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Chapter 226: Just the last one...

Seeing Hyuga Tokuma's movements, the rest of the Hyuga clan's Shinnin also raised their heads and looked in the direction of Ringo Yu Yuri.

"Suffering from that level of attack, I haven't even died yet."

Hyuga Tokuma frowned slightly, with a hint of surprise in his voice.

I see.

Ringo Yu Yuri, who was leaning limply on the big tree, slowly raised her head with difficulty.

The task given by Master You Dou has not been completed yet!

How can I die!


Ringoyu coughed fiercely and spit out a piece of meat from his mouth.

Obviously, this is the internal organs that Ringo Yu Yuri suffered severe damage.

Along with the severe colic sensation coming from the body, Ringo Yu Yuri took a heavy breath, and a look of fortunate flashed in his eyes.

Fortunately, at the last moment, the Xianshu Chakra in the body was gathered on the chest, otherwise the last blow would be enough to kill her.

Since you didn't kill me, then you must die!

A strong killing intent erupted from Ringo Yu Yuri's body.

Ringo Yu Yuri raised his heavy arms with difficulty, and the attack of the Hyuga Clan Shinnins almost cut off all the acupuncture points that connected Chakra in his whole body.

But what Ringo Yu Yuri didn't expect was that the fairy chakra in her body could mobilize a bit.

Although this trace is completely insignificant compared with the previous Xianshu Chakra, it is enough for the current Ringo Yu Yuri!

Gathered the Xianshu Chakra, which means that the body can be mobilized, toward the palm of the hand.

In an instant.

A faint thunder light radiated from the palm that Ringo Yu Yuri raised. Although it was very weak, Lino Yu Yuri's eyes were bright.

With the help of the thunder light radiating from that palm, Ringo Yu Yuri bit her lip tightly, raised her hand abruptly, and inserted it towards the position of her chest and heart.


Splashes of blood!

Secret Technique-The Recovery of Thunder!


The heart that was beating faintly at first started beating quickly under the influence of the thunder.

Ringo Yu Yuri's eyes widened, and if the powerful Chakra rushed out of the position of the heart, it would swell Ringo Yu Yuri's body in almost an instant.

The Chakra acupoints that had been cut off by the Shinobu of the Hyuga clan were all rushed away under the impact of this powerful Chakra.

A frightening breath erupted from Ringo Yu Yuri's body.

"Scumbags! Die to me!"

Ringo Yu Yuri stood up again from the ground, with a frantic expression in his eyes, looking at the Hyuga Clan and others ahead.

Xianfa·Lei Dun·Sky Cracking Thunder Snake!!

A large number of chakras poured frantically from Ringo Yu Yuri's body.

Ringo Yu Yuri's body was once again enveloped in a piece of thunder, lifted up the hands wrapped around the thunder and lightning, and slightly sucked in front of him.

The two thunder knives that had fallen on the side directly turned into two streamers and flew back to Ringo Yu Yuri's hands instantly.

At the moment when both hands held the Thunder Knife, Ringo Yu Yuri directly merged with the Thunder Knife, turning into a form similar to lightning.

next moment.

Ringo Yu Yuri directly turned into a thunder glow, disappeared in place, and rushed towards the Hyuga Clan and the others.

At the same time, hundreds of small snakes entwined with thunder and lightning continued to gush out of Ringo Yu Yuri's body at super fast speeds, crawling towards the enemy.

These little snakes wrapped in thunder and lightning are not only extremely fast, but also terribly difficult. Wherever these little snakes wrapped in thunder and lightning pass, deep traces of scorching are revealed on the ground.

Seeing this scene in front of him, Hyuga Tokuma's face changed, and he quickly let out a sharp shout:

"Everyone back!"

It is a pity that when Hyuga Tokama's voice sounded, those thunder and lightning that resembled little snakes had already appeared in front of everyone.

So the ninjas of the Hyuga clan hurriedly stopped, but unfortunately, these thunder and lightning snakes were not only extremely fast, but also extremely numerous.

