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Chapter 224 Unexpected mutation

Ringo Yu Yuri's expression remained unchanged, and she didn't mean anything nonsense. He raised another thunder knife in his hand and plunged it into the ground.

At the moment this thunder knife was inserted into the ground, electric currents scattered in all directions surged along the ground.

The electric currents are connected to the thunder knife on the ground, and the entire ground is also blocked at the same time.


The thunder knife inserted on the ground trembled fiercely, and a strong current burst out and connected with the thunder knife in the air to form a similar circulating current network.


A sound of electric current kept ringing in the ears of Metkay and Ringo Yu Yuri.

Ringo Yu Yuri, who was covered in lightning armor, didn't care about the electricity under her feet.

On the side, Metkay's face was a bit ugly. Although his body was full of chakras, the pure chakra protection still couldn't resist a lot of electrical damage.

At this time, Matkay had already felt some dullness in his feet, which was obviously caused by the current paralysis.

While the current hasn't had much effect on him.

Metkai's figure flashed, and instantly appeared in front of Ringo Yu Yuri.

Although the surrounding power grid restricted him, it also restricted Ringo Yu Yuri.

In a small environment, at his speed, the red-haired girl in front of her had no way to avoid his attack.


A horrible breath erupted from Metkai's body, and his two arms were directly cut into afterimages, and he blasted towards Ringo Yu Yuri's head.

Both fists blasted in the air, and there was a rapid sonic boom. Obviously, Metkay didn't keep any hands!


A dull roar kept thinking about it, but Metkay's face suddenly became ugly.

I saw that Metkay's fists all stopped when they were ten centimeters away from Ringo Yu Yuri.

It seemed that there was an invisible force that had resisted Metkai's attack.

"It's useless. A pure physical attack cannot break the magnetic field in front of me. In a world made up of lightning, your attacks can no longer hurt me."

"The prologue of death has been played, prepare for the funeral specially prepared for you."

Ringo Yu Yuri wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and looked at the shocked Metkai with an unusually cold expression.

A trace of stunner flashed in Metkay's eyes, although he didn't understand what the magnetic field in Yuli Lin's mouth was.

But think about it, it should have something to do with those two Shinobi!

Glancing quickly at the sky and the two thunder knives stuck on the ground, a sharp light flashed in Metkai's eyes.

The terrifying current network around and the so-called magnetic field should all rely on these two thunder knives.

As long as there is a problem with these two thunder knives, the current network will naturally break without attack.

Metkai's figure flashed again, and appeared directly beside the thunder knife that was stuck on the ground not far away.

Konoha breaks up the rock!

Metkay cheated and blasted the thunder knife below.


Similarly, a huge muffled sound rang.

The Thunder Knife inserted on the ground was still intact, and Metkai's attack stopped not far above the Thunder Knife, which was obviously blocked by the magnetic field.

"I have already said that it is useless. If this ninjutsu was just formed, you might still have the possibility to escape, but now this space is completely enveloped by magnetic fields."

"With your current strength, there is no way to break through here."

Ringo Yu Yuli said coldly while making seals with both hands.

The emergence of this ninjutsu was entirely due to the thoughts that Ringo Yu Yuri had in the process of practicing with Lan Wan.

After all, with Ranmaru's terrifying physique, pure ninjutsu attack, Ranmaru's speed can easily dodge, there is no way to pose much threat to Ranmaru.

Therefore, Ringo Yu Yuri spent a lot of time studying countermeasures, and this combination-like ninjutsu was born.

Damn it!

Metkay's face looked completely ugly, especially seeing Ringo Yu Yuri's hands that were quickly forming seals.

Although he didn't know what kind of ninjutsu the other party was going to launch, but Metkai's feeling told him that a breath of death was rising from Ringo Yu Yuri.

Is it necessary to open the sixth gate, "Jingmen"?

A struggling look flashed in Metkay's eyes, and he had not fully grasped the state of the sixth door open.

Moreover, Metkay's instinct told him that even if he opened the "Jingmen", the subsequent attack by Ringo Yu Yuri might not be able to withstand it.

Ringo Yu Yuri's eyes suddenly lit up, and the extremely complicated knots in his hands stopped at the same time.

Xianfa·Lei Burial·Lei Ban!!


An almost purple thunder and lightning rose from Ringo Yu Yuri's hand injury.

At the moment when this purple thunder and lightning appeared, the originally calm current network around suddenly rioted.

A frightening breath radiated from Ringo Yu Yuri's body.

Can't wait anymore!

When Metkay's pupils shrank, he was about to open the "Jingmen".

Just at this time!

Roads of breaking the air sounded from around.

Originally, he went to the other direction, looking for Ningci's Hyuga Clan, but at this time, he rushed over.

As soon as these people appeared, they rushed in the direction of Metkay and Ringo Yu Yuri.

All the Hyuga Clan Shangnin opened their eyes and looked at the huge current net that trapped Metkay.

Under the action of the white eyes, the flow of chakras in the electric current clearly appeared in front of all the Hyuga ninjas.

Rushing in the forefront is the leader of the Hyuga Clan team leader Hyuga Tokuma.

"Ready to do it!!"

Hyuga Tokuma raised his head and looked at the thunder knife emitting electricity in the air, and let out a loud shout.

With the sound of Hyuga Tokuma's voice, all the Shinnins of the Hyuga clan instantly divided into two teams.

The team that was in the front with Hyuga Tokuma jumped into the air at the same time.

The team behind it also jumped right behind.

Just when Hyuga Tokuma and others jumped up first, they started to fall.

These ninjas of the Hyuga clan who jumped up immediately, stretched out their hands at the same time, and blasted at the feet of the ninjas who were about to fall.

A burst of vigor erupted at the feet of the ninjas, and Hyuga Tokuma and others, who were just about to fall, flew out directly under the impact of this vigor.

Under the precise Chakra control of the Hyuga clan, Hyuga Tokuma and others flew directly above the thunder knife in the sky.

"Boom it for me! Gossip-Breaking the mountain!"

Hyuga Tokuma let out a loud shout.

For the other Hyuga clan who flew over, Shinobu also shot at the same time.

"Soft Fist-Eight Diagrams Empty Palm!"

"Soft Fist-Eight Diagrams Empty Palm!"

"Soft Fist-Eight Diagrams Empty Palm!"



A series of powerful attacks blasted the thunder knife in the air.

The attacks of the Hyuga clan, Shinobu, were extremely tricky, and they all attacked Chakra's weak position.

In addition, because of Ringo Yu Yuri's ninjutsu, the current around him was unstable.


A very harsh sound blasted in everyone's ears.

The magnetic field around the Thunder Knife was completely blasted, and the Thunder Knife fell from the air to the ground, and the current net that had trapped Metkay was completely gone.

Metkay, who saw this scene, showed a look of surprise on his face, and forcibly resisted the action of preparing to extend his thumb to the Hyuga Clan and others.

Metkay quickly flashed to one side.


The terrifying purple electric current rushed down instantly, like a river composed of electric current, submerging a large area around it.

Seeing the ground with a huge pothole blasted out by the purple electric current in front, Ringo Yu Yuri's face was extremely ugly.

Damn the Hyuga Clan Ninja!

Her purple lightning attack just now could have perfectly covered the entire space confined by the current.

But Mike Kay, who is in the current grid, has no way to avoid it.

But now, Ringo Yu Yuri doesn't know if Metkay has avoided it!