Are you not optimistic about the cooperation of the three Ninja villages?

Eilaozang was slightly silent, not only because the thousand-generation mother-in-law was not optimistic, in fact, deep down, Eilaozang was the same.

Of course, this kind of disapproval is not because of the original contradiction between the three Ninja villages, let alone other problems.

But at present, the threat that exists is far from enough to make the three Ninja villages reach the point of cooperation.

To achieve an opportunity for cooperation, it is nothing more than having a large enough interest or a threat enough to make everyone have to unite to fight.

And if only one of Uchiha Madara, Senjuzuma, and Youdou were resurrected.

Then this kind of cooperation may still be possible. After all, no one wants a legendary old monster to stand on top of his head.

But now, the three people in the legend have been resurrected. I am afraid that many Shinobu villages are unwilling to break this delicate balance.

After all, the relationship between these three people is not very good.

In addition, what happened to Konoha some time ago proved this rumor.

That's it for Senjujujuma, with Uchiha Madara and Uto's proud character, I'm afraid it won't exist, and it is possible to continue to join forces.

And these three people are restraining each other, in the eyes of Eilao Zang, on the contrary, there is no greater threat to one person when they exist alone.

Regarding this point, whether it is Onoki or the fourth generation of Raikage Ai, I must be able to see clearly.

Therefore, the three Ninja villages may also be secretly connected to each other, but if they are completely united, it is impossible to do so.

Eilaozang shook his head gently.

It's a pity, compared to the original Mizukage Uto or Uchiha Madara, someone like Senjujuma is definitely the most suitable candidate...

Eilaozang raised his head to look at the thousand-generation mother-in-law, and sighed softly.

He knew that there was a lot of hatred between his sister and Konoha, and it was almost impossible for him to cooperate with Konoha.

"It seems you have decided."

Eilao Zang looked at Qiandai mother-in-law with a helpless expression on his face.

"I will go to Wuyin Village in secret. During this period of time, things in Shayin Village will temporarily trouble you Eilao Zang."

"Don't let anyone know about this. If I fail to come back, I can rest assured if you can help me with Gaara."

The mother-in-law of the thousand generations blinked slightly, got up from the chair, walked to the side window, and quietly looked down at the whole Shayin Village.

"Really, they are all at this age, and still toss about."

Eilaozang looked at Qiandai mother-in-law with a wry smile, and said with a grumpy voice.

Although Eilao Zang wanted to persuade the mother-in-law of Qiandai very much, he knew that once the mother-in-law of Qiandai decided something, no one could persuade her.

"Some things have to be done."

The mother-in-law of the thousand generations spoke calmly.

Suddenly, the entire Fengying office fell into silence again.

He Laozang opened his lips slightly, originally wanting to say something, but for a while, he didn't know how to speak, and closed his mouth again.

The first generation of water shadow right fight!

Unlike Senjujuan, such a person, like Uchiha Madara, is not the kind of talkative person.

With the current strength of Wuyin Village, with Shayin Village showing weakness, is there really a possibility of cooperation...

Eilao Zang thought with a headache.

Foggy Village.

During this period of time, although various things happened continuously throughout the Ninja World, it did not have much impact on ordinary civilians.

If the only effect is that the Wuyin Village is now more prosperous than before.

In the eyes of everyone, these changes were caused by the contributions of Lord You Dou and Shui Ying Terumi Ming.

Terumi Ming, who was sitting in the office of Shui Ying, couldn't help being lazy after dealing with the government affairs at hand.

Although Terumi Mei's face was a little tired, there was a hint of joy in her eyes.

Wuyin Village became more and more prosperous, and she, Shui Ying, finally did not live up to Master You Dou's expectations.

I don't know what you are doing right now?

Taking advantage of the short gap, Terumi Mei was slightly dazed with one hand on his chin.

Should still stay with the bubble and study something.

Thinking of this, Terumi Ming's eyes flashed with worries.

Master You Dou is obviously strong enough, but he still seems to be thinking about how to become stronger.

Although You Dou didn't say anything, Terumi Mei could still feel a sense of urgency in You Dou's heart.

Between Senjuju, Uchiha Madara!

These two people are now the two most threatening to Wuyin Village.

Master You Dou wanted to use his own strength to fight against the two of them.

Terumi Ming stretched out his hand and clenched his fist, and took a slight breath. Although she had mastered a new power, it was still too weak compared to Master Youdou.

There is no way to participate in that level of battle.

"Hyuga Neji?"

Terumi Ming folded her hands together, and a thoughtful look appeared on her face.

Some time ago, for this member of the Hyuga clan, Master You Dou personally sent two members of the "Seven Swordsmen".

Up to now, there is still a hint of curiosity in Terumi Ming's heart.

This kid named Neji Hyuga may have a good talent, but this is definitely not the reason why Udou-sama attaches such importance to him.

After all, in this ninja world, there has never been a lack of talented ninjas.

When Terumi Mei was in deep thought, a rush of footsteps suddenly came from outside of Suikage's office.

The next moment, the sound of knocking on the door has sounded.

"Come in."

Terumi Ming put away the expression on her face, revealed a solemn expression again, and said flatly.

Following Terumi Ming's opening, Qing walked in quickly with a solemn expression on his face.

"Something has happened, Lord Shuiying!"

Qing looked towards Terumi Ming, and said quickly.

Seeing the solemnity and panic on Qing's face, Terumi Ming's eyes flashed with surprise.

It was enough to make Terumi Ming feel curious to be able to make Qing, who had always been steady, show such an expression.

When Qing was about to continue speaking, a sound like a muffled thunder suddenly sounded over the entire misty village.

The next moment.

A breath of horror rose to the sky.

In this breath, there was also a killing intent that made everyone feel cold.

Terumi Mei stood up abruptly from the seat, with a solemn expression on her face.

Enemy attack!?

As soon as this idea appeared in Terumi Ming's mind, it was directly eliminated by Terumi Ming.

Dare to attack Wuyin Village in such an open and honest manner, just as they can't make the Wujin hard.

Terumi Ming appeared by the window, looking in the direction of the breath, her pupils shrank slightly.