappointment, but he didn't care. After all, it was expected.

Naruto turned his head to look at Sakura again. Before Naruto could speak, Sakura waved his hand and said, "Neither do I!"

After speaking, Sakura also turned and left.

"Forget it, then train yourself."

Seeing that he had been rejected one after another, Naruto spoke in frustration.

Suddenly, Naruto's eyes lit up, and he remembered that Senju Zhuma had said to him that if it was a training matter, he could always be found.

"By the way, or look for the uncle between the pillars, after all, the uncle between the pillars is so good, he should be able to teach me a lot of powerful ninjutsu, at least more reliable than the lustful fairy."

"Forget it, the uncle between the pillars should be very busy, so don't bother him."

Naruto shook his head slightly, raised his foot and walked towards his home.

Since the last time I saw Senjujuma, Naruto has always felt that Senjujuma is not only a little special to him, but there is no Hokage's support at all.

Even on the day he finished the ramen, he walked with him for a while, although Senjuzuma always smirked all the way, Naruto couldn't help but despise.

But Naruto can still feel that Senjujuan seems to be a little different to him from others, and that feeling is similar to that of Mr. Iruka.

However, Naruto himself guessed that it should be related to the fox in his stomach.

Because, after seeing Senjujuan, when Naruto appeared in the spiritual space, he found that the fox finally stopped sleeping.

Although Kyuubi was very impatient with him, Naruto still got a little information from Kyuubi, who had known him many years ago.

the other side.

As usual, Sasuke followed the route home to the Uchiha clan, but halfway through, Sasuke's originally black pupils had turned blood red.

After quickly looking around and finding that there was no one, Sasuke's figure flashed, changed direction directly, and walked to another road.

That direction is the direction of Konoha Gate.

As the Uchiha clan used to be the Konoha guards, many regulations were made by the Uchiha clan. Although most Sasuke is not clear, Sasuke still knows the basics.

Sasuke moved quickly, after bypassing some eye-catching places, he quickly approached Konoha's gate.

However, at this moment, Sasuke's figure suddenly stopped.

Because not far in front of Sasuke, there was a figure blocking him.

"Sakura, why are you here?"

Sasuke's heart sank, and he couldn't help frowning.

"I know you have always been obsessed with becoming stronger, but when you were doing the task today, you acted calmly, so..."

When Kozakura said this, she paused slightly, with an expression of expectation on her face, looked at Sasuke and continued to speak:

"So you want to leave, right?"

With the sound of Sakura's voice, the scene suddenly became quiet.

After a full sound, Sasuke took a light breath and said to himself:

"Troublesome woman!"

Coincidentally, in the other direction.

Ning Ci looked indifferent, looking at Tian Tian with his arms stretched out in front of him.

"How did you know that I would go this way?"

Ning Ci was silent for a while before speaking slowly.

"Although there are many roads in the direction of Konoha Gate, there is only one way from the Hyuga Clan to the Konoha Gate."

Tian Tian clenched his hands slightly, staring at Ning Ci, and said earnestly every word.

Hearing Tiantian's words, Ning Ci was stunned, but he didn't notice this.

"Then how did you know that I was leaving? Although Teacher Kai has a bigger personality, he is very careful. I shouldn't show any flaws."

Ning Ci looked at Tian Tian and said in confusion again.

"You should know that my house runs a weapon shop. I heard from a Mr. Ninja who bought weapons last night that the chief Hyuga Hizu is awake."

"I know that the "cage bird" seal on your forehead has been lifted, so I guess, Neji, you will do something in two days. I originally planned to be here for you all this time..."

Tian Tian bit his lip and spoke softly.

Ning Ci was a little silent. Back then, Tiantian was the first person among Konoha to know that the bird seal in his cage had been lifted.

Originally, Ning Ci was a little wary of Tian Tian, ​​but after such a long time, Tian Tian didn't tell the news.

So deep down, Ning Ci is still a bit complicated for Tian Tian.

"You should know, if this matter is discovered by the Zong family, what will I face."

Ning Ci looked at Tian Tian with a touch of complicated tone.

Tian Tian nodded lightly. She naturally knew the rules of some big families, especially the ancient families like Hyuga.

But... she didn't want Neji to become Konoha Rebellion!

Ning Ci lifted his foot and walked slowly towards Tian Tian.

Seeing Nei Ci's movements, Tian Tian couldn't help taking a step back, but gritted his teeth and stood back again.

Ning Ci didn't stop until he walked in front of Tian Tian. Seeing that there was a slight nervous look on Tian Tian's face, Ning Ci suddenly spoke:

"After being a companion for such a long time, I discovered for the first time that you are so smart every day."

Tian Tian's face blushed, and just about to speak, Ning Ci suddenly stretched out his palm and chopped it on the back of Tian Tian's neck.

When Tian Tian was about to faint, a Ruoyouruowu voice came into Tiantian's ears:

"Sorry, every day, I want to be willful once."


Seeing Tiantian who had fainted, Ning Ci lifted his foot and walked forward firmly.

In the other direction, Sasuke also stepped firmly, Kozakura who had passed out.