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Chapter 219 Metkai vs. Ranmaru


At this moment, a roar came from the direction where Lan Wan was kicked.

The violent chakra and breath appeared in everyone's perception.

A body nearly two meters tall, like a devil's muscular man, slowly appeared in front of everyone.

This is the kid just now!

Metkay showed a look of surprise in his eyes, looking at Ranmaru, whose body has become a muscular man, but his head has not changed much.

"Lan Maru is angry!"

Ranmaru showed an unhappy expression on his face and looked at Metkai.


Ran Maru slammed on the ground and let out a heavy muffled noise. His exaggerated body appeared in front of Metkai at a speed beyond imagination.

Raising an unusually strong arm, his fist like a sandbag banged at Metkay.

Metkay did not evade, but quickly folded his hands in front of him, and suffered the blow of Ranwan.

The violent power poured down, and Metkay was instantly blasted out by this power.

After violently breaking several big trees, Metkay's figure stopped.

Feeling the numb arms, Metkay's face showed a look of shock.

If not for yourself in the middle.Using a special technique to remove a large part of his power, I am afraid that one of his arms will no longer be used.

The sheer strength and speed have far surpassed him!

What kind of chakra is this!

It is possible to make such a terrifying power burst out of the body of an imp!

When Metkai was stunned, Lan Wan's body flashed and appeared in front of Metkai again. At this time, Lan Wan was already holding a blasting knife.

"Lan Maru won't let you take Neji away!"

Lan Wan lifted the blasting knife in his hand and slashed it forcefully.

Metkay's legs bent, and the whole person jumped from the spot instantly and jumped to a position of about three meters in the air.

Konoha Rigid Tornado!

Metkay, who was in mid-air, narrowed his eyes, twisted his waist violently, and kicked in the direction of Lan Wan's head with a strong whirlwind kick.

Compared with a body full of muscles, Lan Wan's head is easier to attack no matter how you look at it.


Just when Metkay was about to kick Ran Wan's head, Ran Wan spoke calmly.


A huge explosion sounded instantly, and a heat wave burst out to the surroundings.

Under this force, Metkay's original action of kicking Ran Wan's head couldn't help but stop, and the whole person was directly lifted off by this force.

And Ranmaru, who didn't care about the power of the explosion, rushed directly into the flames of the explosion and rushed towards Metkai who was lifted out.

"Ms. Kai is very strong, and there are chasing people in the rear, so it is better for us to retreat first."

Ning Ci looked at the battle ahead, and softly faced Ringo Yu Yuri.

Although on the surface Metkay was temporarily suppressed by Ranwan, the two people present at Nejibi knew the power that Metkay possessed in his body.

And deep down, Ning Ci didn't want to be an enemy of Metkai.

"Since you have inherited the long knife and stitches, you are the new "Mist Ninja Seven Swordsmen". You better deserve this name!"

Ringo Yu Yuli turned his head, and stared at Ning Ci with an indifferent expression.

Ningci felt a cold back and couldn't help taking a step back.


A violent explosion sounded again from the front.

With a solemn expression on Metkay's face, he looked forward, and was blasted into a large hole in the ground by a blasting knife.

Through a brief confrontation, Metkay has figured out Ranmaru's attack methods.

This is an extremely tricky ninja!

Especially the explosive knife in the opponent's hand, once hit by an attack, I am afraid it will be very troublesome.

But Ranmaru is not without weakness, that is, various physical skills.

But this weakness was almost weakened to the extreme under the action of a blasting knife with powerful strength, speed and explosive ability.

The opponent must be subdued with one blow!Otherwise, it will be extremely detrimental to him!

After analyzing the intelligence in front of him, Metkay took a soft breath.

Eight-door Dunjia, open the door!Open the door!Life is open!

Metkay opened the three doors in one breath, and a surging chakra burst out of Matkay's body, forming a wave of air that filled the surroundings.

Seeing this scene, a look of excitement appeared on Ringo Yu Yuri's face, and the current Metkai has the value of letting her take a shot.

Lan Maru didn't care at all, raised the blasting knife in his hand and slashed towards the front.

Metkai's figure flashed, and directly entered a state of high-speed movement, turning into a blue afterimage, quickly approaching Lan Wan.

Ran Maru's expression remained unchanged, and his wrist turned slightly, causing the blasting knife to change into a slap in the air.

At the same time, the blasting knife exploded directly in the air, forming a terrifying heat wave.

Lan Maru grabbed the blasting knife with both hands and slammed it hard, turning the heat wave into an air cannon-like state, and patted Metkay.

Metkay's already extremely fast speed actually increased by a point again, and his figure disappeared from the place to avoid the air cannon.

Vigorous and Konoha Diamond Force Whirlwind!

The blue Chakra clothes were on Mike Kaide's feet and kicked at Ranmaru's body.


This foot kicked directly on Lan Wan's body, making a heavy muffled sound.

Ran Maru's body shook and couldn't help backing a few steps, but Ran Maru still stretched out his arm, grabbed one of Metkay's legs, and with the other hand, raised the explosive knife at Metkay and slashed over.

Seeing Ranmaru's movements, Metkai's eyes flashed with joy.

Konoha bad rock rise!

Metkay's movements kept moving, his body twisted abruptly in the air, and at the same time, he slammed his elbow on Ranmaru's arm with the explosive knife.

Lan Wan only felt his arm numb, and immediately afterwards, the explosive knife in his hand fell directly to the ground.

It's done!

The joy in Metkay's eyes was even greater. The power of the explosion was too threatening for Metkay, and he did not dare to get close easily.

And now, Ranmaru, who didn't have a blasting sword, was just a ninja with no strength and speed in Metkai's eyes.

"No, Ranwan is in danger!"

Ning Ci's face suddenly changed while standing outside the battlefield, and he couldn't help but speak nervously.

"Don't underestimate Lan Wan, his strength is among the seven knives, and he can easily rank in the top three."

Ringo Yu Yuli looked at the battle ahead with blinking eyes, and said calmly.

And at this time in the battlefield.

At the moment when Metkai used the Lan Wan to drop the explosive knife, he was stunned, his waist twisted in the air and his hands were supported on the ground. At the same time, his feet slammed into force.

Power Prelude-Shadow Dance Leaf!

With super-high-speed continuous kicks, Ranwan will kick into the air with ease. Metkay's hands are like springs, and the whole person follows closely behind.

Keep kicking Ranmaru into the air!

Compared with Xiao Li's kicking skills, Matkay's kicking skills are obviously more terrifying and powerful!

The powerful force made Lan Wan's entire head a little dazed, and for a while his body was unable to respond.

In mid-air, Metkai used Ranmaru's body as a support point, and a dodge appeared behind Ranmaru.

Metkay hugged Ranmaru strongly, and then slammed towards the ground below at a high speed, hitting it!

Table lotus!

At the moment when he was about to land, Metkay threw Ranmaru to the ground with both hands.


The entire ground was shaken, and a huge pothole appeared in front of everyone.


Metkay's movements continued, constantly bombarding Ranmaru in the pothole at high speed.


The fame resounded all around, and the entire ground was constantly shaking for it.