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Chapter 217 Meeting with Ringo and Lan Wan

A large number of trees continue to retreat beside him.

Even though his legs were already trembling at this time, Ning Ci still gritted his teeth and kept jumping forward.

At the same time, the white eyes were opened to the extreme by Ning Ci, who was not only to guard against the people in Konoha Village, but more importantly, to find people from Wuyin Village to meet him.

It was impossible for him to leave under the pursuit of Konoha Ninja purely with his power.

Therefore, Ning Ci guessed that someone would come to meet him.

Drops of sweat followed Ning Ci's forehead and flew towards the back.

In order to conserve his energy, Ning Ci tried his best to avoid unnecessary movements, even a small movement of wiping sweat.

The heavy breathing kept ringing in Ning Ci's ears, making Ning Ci's spirit a little dazed.

But the next moment, Neji suddenly felt a little bit cold in his body, and at the same time he froze in place.

I saw, I don't know when.

On the trunk of a big tree not far in front of Ning Ci, two figures were sitting there quietly, looking at him.

how is this possible!

There was a trace of amazement and disbelief on Ning Ci's face.

Even if I am not concentrated due to fatigue, the ability to roll my eyes is not a joke.

This distance is not too far, it can even be said to be very close, but in this case, his eyes are still not seeing the other party?

Ning Ci's body froze and took a step back. However, when Ning Ci saw the misty village guard foreheads on their heads, a flash of joy flashed in his eyes.

"Oh, this is Master You Dou, is this the one who made us wait?"

Ringo Yu Yuli narrowed his eyes slightly, and looked at Ning Ci with a nervous expression in the distance.

"Yes, yes, I met him!"

With a happy expression on Lan Wan's face, he nodded quickly.

As the voices of the two people sounded, Neji could also see clearly what they looked like.

There was a red-haired girl a little older than him, and there was another kid who had just entered the ninja school in Konoha.

No, this kid looks familiar!

Neji looked startled, and quickly remembered the Ranmaru he had seen in the lounge where he was taking the high school test.

Obviously he looked like a kid, but there was a terrifying power hidden in his body.

Up to now, the lively scene of defeating Hyuga Nissu is still in Neji's mind from time to time.

And Ning Ci didn't make a mistake. The young man who was next to this little ghost was the legendary original Shui Ying You Dou.

With that said, the red-haired girl who looks not much older than him is definitely not weak.

While Ning Ci was thinking, Ringo Yu Yuri and Lan Wan jumped from the big tree and walked towards Ning Ci with a leisurely look.

Seeing this scene, even though he knew that these two people were welcoming him, Ning Ci couldn't help feeling a little nervous.

No one in this world will help you for no reason, especially from another Shinobu Village.

Ning Ci swallowed his saliva and showed himself a calm look. After all, the only pair of white eyes was the most valuable.

If the other party really wants to roll his eyes, I'm afraid he would have already done it in the lounge where the Ninja exam was at the beginning.

Lan Maru came over, with a happy expression on his face, and said with pride:

"Did you be surprised just now? My red eyes are terrible."

Red eye?

Ning Ci was taken aback for a moment and looked at Lan Wan's red eyes. Ning Ci had doubts at the time.

Sure enough, these eyes have a great restraint effect on white eyes.

"Master You Dou seems to value you very much. I hope you can afford Master You Dou's attention!"

Ringo Yu Yuli looked at Ning Ci slightly, and suddenly a murderous intent broke out over Ning Ci's body.

However, this killing intent appeared quickly and disappeared quickly.

If it weren't for Ning Ci's cold back, I'm afraid it was an illusion.

Lan Wan, standing next to Ringo Yu Yuri, shrank her neck slightly. For Ringo Yu Yuri, Lan Wan was always a little scared.

At this moment, Ringo Yu Yuri suddenly showed a smile on his face, took out a peculiar Shinobi from behind, and threw it at Ning Ci.

Ning Ci quickly took over the Shinobi. It was an extremely slender blade. Behind the handle, a thin thread made of a special material was connected, and it seemed that it could be pulled out of the handle continuously.

"Master You Dou knows what you are worried about. This Shinobi is the emphasis on you."

"This is one of the seven ninja swords and stitches. This ninja sword not only represents strength in Wuyin Village, but also a proof of identity. Your Hyuga clan is good at precise Chakra manipulation. Using this ninja sword has never been It will be too difficult."

Ringo Yu Yuri softly introduced the ninja sword to Ning Ci.

Glancing at Lin's Yu Yuli's smile, Ning Ci nodded in a daze.

Ning Ci felt that the smile on Ringo Yu Yuri's face was not for him, but for the Shinobi in his hand.

Suddenly, Ringo's smile on Yu Yuri's face closed, and he narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at Ning Ci:

"I hope you can be worthy of the identity of this Shinobi!"

Sure enough, I guessed it right.

Hearing what Ringo Yu Yuri said, Ning Ci groaned slightly in his heart.

"My name is Lan Wan, one of the Seven Swords in the Fog, and the holder of Explosive Sword and Droplet."

Ranmaru smiled and introduced to Neji.

"Lingo Yu Yuri, one of the Seven Hidden Swords, the holder of Thunder Sword Tooth."

Ringo Yu Yuli said indifferently.

"Hyuga Neji." Neji also quickly introduced his name.

"Let's go, don't let Master You Dou wait long."

Ringo Yu Yuli turned and walked forward.

Ranmaru and Neji quickly followed.

In the forest behind, a long distance away from Ningci and others.

Dozens of figures quickly jumped forward.

The physical strength and endurance of these upper ninjas were much higher than those of Ning Ci's lower ninjas.

"Your Excellency Tokoma, haven't you found out that Neji's specific position is?"

With an anxious look on Metkai's face, he spoke to a Shinobu of the Hyuga clan next to him.

Hyuga Tokuma gently shook his head, and still kept looking forward with his white eyes. The distance he could see with his white eyes was far beyond other ordinary Hikka Shinobu.

At this moment, Lan Wan, who was heading towards Wuyin Village, suddenly stopped.

"Huh? The speed is so fast."

Lan Maru let out a surprised expression and said quietly.

"What's the matter, have you caught up? It's much faster than expected."

Ringo Yu Yuri frowned and asked suspiciously.

"Well, but it doesn't matter, I changed their direction with the ability."

Lan Wan nodded, but said lightly.