All the ninjas of the Hyuga clan who were recruited not only suffered serious scars, but also couldn't help but feel a little stiff.


A deep cold wind blew beside everyone!


Blood splattered!

Ringo Yu Yuri appeared beside a paralyzed Hyuga ninja.

There were traces of blood on the blade of Thunder Knife, which penetrated through the body of the Hyuga ninja. In a short while, Ringo Yu Yuri disappeared again.

And the Shinobu of the Hyuga clan had fallen into a pool of blood and completely lost his voice.


A stream of blood blossoms constantly blooming all around.

Every blooming blood flower represents the complete death of a Shinobu of the Hyuga clan.

In almost a short period of time, one-third of the eighteen Hinata Clan present at the scene had already died!


With an angry look on Hyuga Tokuma's face, he let out a roar.

The hundreds of thunder and lightning snakes are not powerful, but once they are attacked, their bodies will be temporarily paralyzed.

And in this short moment, Ringo Yu Yuri was able to easily kill the Shangnin of the Hyuga clan who had no backhand strength.

The killing and abuse continued, and within a short period of time, there was a thick bloody breath in the air.

"Get together!"

Hyuga Tokuma's face was extremely ugly, and he roared again.

Hearing Hyuga Tokuma's voice, the crowd, who had already begun to show panic on their faces, quickly reacted and began to gather in the direction of Hyuga Tokuma, and at the same time they surrounded each other back to back.

At this time, there were only seven members of the Hyuga clan.

In a short period of time, all eleven Hyuga ninjas died in the hands of Ringo Yu Yuri.

Seeing the Hyuga ninja who was completely surrounded, Ringo Yu Yuri rushed towards Metkai without hesitation.

Hyuga Tokuma had a look of horror and anger on his face, and his eyes flashed constantly.

At this time, Tokoma Hyuga knew that Ringo Yu Yuri’s main purpose was not them, but Metkay!

Perhaps the biggest reason for killing them was because they were in front of Metkai.

The people who made Ringo Yu Yuri think that the Hyuga clan were protecting Metkay.

Thinking of this, Hyuga Tokuma's face became even more angry. Is this looking down on their Hyuga clan!



Ringo Yu Yuri's breath had begun to weaken. Seeing Metkay approaching in front of her, she knew that she might not last long.

Matkay on the other side also saw Ringo Yu Yuri rushing towards him.

Although half of his body has lost the ability to fight, he still has half of it to use!

Metkay allowed himself to stand up on one leg, staring at the front, and even the pain from his body seemed to have disappeared.

The distance between the two people is getting closer, and at the same time, the mental power of the two people is becoming more and more concentrated.

For a while, in the world of two people, it seemed that only the existence of each other was left.

Just at this time!

Ringo Yu Yuri and Metkai's eyes lit up at the same time!

In an instant, the two appeared within the attack range of the opponent at the same time.

Metkay poured all his remaining physical strength into a punch and blasted it forward.

And Ringo Yu Yuri also raised the thunder knife in his hand at the same time, and slammed it forward.

Seeing the fist banging towards him, Ringo Yu Yuri's body suddenly twisted strangely, abruptly avoiding the punch.

At this moment, Metkay's face changed drastically.

If his other half of his body can be used at this time, he may have time to change his skills, but now, he has lost his last chance!

Ringo Yu Yuri's eyes suddenly burst into bright light, and the blade of Thunder Knife pierced Maitkai's heart.

Just when the blade was a few centimeters away from the position of the heart, the light in Ringo Yu Yuri's eyes suddenly disappeared.

Just the last one...

Ringo Yu Yuri has lost her voice.

However, the thunder knife in his hand still penetrated Metkay's chest inertially, but it was a few minutes away from the heart.

Foggy Village.

Where bubbles and others live.

The breeze mixed with the breath of the sea hung over You Dou.

Right Dou was sitting on a piece of grass, adjusting several chakras in his body.

Suddenly, the right fight, who had closed his eyes, suddenly opened his eyes!