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Chapter 218 Bet on the name of ``Blue Beast''

Changed direction?

Hearing Ranmaru's words, Neji's eyes flashed with a look of astonishment.

At the same time, I quickly remembered that the two of Lan Wan and Ringo Yu Yuri were clearly not far ahead, but his eyes did not see the scene at all.

It seems that the ability of the red eye can not only shield the white eye, but also change what the white eye can see.

Ning Ci cast a glance at Ran Maru, who was not far away, with a childlike smile on his face, and his heart trembled slightly.

The blood inheritance limit of the red eye has inadvertently weakened the ability of the white eye to the extreme, and even if it is a little slack, it may be played at will by the child-like Lan Wan in front of him.

"Even if you can change the direction, but if the distance is too far, you can't hold on for too long according to your ability, and our speed has accelerated."

Ringo Yu Yuri frowned slightly, and said in a serious voice.


Lan Wan nodded his head hard.

Ringo Yu Youli and Lan Wan had a halt at the same time, and they had already appeared on both sides of Ning Ci. The two of them held Ning Ci's arm and jumped forward quickly at the same time.

Neji's stamina had already consumed most of it, and it was obviously not realistic to want Neji to speed up.

the other side.

Hyuga Tokuma, who was pursuing, suddenly lit up with a surprised look, and quickly spoke:

"Find them, at 11 o'clock!"

As Hyuga Tokuma's voice sounded, everyone present couldn't help but feel energetic.

"What are you waiting for!"

There was joy on Metkai's face, and his body squatted hard, obviously wanting to quickly rush in the direction that Hyuga Tokuma pointed.

However, at this moment, the candidate standing on Metkay's shoulder gently tugged at Metkay's clothes.

"What's the matter, Bru?"

Metkai was taken aback for a moment, and looked at Bruce on his shoulder with some confusion.

This is the Ninja dog's name is Blue, and Matkay only recently learned about it.

"My nose tells me that the direction of the smell is at two o'clock."

Brue sniffed his nose and said quietly.

Two directions?

Metkay was a little bit astonished. Whether it was a member of the Hyuga clan or the ninja Bulu, obviously they would not lie to himself, but now he told himself there were two answers.

"Hmph, smells are sometimes not so reliable. By tying your clothes to animals at will, you can create a new smell route."

The Hyuga clan let out a soft snort at one of them, and said in disdain.

The smell can be easily faked, but their eyes will not deceive themselves.

Hearing the words of this Hyuga Clan Kamininho, Bruce drooped his head. It wanted to refute the opponent, but it knew that the group of people in front of him would not believe it.

Although the smell can be faked, the smell of Neji in the entire forest has only one troublesome route, obviously.The other party did not make any confusing actions.

Metkay was slightly silent, although he believed that the Hyuga clan's eyes would not be seen, but he did not know why.But deep in his heart, he believed more in what Bruce said.

In other words, Metkai believes in Kakashi even more!

There was no more delay, the longer the time was, the farther they would be from Ning Ci.

"We are divided into two groups. In this case, even if one is wrong, there will be no delay."

Metkay, who was silent for a while, raised his head and spoke to Tokuma Hyuga.

After speaking, Metkay turned and rushed to the direction that was not as pointed, and disappeared in the eyes of the Hyuga Clan and others within a few jumps.

"In that case, let's go over there."

Hyuga Tokuma didn't care about Metkai's sudden departure, and spoke to the ninjas behind him.

After speaking, Hyuga Tokuma and others also rushed to the direction they saw.

At the moment when Metkai and the Hyuga clan separated and pursued, Ranmaru quickly sensed it.

"They are separated, but the good news is that only one person came after us."

With a helpless expression on Lan Wan's face, he spoke to Ringo Yu Yuri beside him.

"It seems that the people who came to hunt you were not only the perception ninjas of the Hyuga clan."

Ringo Yu Yuri glanced at Ning Ci and said softly.

"Ranmaru, how far is the person Konoha chasing from us?"

Ringo Yu Yuri continued to jump forward and spoke again.

"We are..., the other party's speed has increased, right!" Ran Maru was about to speak, his voice suddenly paused, and he said in surprise.

"Brook! How long will it take?"

With a serious expression on his face, Metkay spoke to Bru on his shoulder.

"It's faster at this speed!"

The howling wind blew past Bru's ears, and Bru lowered his body for fear that he would be thrown out by Metkai.

When being with the Hyuga clan and others, Metkay could only maintain the same speed as the Hyuga clan and others, but now, Metkai, who is alone, naturally has no worries.

