Seeing so many Hyuga ninjas in front of him, Kakashi was stunned.

For Sasuke's sudden defection, Kakashi was indeed a little surprised, but somewhat clear.

Deep down, Kakashi had a hunch that Sasuke would leave Konoha one day, but he did not expect that this hunch would come true.

What really surprised Kakashi was that Neji Hyuga would defect.

This is the same genius as Sasuke Uchiha!

Kakashi turned his head and glanced at Metkay next to him. Metkay, who had always maintained a vigorous energy, was somewhat silent at this time.

In other words, after hearing the news of Neji's defect by Mr. Tsunade, Metkai suddenly fell silent.

"Kay, you..."

Kakashi opened her lips, trying to say something, but for a while, Kakashi realized that she didn't know how to comfort Kai.

After all, the situation of the two of them is similar now.

However, the sound of Kakashi's voice also broke Metkay, who had remained silent.

"I don't know what happened, but in any case, Neing Ci is my disciple. As his teacher, I will definitely bring him back!"

A bright smile reappeared on Metkay's face, with a solemn expression in his voice.

At the same time, Metkay stretched out his thumb, showing his shiny teeth, and said to Kakashi:

"Kakashi, you must also bring Sasuke back. This is our new competition, to see who can take the first disciple back to Konoha!"

Kakashi did not speak, but nodded slightly.

"Your Excellency Kakashi, Your Excellency Metkay, we should go now!"

Among the many ninjas of the Hyuga clan, two captains walked out and faced Kakashi and Metkay respectively.

Kakashi nodded, making seals with both hands and pressing directly on the ground.



As the two white smoke dissipated, two not-so-big Ninja dogs were psyched up by Kakashi.

Kakashi took out the forehead guards of Sasuke and Neji that Tsunade threw to him, put them on the noses of the two ninja dogs and smelled them.

"Parker, you should have met Sasuke. Do you know which guardian Sasuke's?"

Kakashi looked at one of the ninja dogs and spoke softly.

Parker's face showed a humanized look of thinking, and after a while, he pointed to one of the foreheads.

Kakashi's eyes lit up and threw the other forehead into Matkay's hand, and said to the other ninja dog:

"Parker assists me temporarily. You can assist Kai and help him find the person on the forehead."

The ninja nodded, jumped, and leaped on Matkay's shoulder.

A smile appeared on Metkay's face, and he stretched out his thumb to face the ninja dog on his shoulder:

"I will trouble you next."

On the other side, seeing this scene, the faces of all the ninjas of the Hyuga clan showed dissatisfaction.

Kakashi's behavior seemed to say that he did not believe in their abilities.

"I discussed it with Kai when they came out. Both of us suspected that Sasuke and Neji were not going in the same direction, so we planned to use the ninja to confirm whether the two left Konoha together or separated?"

Kakashi also noticed the changes on the faces of the Hyuga Clan and others, and quickly explained.

It is best for a big family like the Hyuga clan to not be guilty.

Hearing Kakashi's words, the faces of the Hyuga Clan and others lightened slightly.

"let us go!"

Metkay's voice rang in everyone's ears.


With the sound of breaking through the air, everyone present turned into afterimages and disappeared, jumping towards the door of Konoha.

Naruto Office.

Seeing Kakashi and others leaving, a worried look flashed across Jilaiya's face. I don't know why, there is always a sense of anxiety in his heart.

At this moment, Naruto and Xiao Li looked at each other and moved cautiously in the direction of the door, when they were about to reach the door.

Tsunade appeared in front of the two in a flash, stretched out his hands, and lifted Naruto and Xiao Li.

"If you two can't sleep tonight, just wait here for news."

Tsunade sneered and looked at Naruto and Xiao Lidao.

"Would you like to report this news to Senju Zhuma?"

Jiraiya's voice came from the side.

"No, these two people have definitely not left the land of fire, in that case. Kakashi and Mike Kay should be able to get them back."

Tsunade shook his head and said casually.

Outside Konoha gate.

"Sure enough, these two people are not in the same direction."

Kakashi looked at Parker and said solemnly.

"If that's the case, let's split it up. Now neither of them has gone far."

Metkay looked in the direction the other ninja was pointing.

After determining the directions of Neji and Sasuke's departure, Kakashi and Metkai chased in these two directions.

At the same time, the ninjas of the Hyuga clan also divided into two parts, followed by Metkai and Kakashi.

Kakashi swiftly shuttled through the woods, and at the same time glanced at the two Hyuga ninjas behind him, his eyelids jumped.

You know, this time the Hyuga clan sent nearly 20 ninjas. Except for the two Hyuga clan ninjas who followed him, all the rest are heading in the direction of Neji.

Kakashi took a light breath, thinking about it, this kind of thing was also expected.

The people of the Hyuga clan were originally chasing Neji, and it was pretty good to send two people to assist him.

In a dense forest.

The violent breathing sound came slowly from one direction.

Ning Ci stretched out his hand to support a big tree and took a few heavy mouthfuls.

At this time, Ning Ci's clothes had long been drenched with sweat. After Konoha, Ning Ci has not stopped, and has been heading towards Wuyin Village.

Now Neji did not dare to rest at all. Although he was not found by Konoha when he left Konoha, he fainted on the ground every day.

Due to time constraints, Tian Tian did not find a place to settle, that is to say, Tian Tian may be discovered by other ninjas at any time.

Once discovered, his defect to Konoha will be exposed!

Therefore, Ning Ci didn't dare to neglect at all.

He is different from Sasuke. If Sasuke is caught, his life is not in danger, and he is different.

Once caught, facing Ning Ci's best result, he might be imprisoned for life, but death is even more likely.

Taking a deep breath again, Ning Ci moved his feet and quickly jumped forward.

At the same time, with a thought in Ning Ci's heart, his eyes were violent, and he opened his eyes to observe the surrounding environment carefully.