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Chapter 225 The Final Chapter of Thunder Blade


A soft sound that suddenly fell to the ground sounded not far from Ringo Yu Yuli's side.

Ringo Yu Yuri quickly turned to look around, and the figure that fell to the ground was Metkai.

At this time, Metkay looked a little bit miserable, and his clothes were almost burnt.

Half of the body was burnt black, and half of the body exuded the smell of barbecue.


Metkay stretched out a hand and propped it on the ground. With every cough, blood was constantly coughing out of his mouth.

Glancing at the numb half of his body, a trace of fear flashed in Metkai's eyes.

Fortunately, at the last moment, all the Hyuga clan members joined forces to break the confinement, otherwise, I am afraid that today is completely explained here.

The power of Bamen Dunjia lies in its powerful outbreak and terrifying speed. Once restricted, the power of Bamen Dunjia is undoubtedly weakened to the extreme.


Ringo Yu Yuri saw Metkai who was seriously injured in the distance, a trace of pity and crazy killing intent flashed in his eyes.

This guy Metkai is too dangerous!

With Ranmaru's terrifying physical fitness and strength, he was beaten abruptly by the opponent, and even easily escaped the scope of the secret technique of the blasting sword!

Without mentioning such a powerful strength, Ringo Yu Yuri saw a sense of confidence deep in Metkay's eyes. Even at the last moment, the confidence in Metkay's eyes still did not disappear.

Ringo Yu Yuri directly told him that the Metkai in front of him definitely hides even more terrifying moves.

If this is the case, then in the "Seven Swordsmen", apart from her, Ranmaru, and the dried persimmon ghost shark, no one is Maitkay's opponent. Maybe Taodi can last for a while without cutting, but I am afraid that time will not be available. long.

Among the "Seven Swordsmen", Lan Wan, who has the strongest physical skills, has already been defeated, and Ringo Yu Yuri, who has the ability to trap enemies, has also failed just now.

If you meet again next time, Metkai will definitely not give Ringo Yu Yuri the slightest chance to trap him again.

The large-scale water escape ninjutsu of the dried persimmon ghost may be able to play a certain role, but the effect may not be as good as imagined.

Ringo Yu Yuli's eyes were full of strong killing intent, and he didn't care about the already severely injured body. He resisted the severe pain from his body and inside, and stepped forward violently.

Metkay must be killed!

His threat to the "Seven Knives" is really too great, and now the seriously injured Metkai is the best chance.

As the symbol of the fog hidden village, the "Fog Ninja Seven Swordsmen" is the pride of all fog hidden ninjas, and Yuri Ringo has already admired that he can become a member of the future "Seven Swordsmen" when he was very young.

But all this was broken in the third Ninja War a dozen years ago.

A ninja worn by Matt completely shattered the pride of the misty ninja!

From that time on, Ringo Yu Yuri vowed in his heart that the name "Seven Swordsmen Hidden in the Mist" would ring through the entire Ninja World again!

As for the Metkai in front of Ringo Yu Yuri, this is the first step to wipe out the shame of the year!

This is also the reason why Ringo Yu Yuri did not retreat immediately after seeing Metkai's appearance.

With the strength of Ringo Yu Yuri and Lan Wan, if he really wants to leave, Metkai may not be able to stop it!

Feeling a stronger than a burst of colic from her chest, Yuri Ringo's eyes became firmer.

With her current physical condition, even if she didn't fight, she might not be able to support it for long.

Instead of dying silently and humiliatingly, it is better to contribute your last strength to Lord You Dou and the "Seven Swordsmen"!

"Die to me!"

Ringo Yu Yuli let out a loud shout, raised his foot and rushed in the direction of Metkay.

Tiny electric lights flickered between Ringo Yu Yuri's hands.

The two thunder knives that fell to the side flew quickly under the effect of this electric current and fell into the hands of Ringo Yu Yuri.

Ringo Yu Yu Lihun's body broke out again with strong thunderous power.

However, before getting close to Metkay, several Hinata members of the Hyuga clan had already stopped in front of Ringo Yu Yuri.

"Fix her!"

A Shinobu of the Hyuga clan looked at Ringo Yu Yuri with a cold look in his eyes.

As soon as the voice of this name fell, several other ninjas of the Hyuga clan rushed in the direction of Ringo Yu Yuri at the same time.

"Scumbags of Konoha!!"

Ringo Yu Yuli let out a loud shout, and quickly waved the thunder knife with both hands.

A series of strong electric currents turned into lightning and poured out from the thunder knife.

Under the insight of the white eyes, Ringo Yu Yuri passed through the flow of Chakra at the moment of his hand, and the group of Hyuga Clan's Shinnins had all escaped.

A ninja from the Hyuga clan swiftly bullied himself up, and in the blink of an eye he appeared, Ringo Yu Yuli's side.

Soft Boxing·Bagua Sixty-Four Palms!

This Hyuga ninja raised his hands and quickly hit the acupuncture points on Ringo Yu Yuri's body.

However, when the ninja hit the eighth palm, his whole body suddenly froze.

"I am surrounded by thunder and lightning, who gives you the confidence?"

Ringo Yu Yuri's voice was cold, opened a thunder knife in his hand and swiped into the air.


A large amount of blood sprayed from the chest of the ninja of the Hyuga clan.

"Use empty palms and a hundred and twenty-eight palms!"

Seeing that Yuri Yuri was the first to attack Ringo and was injured by Hiuga Shinobi, the faces of the rest of the Hyuga clan ninjas did not look surprised.

The rest of the Hyuga clan ninjas dispersed instantly, surrounding Ringo Yu Yuri in the middle.

"Soft Fist·Bagua Empty Palm!"

"Soft Fist·Bagua Empty Palm!"


A wave of strong energies blasted over at the same time, making Ringo Yu Yuri's body quickly stop, and could only stop it.

And at this moment of pause, the several people surrounded by Ringo Yu Yuri were stunned, and at the same time they started.

"Soft Boxing·Bagua Hundred and Twenty Eight Palms!"

"Soft Boxing·Bagua Hundred and Twenty Eight Palms!"


The bombardments fell on Ringo Yu Yuri almost simultaneously. Even if Ringo Yu Yuri desperately resisted, he could only withstand one or two attacks, but the rest of the attack coefficient fell.

In the blink of an eye, all the flowing acupuncture points of Ringo Yu Yuri's Chakra were cut off.

The lightning that had entangled Ringo Yu Yuri's body also began to disappear.

""Soft Boxing·Bagua Empty Wall Palm!"

A Higashi Shinobu appeared in front of Ringo Yu Yuri.

The terrifying vigor erupted instantly, hitting Ringo Yu Yuri's chest, without Chakra's protection, Lino Yu Yuri, who had to bear the blow forcibly, was blasted out with blood.

It wasn't until she hit a big tree in the distance that Ringo Yu Yuri stopped.

A flash, Hyuga Tokuma has appeared in front of the ninjas.

"It seems that it has been resolved. The Supreme Master Metkai endured a serious injury, and he brought Metkai Supreme back to Konoha.

Taking a look at the direction of Metkay, Hyuga Tokuma spoke with a flat face.

After speaking, Hyuga Tokuma raised his head and looked at the stunned Hyuga Neji in the distance, with a cold tone in his voice:

"Defect? ​​Bring Neji Hyuga back to me..."

Before Hyuga Tokuto finished speaking, his voice suddenly stopped, and then he suddenly turned his head to look in the direction of Ringo Yu Yuri.