With the eruption of this breath, all the ninja bodies in the entire Wuyin Village couldn't help shaking slightly.

Some ninjas couldn't help but shed cold sweat on their foreheads.

The more powerful the ninja, under this terrifying aura, the more he can feel the terrifying pressure coming on his face.

On the contrary, it was some ordinary folks in the misty village, except for the feeling that the air suddenly and inexplicably cooled down, and some depression, they did not feel special.

This breath belongs to Master You Dou!

The terrifying aura that almost enveloped the entire misty village could erupt, and the entire Ninja Realm might have only those three people.

What's more, the direction that this breath came from was exactly where Master You Dou was.

Terumi Ming regained his gaze and turned to look at the horrible breath, a layer of secret sweat was already appearing on his forehead.

"What you want to talk about should have something to do with Master You Dou. Could it be that the mission failed...No, there is something wrong with Ringo Yu Yuri or Lan Wan?"

A thoughtful look flashed in Terumi Ming's eyes, and he looked at Qing solemnly.

If the mission fails, Master You Dou might be angry, but it will definitely not be like now, this terrifying aura is still mixed with Senhan's killing intent.

Obviously, something went wrong with Lan Wan and Ringo Yu Yuri!

"Lingo Yu Yuri...dead."

Qing swallowed softly, speaking with cold sweat on his forehead.


Terumi Mei's eyes widened suddenly, and her green pupils couldn't help but flicker.

An expression of surprise and disbelief appeared on the originally calm face.

Terumi Ming knew the position of the "Mist Hidden Seven Swordsmen" in You Dou's heart better than anyone.

What's more, Ringo Yu Yuri was the first person you met after you came to Wunin Village, and he was also the most optimistic ninja.

next moment.

Terumi Ming raised his foot and slammed on the ground, and he jumped out of the office and rushed in the direction where the breath of Youdou was contagious.

Seeing Terumi Ming's movements, Qing was stunned for a moment, and just wanted to rush over, Terumi Ming's voice came slowly from a distance.

"Settle down all the ninjas in the Hidden Fog Village and block the news. Don't let anyone know about the death of Yu Yuri Ringo except Lord You Dou."

"Yes, Lord Shuiying!"

Looking in the direction Terumi Ming had left, the blue expression was solemn, and he stopped moving quickly, and said respectfully.

After speaking, Qing turned around and walked outside the door, and at the same time a large amount of misty shadows began to move.

When Terumi Ming arrived at the place where You Dou was, the terrifying aura that filled the entire misty village had also disappeared.

On the flat grass in front, several figures stood there silently.

Terumi Ming looked up and saw that all the members of the "Seven Swordsmen", Shiro, Junmaro, Foam, and even Nagato and Xiaonan stood quietly in front.

An extremely depressed feeling filled the surrounding air.

Right now, sitting on a rock not far in front of the crowd, the Right Fighter looked blankly at the corpse of Ringo Yu Yuri lying flat on the grass.

No longer cut the peach ground, although the dry persimmon ghost shark and others have a silent look, their eyes keep flashing with killing intent.

Even Chojuro had already clenched his hands firmly at this time.

As for Nagato and Xiao Nan on the other side, although they were also somewhat silent, their faces were calm.

Among the people present, probably only the two of them knew that You Dou mastered a ninjutsu that could revive the dead.

Because they didn't know the limits of this ninjutsu, the two people took Ringo Yu Yuri's body and drove back almost without pause.

The only miserable thing was Ning Ci. Compared with Nagato and Xiao Nan's physical strength, Ning Ci was obviously far worse. He gritted his teeth along the way and followed them closely.

This alone made Nagato and Xiao Nan a little surprised.

As soon as Terumi Ming appeared, he naturally attracted everyone's attention in an instant.

"Master Shuiying!"

The ninjas in Wuyin Village spoke respectfully to Terumi Mei.

"Your Excellency Water Shadow."

Xiao Nan looked at Terumi Ming, her face still calm.

She represents Yuyin Village. Although Yuyin Village is a small Ninja Village, in terms of status, it is equivalent to Terumi Mei.

Terumi Mei nodded gently, staring in the direction of Right Dou, with a worried look on her face.

You Dou still stared at Ringo Yu Yuri's corpse blankly, as if lost in thought.

At this time, in addition to the anger, the heart of You Dou was full of killing intent, but the more so, the calmer You Dou became.

In You Dou, the death of Ringo Yu Yuri was partly due to his problems.

It wasn't that Konoha had been wrongly estimated. Regarding the strength of pursuing ninjas, whether it was a member of the Hyuga clan or Metkai, these were all within your expectations.

With the strength of Ran Maru and Ringo Yu Yuri, there may be no way to completely defeat Metkai and others, but there is absolutely no problem with Ning Ci.

As long as they leave the border of the country of fire, Konoha's people will stop pursuing them.

After all, the word "right fight" is enough to make any ninja dare not easily set foot on the border of the water country.

This is like Lan Wan and Ringo Yu Yuri, bringing soil and Bai Jue.

Both parties only dared to enter the border of the Fire Country secretly, waiting for Sasuke and Neji at the outermost periphery of Konoha, and did not dare to get too close to Konoha.

Even Bai Jue, who possessed such a powerful concealment ability as the Mayfly Art, would at best just secretly say a few words to Sasuke, and then leave quickly.

You Dou sighed softly in his heart, he really underestimated Ringo Yu Yuri's obsession and pride.

Ringo Yu Yuri was very concerned about the name "Seven Swordsmen". You Dou had already known this.

In the face of Metkay, or the son of Metdai, who defeated the first generation of "Mist Hidden Seven Swordsmen", how could Ringo Yu Yuri couldn't help it.

After a glance, Ringo Yu Yuri, who was covered in dense wounds.

A sharp light flashed in You Dou's eyes, although Ringo Yu Yuri could be resurrected, but this tone was about to come out.

He is not a generous person.

You Dou raised his head again and looked at Terumi Mei who had walked to his side with a worried expression on his face, and a look of embarrassment appeared on his face:

"I didn't hold it back for a while, I wanted to come and have some influence on the ninjas in Wuyin Village."

"I have asked Qing and the people in Anbe to appease, and the news about Ringo Yu Yuri's death has been temporarily blocked."

Terumi Ming said softly.

You Dou was taken aback for a moment, then took a deep look at Terumi Ming, and then jumped off the rock he was sitting on.

"Cangjuro, how about Ranmaru?"

You Dou looked in the direction of Changjuro and said solemnly.

Changjuro's body was shaken, and he quickly walked to You Dou.