Was dug out by Terumi Mei

233 Terumi Ming and Xiao Nan's Facing Each Other

Because Lan Wan was seriously injured, as soon as she returned to Wuyin Village, Lan Wan was taken to the hospital in Wuyin Village for treatment.

"The injuries Lan Wan suffered were all suffered after transforming, and the chakra in the body was slowly repairing Lan Wan's body. After a period of rest, there should be no problem."

Chojuro hurriedly spoke, explaining the current situation of Ranmaru.

Hearing that Ranwan was okay, You Dou let out a sigh of relief deep in his heart.

"That... Master You Dou, do you want to tell Haruna about Ringo Yu Yuri?"

Changjuro glanced at Ringo Yu Yuri's corpse, with a tangled look on his face, and said softly.

"Don't worry, Little Ringo is not dead."

You Dou had an inexplicable look in his eyes, and his voice was unusually calm.

With the sound of the right fighting sound, everyone present except Nagato and Xiaonan was taken aback.

Ringo Yu Yuri had completely lost her voice long ago, and it was impossible to escape the eyes of everyone present.

The eyes of Changjuro and others were full of surprise. They looked towards You Dou, and even the eyes of You Dou were vaguely worried.

Terumi Mei, who was standing next to You Dou, did the same.

Master You Dou, wouldn't it be because of Ringo Yu Yuri's sudden death, what was the blow?

As if perceiving the change in everyone's eyes, the corner of You Dou's eyes jumped..

"In this world, there are many forbidden techniques that can resurrect the dead, and it happens that I just master one."

A smile appeared at the corner of the right bickering mouth, calmly watching everyone open their mouths.

Everyone at the scene was stunned when they heard You Dou's words, and then their eyes widened suddenly, with an incredible expression on their faces.

The dried persimmon ghost shark standing in the crowd couldn't help swallowing.

A forbidden technique that can resurrect the dead?

At this time, Terumi Mei suddenly remembered that Youdou-sama once exchanged a forbidden technique with Shayin Village.

At that time, Terumi Mei didn't care much, he thought it was just an excuse that Mr. Youdou casually made.

Right Dou, under the gaze of everyone, a flash appeared next to Ringo Yu Yuri's body.

The next moment.

The knot print, like an afterimage, flashed between You Dou's hands. You Dou narrowed his eyes and let out a low cry:

"Forbidden technique-reincarnation!"

You Dou quickly stretched out his hands to press on Ringo Yu Yuri's body, and the light green light continuously radiated from the hands of You Dou.

A surging vitality continuously poured from You Dou's body into Ringo Yu Yuri's body.

Nagato, standing near the rear, saw this scene, his eyes flashed slightly.

Is this the ninjutsu that resurrected yourself?

After a short while, Ringo Yu Yuri, who was already lifeless, gradually showed a warm color on his face.

At the same time, large and small wounds on the body began to be repaired quickly under the action of this surging vitality.


A very faint beating sound of the heart began to beat slowly and forcefully.

Really resurrected!!

Everyone couldn't help trembling when they saw this scene.

Even Nagato and Xiaonan, who had already seen them once, were the same.

Perhaps none of the people present is afraid of death, but no one can refuse the temptation of resurrection from death.

Everyone, the eyes of You Dou and others looked at You Dou with a trace of enthusiasm.

Following the resurrection of Ringo Yu Yuri, You Dou also lost his sound completely in an instant, and his body without strength was slightly tilted to one side.

Seeing this scene, the two figures disappeared in place at the same time, appearing beside You Dou, trying to hold You Dou.

However, the next moment.

Right Dou, who was originally breathless, opened his eyes again.

Seeing the two people who suddenly appeared beside him, a blank expression flashed in You Dou's eyes.

At this time, Terumi Ming and Xiao Nan, standing beside You Dou, were looking at each other.

For a while, the atmosphere was so embarrassing.

"I've seen Lord You Dou rescued Nagato. I know that after using the forbidden technique, the body will lose consciousness for a short time."

Xiao Nan's expression was unusually flat from beginning to end, after speaking to Terumi Mei.

Turning around, he walked back to where he stood just now, showing no embarrassment at all.

Terumi Ming had a smile on her face, a gentle and friendly look.

Seeing this scene in front of them, everyone in Wuyin Village lowered their heads slightly, watching their noses and noses.

Nagato watched as Xiao Nan walked back slowly, with a calm expression on his face, and a look of surprise and surprise flashed in his eyes.

Of course, there is still some curiosity.

Since Yahiko's death, his gaze has been watching Yuyin Village and the entire Ninja World, and he may have overlooked some things around him unconsciously.

Because of Ringo Yu Yuri's resurrection, the originally suppressed atmosphere has disappeared.


Right Dou coughed slightly, looking at Ringo Yu Yuri, his eyebrows wrinkled slightly.

Ringo Yu Yuri had breathed smoothly, apparently resurrected, but still did not open her eyes, as if she had fallen into a coma.

Is there any problem with "self-reincarnated"?

will not!

"Self-born Reincarnation" is not the first time I use it, and Nagato can be fully resurrected, so Ringo Yu Yuri naturally has no problem.

Since it wasn't a ninjutsu problem, Ringo Yu Yuri was still in a coma, obviously because of other reasons.

"Nagajuro, come here for someone from the medical department."

Right Dou frowned and said in a condensed voice.

Changjuro was taken aback for a moment, then looked at Lino Yu Yuri, then quickly turned and left.

"What's wrong? Is there something wrong?"

Terumi Mei, who was standing on the side, looked at the frowning right fight, and couldn't help but speak.

"I'm afraid things are in trouble."

You Dou thought of some possibility and said softly.

It didn't take long.

Chojuro hurried over with a ninja from the misty medical class.

This medical ninja looked at the "Seven Swordsmen" and others above, and his body couldn't help shaking.

"Don't cut your lord again! Lord Dry Persimmon Ghost Shark! Lord Shuiyue!"

The medical ninja kept talking with a nervous look on his face.

Hearing the respectful words of the medical spot ninja, Gui Deng Shui Yue showed an expression of enjoyment on his face, and raised his eyebrows proudly at Junmaro next to him.

Junmaro's face was cold, and he didn't care about the look of Gui Deng Shui Yue.

Seeing the appearance of the two people, Bai's face couldn't help showing a helpless expression.

This medical spot ninja just passed through and waited for others, when he was about to take a breath.

The next moment, when he saw Youdou and Terumi Mei standing in the front, his spirit tensed again.

"Master You Dou!"

"Master Shuiying!"

The medical spot ninja spoke with a panic face.