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Chapter 228 God? But not just because of reincarnation

A look of surprise flashed in the depths of Nagato's eyes. For Uchiha Itachi, in the eyes of Nagato, he was the most impressive among all Akatsuki members.

After all, nearly half of Akatsuki's members are almost all related to Itachi Uchiha.

In the past, Nagato probably didn't care much about Uchiha Itachi's strength.

but now.

This pair of writing wheels made Nagato feel surprised.

In the past, I did underestimate Uchiha Itachi's strength.


A look of regret flashed in Nagato's heart, but it was only regret.

Glancing at Ringo Yu Yuri who had lost his voice in his hand, Nagato raised his head again and looked at Xiao Nan not far away, and said in a cold voice:

"Xiao Nan, kill them!"

Xiao Nan nodded lightly, looking at the ninjas of the Hyuga clan who were still unable to move during the illusion, and Matkai, who was severely injured and unable to resist.

Style paper dance!

Xiao Nan gently raised his hand and waved to the front.

Countless white papers poured out from Xiao Nan's body, turning into a white sky.

Paper spear!

In the next moment, all the white papers were rolled up and automatically combined into a spear with a metallic luster.

Immediately afterwards, all the paper spears let out a rapid burst of air, and shot in the direction of Metkai and others.

When Metkay saw this scene, an anxious look flashed in his eyes, but at this time, Metkay's body had already lost the slightest strength.

I could only watch a large number of paper spears and shot them at them.

Earth Escape-Earth Flow Wall!!

At this moment, a loud shout suddenly came from a distance.

Immediately afterwards, three consecutive huge earth walls quickly rose from the ground, blocking the front of Metkai, Hyuga Ninja and others.

"Finally caught up."

Kakashi, who rushed in quickly from a distance, looked at the rising dirt and sigh of relief.


At the same time, a large number of paper spears in the air quickly collided with the earth flow wall, making a huge loud roar.

First, the soil flow wall of the second layer was quickly breached almost in a short time, and it was not slowly blocked until the third layer.

"Oh, didn't you die?"

Xiao Nan raised his eyebrows lightly, and an unexpected look flashed in his eyes, looking at the Kakashi trio who rushed out from one side.

A few jumps.

The Kakashi trio had already appeared beside Metkay and others.

When the two ninjas of the Hyuga clan saw Hyuga Tokuma and others frozen in place, shocked expressions appeared on their faces.

He was hit by an illusion at the same time?

The two looked at each other, nodded, and quickly rushed in the direction of Shangnin of the rest of the sun.

The two Higashi Shinobu raised their palms and quickly patted the chest of Hyuga Tokuma and others.

Under the precise control of the two, they quickly disrupted the Chakra inside Hyuga Tokuma and others, who had been held by the illusion.

Kakashi on the other side also appeared next to Metkay.

Seeing the badly injured half of his body, even a bit miserable Metkai, Kakashi's pupils couldn't help but shrink.

"how do you feel."

Kakashi's eyes flickered slightly, and there was a faint tone in his voice.

"Can't die, is Sasuke chasing it back?"

Metkay shook his head slightly, and said in a very weak voice.

A sad look flashed in Kakashi's eyes, and he did not speak.

"Ah... It seems that we both lost this game."

Metkay couldn't help but coughed a mouthful of blood, and said weakly.

Kakashi still didn't speak, and took a deep look at Mike. Kay turned his head and looked in the direction of Nagato and Xiaonan.

At this time, the Hyuga clan and others all gathered, looking forward with a solemn expression on their faces.

"Sure enough, do you still have to do it yourself."

Nagato looked at Kakashi and others indifferently, his eyes flashing with undisguised killing intent.


Sounds like scraps of paper rubbing sounded behind Xiao Nan.

Wings made entirely of paper, with Xiao Nan slowly rising into the air.

"Have you not seen it for a long time, the real me has made a move."

Nagato glanced at Xiao Nan, a look of nostalgia flashed in his eyes.

Xiao Nan was taken aback suddenly, a look of nostalgia also appeared on his face.

Since Nagato had the eyes of reincarnation and created six penins, Xiaonan has never seen Nagato make a move.

Because the ability of the reincarnation eye is already strong enough, there is no need for the so-called shot.

Of course, this so-called shot is naturally not the ability to use the eyes of reincarnation.

"The other party can have a woman's body that can control the paper at will, and he is not afraid of flame attacks."

Kakashi spoke first with a serious look in his voice.

"The red-haired man's writing wheel has a strong illusion ability, don't stare at him."

Hyuga Tokuma was tight, and also said.

The two sides exchanged information quickly, and obtained the enemy's information as much as possible to deal with the upcoming battle.

Suddenly, the whole air suddenly became depressed.

