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Chapter 229 Divine Might Awakens, Kakashi and others fled

Since Nagato was a shadow clone just now, the kunai in front of him is worth doubting.

The moment Hyuga Tokama had this thought in his mind, his body had already receded backwards.

And the kunai that was originally suspended in mid-air turned into a white smoke with a "bang".

Nagato's figure instantly appeared in front of Hyuga Tokuma.

"Did you go?"

Nagato spoke indifferently, and while speaking, a kunai shot out of Nagato's hand.

Hyuga Tokuma's expression did not change, and he raised his palm to the front of the shot, and a burst of energy directly slapped the shot Kuma.


A wind suddenly came from Hyuga Tokuma's ear, and Nagato didn't know when he had flashed to his side.

One hit hard!

Hyuga Tokuma only felt a flower in front of him, followed by a pain in his chest, and was blasted by Nagato from the air.

"Master Dema!"

The rest of the Hyuga ninjas saw the scene, their faces changed.

A look of pain flashed in Hyuga Toku's eyes, but at the moment of landing, he quickly raised his palm and blasted forward.

Tokuma will be shot down by Nagato tomorrow, but the two land at the same time almost indiscriminately.

Seeing Hyuga Tokuma reflexively attacking him, Nagato's mouth showed a smile.

It was that Hyuga Tokuma also reacted the moment he saw Nagato in front of him, but it was already too late.

The Gouyu with the revolving eyes of the wheel clearly appeared in front of Hyuga Tokuma. The body of Hyuga Tokuma who had originally launched the attack stopped again.

Nagato raised his hand, and quickly moved toward Hyuga Tokuma's neck.

Earth Escape-The Art of Beheading in the Heart!

A palm suddenly stretched out under the originally flat ground, grabbed Nagato's ankle, and yanked it downward.

But there was no unexpected look on Nagato's face. The palm he had grabbed toward Hyuga Tokuma, suddenly thought of lowering it to the ground and patting it.

A heavy muffled sound exploded on the ground, shaking the whole ground.

And the palm that protruded from the ground also turned into mud and scattered on the ground.

Earth clone?

Nagato raised his eyebrows, an unexpected look flashed in his eyes, just about to continue his attack, suddenly a messy bird song sounded from behind.

Lei Dun-Chidori!

A high-intensity electric current radiated from Kakashi's palm, and the entire palm was like a sharp blade, piercing towards Nagato's back.

Water escape-water front wall!

Nagato didn't turn his head, but with the fast knots of his hands, a rush of water rose from the back of Nagato, blocking Kakashi's front.

Seeing the water flow blocking him ahead, Kakashi's expression tightened and he forced himself to stop.

If you rushed directly into this stream of water, the water wall would indeed not be able to stop Chidori's attack, but Kakashi, whose body was wet, would also be in danger of being attacked by Chidori's lightning.

Although Kakashi stopped, he did not dispel the thunder attribute chakra in his hand. Instead, he slammed forward, and at the same time transformed the chidori in his hand:

"Lei Dun-all thunder tigers kill!"

A roar-like sound rang from Kakashi's palm. The wolf-shaped creature composed entirely of thunder and lightning rushed out in an instant, breaking through the water wall in front, and directly rushed to the figure that was released behind the current.


The next moment, a scream sounded above everyone.

Damn it!

Kakashi's expression turned ugly for a moment, and he saw that behind the current was not Nagato at all, but Hyuga Tokuma.

Hyuga Tokuma, who was shrouded in electric current, also revived from the illusion, but he knelt on the ground limply.


A sharp kunai was directly inserted into Hyuga Tokuma's heart.

Accompanied by a burst of blood splashing out!

Hyuga Tokuma's eyes widened, and he fell into a pool of blood.

And Nagato, standing behind Hyuga Tokuma, easily pulled out Kunai, with a smile on his face, looking at Kakashi on the opposite side:

"It really helped a lot."

"Master Tokama!!"

A roar of disbelief and anger came from a distance.

All the Hyuga ninjas with strong killing intent on their faces, all rushed towards Nagato.


Kakashi saw this scene in front of him, and quickly let out a shout.

It is a pity that Hyuga Minnin has already been flooded with hatred at this time, so how could he hear Kakashi's words.

Even, if it weren't for such a difficult enemy now, I'm afraid other Hyuga ninjas would directly trouble Kakashi.

The death of Hyuga Tokuma, in the eyes of other Hyuga ninjas, also has Kakashi's share.

"The warm-up is over, die!"

An indifferent expression was gleaming in Nagato God, and the writing wheel eyes in his eye sockets spun rapidly, and he entered the state of kaleidoscope writing wheel eyes.

A frightening Chakra breath rose rapidly from Nagato's body.


An orange chakra quickly condensed on Nagato's body, and a giant made up of chakra appeared in front of everyone.

A look of horror flashed in the eyes of the ninjas who had rushed up, and they immediately used their strongest moves to launch a bombardment at the Nagato in front.

Nagato controlled Susano and took the lead in raising a huge shield to block him.

