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Chapter 214 Ningji, Sasuke defected

There is a kind of person in the world, when they know what they want, no one can stop them.

Sasuke and Neji are obviously such people.

Neither Sasuke nor Neji expected that Sakura and Tiantian would appear, so after they stunned them, they couldn't help but move faster.

The Uchiha clan and the Hyuga clan can be said to be one of the two oldest families in Konoha, plus the two families are the blood line of the eye.

Therefore, the locations of these two families are completely built in opposite locations.

The road Sasuke and Ningci took was naturally not the same.

However, in order to reach Konoha Gate, after all, he had to walk on the main road.


The two figures rushed out from the two sides almost indiscriminately, and at the same time they swiftly pressed close to the corners on both sides, preparing to move forward.

At the same time, at this time, the two people also discovered the existence of each other.

Sasuke Uchiha!

Hyuga Neji!

Neji and Sasuke looked at each other, eyes flashing with surprise.

Both of them have reached this position, but they cannot be found, otherwise they will fall short.

Sasuke's body squatted slightly, obviously he was ready to fight.

However, Sasuke's face was a bit ugly. Compared to the unsuspecting Sakura, the strength of Neji Hyuga in front of him was not inferior to him.

I am afraid that there is no way to resolve the battle in a short time.

Thinking of this, Sasuke was silent for a while, looked at Neji, and said solemnly:

"Why are you here?"

And as Sasuke's voice sounded, Neji's voice also came.

"You also want to leave Konoha?"

Neji looked at Sasuke indifferently, but the already curled palms under his sleeves clearly showed that Neji was not as calm as it seemed on the surface.

Accompanied by the sound of the voices of both sides, the two of them froze for a while.

After that, Sasuke and Neji looked at each other deeply and walked out of the corner.

"Do you have a way to leave without attracting attention?"

Neji lowered his voice and spoke to Sasuke next to him.

"I'm not completely sure, but the time of dusk is the only chance."

Sasuke was silent for a moment, and said in a low voice.

Both people tacitly didn't ask the other why they wanted to leave Konoha.

"Not completely sure? That is to say, there are some things you are not sure about, as long as you can solve these problems." Neji looked at Sasuke.

"It's just two ordinary Zhongren who guard Konoha's gate. What I care more about is the Konoha guards hidden in the dark. I need to know their specific location and appearance, and then use the transformation technique to fool through."

Sasuke looked at Neji and said seriously.

"With my eyes, this problem is easy to solve, and the rest is left to you."

Ning Ci breathed a sigh of relief, turned his head to look in the direction of Konoha's gate, and quickly rolled his eyes.

Compared with Sasuke’s defection in the original work, Sasuke could only use the dumbest way to leave Konoha without the secret help of Oshemaru.

Fortunately, Sasuke and Neji just wanted to leave Konoha instead of mixing in, otherwise the difficulty would increase dozens of times.

I don't know whether it was intentional or unintentional. Neither Youto nor Uchiha Madara gave Sasuke and Neji a route to escape. They just sent someone to wait outside Konoha.

Perhaps in the eyes of Youto and Uchiha Madara, if they couldn't even complete the trivial matter of leaving Konoha, then there must be no cultivation value.

Time passes unconsciously.

In a forest outside Konoha's gate, Sasuke and Neji leaned back against the tree, their eyes flashing with excitement.

The two of them finally came out!

"Hyuga Neji, we don't seem to have played against each other yet."

Sasuke looked at Neji, who was indifferent, and suddenly spoke.

"there will be chances in the future."

Ningci spoke slowly. After speaking, he reached out and took off the Konoha protector on his forehead and threw it on the ground at will.

Seeing Neji's blank forehead, Sasuke couldn't help his eyes widening, with an incredible expression on his face.

Ning Ci glanced at Sasuke's shocked look, and didn't care, there was no need to hide it anymore.

With a slight movement under his feet, the whole person disappeared in place and quickly moved towards the direction of Wuyin Village.

After a few jumps, Neji had disappeared from Sasuke's vision.

Seeing the direction of Neji's disappearance, Sasuke came back to his senses at this time.

Sasuke originally had some doubts about Neji's sudden departure from Konoha, but now, Sasuke finally knows the reason, and Sasuke also knows where Neji wants to go.

"Is the first generation Shuiying right fight?"

Sasuke muttered to himself, lowered his head and glanced at the forehead that Neji had thrown down. He also took off the forehead that was on his head, threw it on the ground, and turned to the other direction.

At this time, the Hyuga clan.

Hyuga Nizuo counted in the center of the room, closed his eyes, as if waiting for something.

Before long, the sound of the door being pushed open sounded, and a member of the Hyuga clan walked in and respectfully said to the Hyuga Hizu:

"Patriarch, Neji Hyuga has not returned yet."

"Have you come back? Send someone to find it now!"

