Is Uchiha Itachi dead?

how is this possible!

That man is so strong, how could he die so easily!

I haven't avenged myself, how can you die!

Sasuke's face was full of disbelief and complexity.

Clenching his fists forcefully, Sasuke raised his head tremblingly all over and looked into Nagato's eyes.

The moment I saw those eyes, an inexplicable sense of familiarity flooded into Sasuke's heart.

Unconsciously, Sasuke's eyes couldn't help but tears were constantly flowing.

Seeing Sasuke’s state at this time, Otodo also reacted. What is the purpose of Nagato’s presence here?

A deep gaze flashed in the eyes of Daito, if Sasuke could really awaken the kaleidoscope writing wheel eyes, it would be a good thing for them.

Thinking of this, Tai Tu intends to temporarily watch the changes.


Sasuke suddenly covered his eyes, as if his brain had been stimulated, causing a sharp tingling sensation in Sasuke's eyes.

And Sasuke's originally black pupils directly entered the state of writing wheel eyes.

Sangoyu's writing wheel slowly turned in Nagato's eyes, and Nagato looked at Sasuke indifferently at the front.

Although one of Uchiha Itachi's writing wheels is no longer available, it has little effect in Nagato's view.

As long as Sasuke can awaken the kaleidoscope writing wheel eyes, then his eyes can be restored directly.

Sasuke's painful voice continued, and the eyes of the Yigouyu writing wheel of his two eyes began to turn rapidly, and gradually evolved directly into the Ergouyu writing wheel!

However, Sasuke's state at this time still did not stop, and a moment after he evolved into a two-gou jade writing wheel, he immediately entered the three-gou jade state!

Seeing this scene, the original expression on Nagato's face became loose, and a beam of joy flashed in his eyes.

It's much smoother than expected, and now it's up to Sasuke whether he can enter the state of kaleidoscope writing round eyes.

The soil on the side also watched Sasuke closely, and at the same time, his body tightened slightly.

As long as Sasuke evolves into a kaleidoscope, he will immediately take the soil and take Sasuke away.

Unfortunately, the scene that the two expected did not appear.

After Sasuke entered the three-gouyu writing wheel, his originally crazy mood began to stabilize.

"Since you killed him, then I will kill you!"

Sasuke suddenly raised his head and looked at Nagato in front, with an undisguised killing intent in his eyes.

Sasuke's body pressed down, and just about to rush towards the rectangular Nagato, Oudu appeared next to Sasuke, pressing his shoulder with one hand.

"You are not his opponent now."

Daido glanced at Nagato, and spoke softly to Sasuke.


Sasuke's face was full of hatred, and he looked at Daido coldly.

A look of disappointment flashed in Nagato's eyes. Unexpectedly, with this news, there was no way to make Uchiha Sasuke's writing wheel eyes evolve into a kaleidoscope writing wheel eyes.

It seems that some stimulation is needed!

Thinking of this, Nagato raised his hands slightly.


At this moment, a shining thunder light suddenly rushed out from a hidden location in the forest.

Kakashi was constantly approaching in the direction of the soil at an extremely fast speed.

The dazzling thunder light jumped on Kakashi's hand and pressed it directly on the soiled chest.

Kakashi saw the Chidori who was about to press on the soil, and a smile of joy flashed across his face.

But the next moment, Kakashi held a thousand birds in his hand, pierced directly through the soiled body, and rushed to a big tree behind.


Chidori penetrated the entire tree in an instant, and the terrifying thunder and lightning directly hit the tree, blasting a huge hole.

Come through?

Kakashi canceled the Chidori in his hand, and quickly turned around and looked in the direction of the dirt.

The ability of space ninjutsu!

"Ms. Kakashi."

At this time, Sasuke also saw Kakashi, and couldn't help but froze.

"Has Konoha's chasers rushed over."

The sound of the soil was still calm, but the eyes that looked at Kakashi flashed with inexplicable brilliance.

"Sasuke, what the hell is going on!"

Kakashi looked at Sasuke next to Tato, with hope in his voice.

Sasuke did not answer Kakashi's words, but directly turned his head and looked at Nagato's direction again.

Seeing this scene, Kakashi's heart sank.

Although Sasuke didn't say anything, on the other hand, it was tantamount to admitting the fact of voluntarily defecting.

Thinking of this, Kakashi's face couldn't help but become complicated.

But soon, Kakashi regained his original look. Whether Sasuke voluntarily defected or not, his task was to bring Sasuke back.

Although it is not clear what the situation is now, it is clear that the four people in front of me are not a group.

The two of the Hyuga clan should also do it!


Accompanied by two breaking sounds, the two kunai shot at the direction of Nagato and Xiaonan at the same time.

Paper shield!

Xiao Nan calmly raised his hand to the front, and a large amount of paper quickly condensed in the front, turning into a shield.

The two kunai were easily resisted by Xiao Nan's paper shield, making a metal collision sound.

The two ninjas of the Hyuga clan also jumped out from the dark at this time and stood in front of Xiaonan and Nagato.

"Please help me stop them temporarily."

Kakashi spoke to the two Hyuga ninjas.

After speaking, Kakashi looked at this area and Shirazu again, and wanted to grab Sasuke.

Suddenly, the atmosphere suddenly became tense.

"It's really troublesome, it looks like we have to fight."

He took the dirt and glanced at Kakashi, who was ready to do it, and groaned softly.

"he's mine!"

Sasuke looked at Nagato who was stopped by the Hyuga clan ninja, with an expression of anger and hatred on his face.

Just when the battle is about to start.


A huge explosion suddenly came from a distant direction, causing everyone in the scene to stop.

A monstrous flame soared into the sky and appeared in everyone's vision.

Kakashi turned his head and looked in the direction of the explosion sound, his face couldn't help but change.

That direction is the direction Metkay is going!

At the moment Kakashi was taken aback by the sudden sound of an explosion, he took the soil and acted quickly.

After taking a deep look at Kakashi, Daito quickly reached out and grabbed Sasuke who was on the side, thinking in his heart.

With the eye hole of the yellow mask as the center, a spatial vortex quickly appeared, enveloping Sasuke and Daito and disappeared quickly.

Goodbye Kakashi, my eyes will exist with you temporarily.

Dai Tu looked in the direction of Kakashi, and said in his heart.

"not good!"

Seeing Oeito and Sasuke who were about to disappear, Kakashi reacted instantly and rushed over.

It is a pity that when Kakashi appeared at the position where Oito was standing just now, Oito and Sasuke had already disappeared.