In the dense forest, a green figure kept jumping forward at an extremely fast speed.

There was a firm look in Metkai's eyes, no matter what the reason, he would bring Neji back!

Neji!wait for me!


A violent air wave formed directly around the fast-moving body, sputtering around, rolling up a large leaf of leaves.

With Metkay's rapid movement, gradually, three black spots in the distance appeared in Metkay's field of vision.

Seeing this scene, Metkay's eyes flashed quickly, and he couldn't help but move faster.


Metkay let out a loud roar that instantly resounded across the sky.

The three people who were moving forward stopped at the same time and turned to look at Metkay who was chasing from behind.

"It's really beyond imagination, it looks like a powerful ninja!"

Ringo Yu Youli showed a smile on his face, and his mouth cracked slightly.


A roar came from the front, and a green figure smashed a deep hole on the ground not far in front.

With a bright smile on his face, Metka looked at the three people in front of him, and pointed his thumb at Ning Ci:

"Ningji, here I am!"

Seeing Metkay's smile, Neji's face showed a complicated look:

"Ms. Kay..."

"You two guys are the ones who took Neji! As Konoha's proud blue beast, get ready to meet my anger!"

Metkai looked at Ringo Yu Yuri and Ran Maru, put his hands on his waist quickly, and made an attack.

"No! Teacher Kai, I took the initiative to leave."

When Metkai's voice sounded, Neji's firm voice also sounded in the forest.

Ning Ci's words instantly made the warlike Metkay emotional.

Take the initiative to leave?

"Ningji, do you know what you are talking about? This is an act of treason!"

"Right now Konoha hasn't given an order for you to rebel, now go back with me, Jiraiya and Tsunade-sama can cancel this order."

With an anxious look on Metkay's face, he looked at Neji in disbelief.

"Mr. Kai, when I left Konoha, there was no way to go back."

There was a complex tone in Neji's voice, and at the same time, Neji stretched out his finger and pointed in the direction of his forehead.

At this time, Metkay discovered that the forehead that was supposed to have the seal of the bird in the cage was already white at this time. How could there be any seal?

No wonder Neji will leave Konoha!

No wonder the Hyuga clan sent a large number of ninjas.

Metkay suddenly understood at this moment that when Neji returned to Konoha, what would Neji face next.

"Is it impossible to fight?"

Lan Maru glanced at the struggling color on Metkay's face and muttered softly.

"I said I want to take you back, then I must do it! Ningci! As my disciple, I will definitely not let you have an accident and bet on the name "Blue Beast"!"

Metkay suddenly raised his head again, and said with an unusually firm tone in his voice.

Metkay's eyes flashed with seriousness that he had never had before. Even if he was against the Hyuga clan, it would protect Neji's safety!

and so……

"Return Neji back!"

Metkay let out a loud roar, and his whole body disappeared instantly.

In an instant, Metkay appeared behind Ranmaru.

Konoha Whirlwind!

Metkay turned around in mid-air, sent out a continuous kick, and instantly kicked Ranwan out!

In the eyes of Metkai, it is obvious that Ranwan seems to be the easiest to solve, so the first one is naturally to attack Ranwan.

At this time, Metkai was also standing where Ranmaru was just now, reaching out to Neji, and wanted to take Neji away.

"Have you done it? I'm afraid you won't do it!"

Ringo Yu Yuli showed a bright smile on his face, looking at Mike Kay, the hand that originally held Ning Ci's arm suddenly burst into thunder and lightning.

As soon as the thunder and lightning appeared, they followed Ning Ci's body and struck towards the hand that was about to grasp Ning Ci.

Seeing this line of thunder and lightning, Metkai took a halt and quickly retreated, and those lightning also attacked the position where Metkai had just stood.

With a serious expression on Metkay's face, he looked at Ringo Yu Yuri.

This red-haired girl, who looked not much older than Ning Ci, had such precise control of Chakra.

Manipulating the lightning, bypassing Neji's body to attack him, just one hand is enough to make Metkai take it seriously.

"Who is Matt Dai?"

Ringo Yu Yuli still looked at Mike Kay with a bright smile on his face.

"Naturally it is my father!"

Metkay frowned and looked at Ringo Yu Yuri with some doubts.

"Sure enough!"

Ringo Yu Yuri laughed suddenly and happily.

Matt wears this name!

It is a name that makes all the ninjas who inherit the name of "Seven Swordsmen" remember deeply!

Ringo Yu Yuli's eyes burst out with a strong killing intent.

The fiasco of the year put this resounding name to shame!


I want to completely erase the name in the hearts of all "Ninja Swordsman Seven"!