There was a serious voice in Hyuga Nizu's tone.

The Shangren was taken aback for a moment, and quickly turned around and left.

A dignified look flashed in Hyuga Hizu's eyes, and he turned to the scroll on the table in front.

This scroll is exactly the "Haitian" training scroll that Hyuga Nissa specially sent to Neji yesterday.

But now, the scroll on the table not only hasn't opened, it hasn't even moved its position.

That's right, Hyuga Hizu is staying at Neji's home now.

Today, Hyuga Hizu suddenly came over. One wanted to give instructions on Neji's practice, and the other was to repair the relationship between the two.

But after arriving at Ningci's house, and found the untouched scroll on the table, Hyuga realized that he seemed to think things a little simpler.

It didn't take long before that Shang Shinobu returned to the room, looked at the Hyuga Hizu who was still sitting in place, and said respectfully:

"Patriarch, all the training grounds have been visited, and there is no sign of Hyuga Neji."

Hyuga Hinzu was silent for a while, and stood up directly from the spot, lifted his foot and walked out of the door, while walking while speaking:

"Send someone to the Konoha guards. I'm going to the Hokage office now. It's best to give me an accurate message when I arrive at the Hokage office."

With the sound of Hyuga Nizu's words, the Shinnin nodded quickly, and he turned around and disappeared.

As the leader of the family, when Hyuga Hizu stepped out of the gate of the Hyuga clan, he quickly attracted the attention of interested people.

In particular, a large number of ninjas of the Hyuga clan, turned into white shadows, walking in all directions.

Is there a big move for the Hyuga?

All the ninjas who saw this scene flashed doubts in their eyes.

Naruto Office.

Jiraiya and Tsunade were working on Konoha's recent documents at this time, and the two of them were completely busy.

So far, the fifth generation of Naruto has not been selected. Although the third generation deliberately passed the position to Jiraiya before his death, after the resurrection of Senjujuma, the original Tsunade's reputation has been added.

The whole Konoha was divided into two factions at once. One faction supported Jiraiya and the other supported Tsunade, but for Tsunade and Ziraiya, neither of them cared.

As a result, Konoha's government affairs were temporarily assigned to two people.

In fact, it doesn't matter who is Hokage as long as the Senjujuma is in one day. After all, the Senjujuma is the real pillar.

As for the other candidate of Hokage, he has already withdrawn, not because of Danzang's desire to withdraw, but because of helplessness.

After Senju Zhuma was resurrected, he naturally wanted to see his family and the Uchiha clan.

However, facing the Qianshou Zhujian, one can imagine.

If it is said that if the Senju Clan is completely over and the Senju Zhuma can still remain silent, then, knowing that the Uchiha Clan and the Uzumaki Clan have been annihilated, the Senju Zhuma is completely angry.

Although Senjuzuma is usually carefree, it does not mean that Senjuzuma does not understand politics.

Konoha has no secrets to Senjujuma, even if it is true, as long as Senjujuma wants to know, then no one can hide him.

And Danzo, who was related to these things, became frightened when he knew that Senju Zhuma was investigating these things.

Now let alone a campaign for Hokage, Danzo dare not even go out.

However, after investigating these things in Chishou Zhuma, he did not go to Danzo, but was silent or disappointed.


A member of Anbu suddenly appeared in the Hokage office.

After the Anbe member respectfully spoke to Tsunade and Jiraiya, he disappeared again.

"What happened to the Hyuga clan?"

Jilai also put down the piece of information in his hand, and said curiously.

"I'll know when Hyuga Nizu comes over."

Tsunade yawned and said casually.

Not long after Tsunade finished speaking, there was a knock on the door, and then Hyuga Hizu walked in.

"Patriarch Hyuga, what's the matter?"

Jiraiya looked at Hyuga Hizu and said in confusion.

"Almost, it's time to come." Hyuga Nizuo calmed down and said softly.

Jilai and Tsunade also looked at each other at the same time, and the doubt in his eyes became more intense.

At this moment, the door had just closed and was knocked again, and then a ninja from the Hyuga clan and the Konoha Guard quickly walked in.

"Master Tsunade, Master Jiraiya, we found two pairs of Konoha forehead guards in the forest outside Konoha's gate. They should come from Konoha Shinobu."

The ninja from the Konoha Security Department quickly spoke respectfully.

Konoha Shinobu's forehead?

Tsunade and Jiraiya's expressions changed. Could it be that someone from the outer village attacked Konoha and took the two Shimonin abducted?

As soon as they had this idea, two people shook their heads at the same time. This possibility is very low.

"In any case, we must first determine who these two people are, so that all the ninjas will gather, and the team leading them will be notified together."

Jiraiya quickly gave orders to the ninja in the security department.

The ninja of the Konoha Guard Department quickly turned and left. At the same time, several Anbe ninjas who were hiding in the dark also left one after another.