Nagato looked at Kakashi and others ahead, and the corners of his mouth suddenly curled up. He hadn't felt this way for a long time.

Remembering what You Dou had said to him, Nagato's hands suddenly clenched.

The reason why he calls himself a god is not just because he had a pair of reincarnation eyes at the beginning!

"Leave me the next battle."

Nagato stepped out and said in a flat voice.

A series of knot marks flashed across Nagato's hands quickly.

Art fire escape ho fireball!

Nagato suddenly opened his mouth, and a huge fire burst out of his mouth.

As soon as this fireball appeared, a heat wave rushed in the direction of Kakashi and others.

Obviously, this ninjutsu has surpassed ordinary C-level ninjutsu.

The moment Nagato ejected this fireball, his hands suddenly slapped hard.

Wind escape——Fengfeng!

A group of hurricanes condensed from the air, and collided with the powerful fireball technique ahead, and a stronger fire whirlwind burst out suddenly.

The rushing flame formed a huge wave and rushed towards Kakashi and others.

"Do it!"

With a solemn expression on his face, Hyuga Tokuma let out a loud shout.

The rest of Hyuga ninjas quickly stepped forward, and at the same time raised their hands to face the rushing fire waves.

Several channels mixed with Chakra's vigor, combined to form a huge attack similar to a slash, directly splitting the fire wave ahead.

At this time, Nagato's figure in front had already disappeared.

"It disappeared, but do you think you can hide it?"

A Shinobu of the Hyuga clan opened his eyes and quickly looked around. The next moment he found Nagato's figure.

I saw that Nagato rushed out of the flames on one side, his mouth suddenly opened, facing the direction of the Hyuga ninja.

Lei Dun-pseudo dark!

The terrifying light of thunder and lightning broke out in an instant, turning into a pillar of thunder and piercing through the front at an extremely fast speed!

Although Nagato had been seen, the ninja was obviously slower than the speed of the lightning, and was easily pierced by the thunder, and completely lost his voice.

At this time, other Hyuga ninjas also reacted at the same time, and rushed in the direction of Nagato quickly.

Nagato's movements continued, and he slapped his hands hard.

Wind escape-gale palm!

The surrounding air was quickly compressed, and a strong wind burst towards the surroundings.

Because of this wind pressure, all Hyuga ninjas rushing forward slowed down.

At this moment, two kunai made of paper suddenly appeared in Nagato's hands.

At the same time, Nagato's original movement of running forward suddenly accelerated, and he rushed in the blink of an eye.

The two kunai in his hand pierced forward at the same time, and the two reacted somewhat slowly like ninjas. At the same time, they were stabbed in the position of the heart by the two kunai.

But at the same time, Nagato was also surrounded by Hyuga Ninjas.

"Get out of the way!"

Suddenly, a Hyuga ninja's face changed and he let out a loud roar.

The other Hyuga ninjas also reacted at the same time, and quickly retreated toward the rear.

But the original person was surrounded by Nagato in the middle, suddenly a strong electric light burst out, and the next moment, the whole person exploded suddenly.

Thunder clone!

Hyuga Tokuma, who had been standing still, moved at this moment.

Hyuga Tokuma flashed away and appeared on the flat ground in front of him.

Soft fist, gossip empty palm!

The terrifying bombardment blasted into the ground instantly from top to bottom, directly blasting the originally flat ground into a huge pothole.

Nagato was also directly blasted out from the ground and jumped into the air.

A sharp light flashed in Hyuga Tokuma's eyes, opened his hands quickly, and rushed forward.

Soft Boxing·Bagua Hundred and Twenty Eight Palms!

Nagato's eyes widened suddenly, and the writing wheel's eyes quickly rotated to look at Hyuga Tokuma, but in the next instant, Nagato's eyes flashed with an unexpected look.

"Just take a look, even if you close your eyes, I can find the acupuncture points on your body!"

Hyuga Tokuma closed his eyes, with a confident look on his face, and his hands hit Nagato's body directly.

Numerous palm shadows, covering Nagato in an instant!

A series of dull noises kept ringing in the air.

As the last palm fell, Nagato's body quickly flew backwards.


Nagato, which had flown upside down, suddenly turned into a white smoke in mid-air and disappeared!

Hyuga Tokuma suddenly opened his eyes, with an ugly look on his face and said:

"Shadow clone, how is it possible?"

Although the white eyes could not tell the true and false of the shadow clone, in Hyuga Tokuma's field of vision, it was obvious that there was only one figure with Chakra.

not good!

Hyuga Tokoma seemed to have thought of something, and quickly backed away.

I saw that in the place where Nagato was just now, a handful of Kuwu Wuzheng was floating quietly.