The moment all the attacks fell on this shield, they all bounced back.

Nagato also raised an arm at the same time and waved it forward.

A huge breaking sound blasted in the ears of all Hyuga ninjas.

Under Susano's terrifying power, except for a ninja of the Hyuga clan at the rear.

In an instant, all the other Hyuga ninjas were killed!

A large amount of blood rushed into the sky, making Kakashi standing in the distance uncontrollable.

The blood kept dripping on the ground, almost staining the entire land below.

Kakashi lowered his head, looking at the body that was almost red with blood, his pupils kept shrinking.

"I didn't die last time, so I will stay here completely this time."

Nagato looked at Kakashi coldly, and the manipulator Suzano suddenly blasted towards Kakashi's direction.

Kakashi quickly prepared to evade to one side.

But suddenly realized that a large amount of white paper had already appeared under his feet, firmly nailing his feet in place.

Obviously, Xiao Nan, who had been standing at the back without doing anything, took the shot.

Xiao Nan held the white paper firmly with one hand, firmly trapping Kakashi.

Although Nagato wanted to solve this group of people alone, Xiao Nan couldn't help but shoot. After all, Kakashi escaped in her hands last time.

Nagato frowned slightly, but his attack still didn't stop, and the huge palm directly patted Kakashi's direction.

A breath of death poured into Kakashi's heart, causing Kakashi to stand up all over his body!

A layer of secret sweat rose on Kakashi's forehead, and he quickly thought about the way he could escape.

Can't escape!

Kakashi swallowed hard, and the blood wheel in his left eye socket had unknowingly turned frantically.

The color of the originally fast-rotating three-goed jade is getting deeper and deeper.

Kakashi only felt a pain in his left eye, followed by a tear of blood flowing from Kakashi's eye socket.

And Sangouyu writing wheel eyes also directly evolved into a kaleidoscope writing wheel eyes at this time!


A large number of Chakra pulled away from Kakashi's body, Kakashi's eyes widened fiercely, and he looked at Susao Nohu who was photographed from the air.

Nagato's eyes suddenly condensed, and Suzuo Naka who had been photographed suddenly twisted in the air, causing him to pause slightly in the air.

And when Kakashi stopped using Nagato's attack, a terrifying Chakra burst out of one hand.


The strong current pressed downwards, and the large amount of paper trapped by Kakashi was quickly breached by Rachel.

Kakashi's figure flashed and rushed out to one side.



Two slightly larger ninja dogs rushed out of the white smoke, and quickly rushed towards the Hyuga clan ninja and the seriously injured Metkai.

The two ninja dogs dangled the two on their own body, and divided Kakashi into three directions, and quickly rushed towards the outer forest.

Nagato retracted Suzano, seeing a huge hole in the upper part, his eyes narrowed slightly.

Space capacity?

A dirt figure suddenly appeared in Nagato's mind, but after a little thought, Nagato looked at the petite figure blocking him and Xiaonan.

"Lan Maru? Why don't we let us chase them."

Xiao Nan's eyes were surprised, and his voice was deeply puzzled.

If it hadn't been for Ranmaru to stop in front of them suddenly, the Kakashi trio would never have escaped so easily.

Feeling the feeling of weakness coming from his body, Lan Wan Qiang supported his body and looked at Nagato and Xiao Nan, with a firm expression on his small faces:

"They are from the "Seven Swordsmen"!Next...Next time, I will do it myself..."

Ran Maru said here, the whole person passed out in a coma.

Nagato and Xiao Nan were slightly silent when they saw this scene.

Although the two of them have been staying in Wuyin Village for this period of time, after all, they are not from Wuyin Village.

"Are we still chasing?" Xiao Nan spoke softly.

"I'm afraid it's too late to pursue it. Let You Dou decide this matter."

Nagato opened the door plainly, and at the same time walked to Ran Maru and hugged him.

Xiao Nan also hugged Ringo Yu Yuri who was on the ground on the other side.

The two figures flashed and disappeared in place. When they appeared, they were already standing beside Ning Ci.

"You are the one you are looking for? In that case, keep up with us."

Nagato cast a glance at Neji, then lifted his foot and walked in a direction in the forest.

Ning Ci was stunned. Naturally, Ning Ci saw all the battle that happened just now.

Although Lan Maru and Ringo Yu Yuri were defeated, it was not because of their weakness. On the contrary, they shocked Ning Ci even more.

Neither Lan Wan nor Ringo Yu Yuri are young.

Even Lan Wan's age was much younger than him, even Ringo Yu Yuri was much older than Ning Ci.

But that's it. The strength of these two men is dozens of times stronger than him. When confronting anyone, Ning Ci thinks that he is bound to die.

This can be regarded as a heavy blow to a person who has always thought to be called a genius.

Uzumaki Naruto?Sasuke Uchiha?

Ning Ci suddenly felt a little funny, and he regarded them as opponents in his heart, comparing with these two...

Ning Ci took a deep breath, clenched his fists, and quickly followed Nagato and Xiao Nan ahead.