Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 234 Can't Treat? arrival!

He was hurriedly called by Changjuro. Until now, the ninja in the medical class still doesn't know what happened.

Not only the members of the "Fog Hidden Seven Swordsmen" were almost all present, even Shui Ying-sama and You Dou-sama appeared here.

"Calling you in such a hurry, I want you to see why Ringo Yu Yuri is unconscious."

Terumi Ming said with a gentle look on her face to the medical ninja.

With Terumi Mei's voice sounded, the medical ninja at this time also spotted Ringo Yu Yuri lying flat on the grass in front.

The ninja hurriedly stepped forward and quickly checked Ringo Yu Yuri's current situation.

It was a long time.

The ninja from the medical class stood up again, showing a solemn expression.

"The reason why Ringo Yu Yuri is unconscious is because of a problem with the heart."

The medical ninja turned to look at Terumi Ming and Youdou, and said respectfully.

Sure enough, it was because of Ringo Yu Yuri's own disease!

Right Dou's expression sank, and he looked at the medical ninja and said, "Can it be solved?"

"This one……"

The ninja in the medical class showed an awkward look on his face:

"The disease of Lord Ringo Yuri is congenital. This kind of disease located in the heart requires extremely severe pain. It has been extremely difficult for Lord Yuri Ringo to survive."

"With the current medical methods in Wuyin Village, there is no way to treat Lord Ringo Yu Yuri."

The medical ninja spoke in a low voice, his back was already soaked unknowingly.

Hearing the words of the medical ninja, You Dou was slightly silent. For such a result, You Dou had already expected it in his heart.

After all, if Wuyin Village really had a cure, Ringo Yu Yuri in the original book would not end up dying of illness.

At this moment, You Dou suddenly understood why Ringo Yu Yuri didn't take Ning Ci to leave quickly, but tried his best to fight Mike Kay.

I am afraid that Ringo Yu Yuli already knew that he could not heal him.

Enduring unimaginable pain, do you not allow yourself to die on the hospital bed?


A sharp light flashed in You Dou's eyes, and a dangerous aura slowly radiated from You Dou's body.

With the appearance of this breath, the surrounding temperature dropped a few degrees in an instant.

The medical-like ninja couldn't help trembling, glanced at the indifferent right fighting, and cautiously said:

"Master You Dou, also...maybe, it's not that there is no way."

"The medical treatment in Wuyin Village is relatively backward compared to other Shinobu villages. If it were Konoha's Tsunade, there might be a way."

After speaking out his thoughts, the ninja from the medical class quickly closed his mouth.

Even so, the ninja knew that this hope was low.

It's not that I don't believe in Tsunade's medical ninjutsu, but that the relationship between Wuyin Village and Konoha is quite poor.


You Dou's breath paused slightly. If it hadn't been for the medical squad leader to remind him, You Dou had almost forgotten the medical level of Wuyin Village, which was the weakest among the Five Ninja Villages.

The medical ninja in Wuyin Village can't help it, doesn't mean that others can't help it either.

As for Tsunade, maybe she does have a way to treat Ringo Yu Yuri, but You Dou will not look for her.

It is almost impossible to abduct someone from Konoha and ask Konoha for help.

What's more, Ringo Yu Yuri almost died in the hands of Konoha's people, and You Dou might even go to Konoha's people for help.

You Dou narrowed his eyes slightly, and a person suddenly appeared in his mind.

The main reason why Tsunade's medical ninjutsu is admired by other major ninja villages is that Tsunade first proposed the historic plan of equipping a medical ninja in the combat team.

After the establishment of the medical department of Konoha Village, it can be said that Konoha's casualties have been reduced to a terrifying level.

And other major ninja villages have more or less borrowed Tsunade’s plan and began to pay attention to medical ninjas.

This is also the most important reason why most medical ninjas in the entire ninja world praise Tsunade.

Of course Tsunade's medical treatments are not weak, but Youto also knows that if a person talks about medical treatments, Tsunade is definitely not good.

Outside the gate of Wuyin Village.

An old figure with a large gray cloak that was even worn out slowly raised his head and looked at the gate of the hidden mist village ahead.

A look of nostalgia flashed in the mother-in-law's eyes, she no longer remembered when she came to Wuyin Village last time.

Perhaps it was the time when the major Ninja villages were fighting.

Chiyo's mother-in-law gently shook her head, raised her foot and continued to move forward, while constantly looking around.

A look of surprise flashed in his eyes from time to time, as if he were an ordinary passenger.

The misty village in front of me is very different from the misty village in my mind.

Even the information about Wuyin Village on Fengying's desk now is a bit behind.

The mother-in-law of the thousand generations flashed jealous gazes, she just looked inside through the gate of Wuyin Village.

The mother-in-law of a thousand generations seemed to feel a breath of prosperity coming to her face.

The mother-in-law of the thousand generations seemed to have gone in the wrong place. Instead of coming to Wuyin Village, which was a bit backward like their Shayin Village, she felt like she had come to Konoha Village.

Even the current Wuyin Village is far from being as prosperous as Konoha.

But the mother-in-law of the thousand generations knew that as long as there were no problems with the first generation of Shuiying Youdou, then it was only a matter of time for Wuyin Village.

"The current prosperity in Wuyin Village is probably all due to the original Shuiying Youdou."

The mother-in-law of the thousand generations muttered to herself softly while walking forward.

Just when the mother-in-law of Qiandai was two or three meters away from the gate of Wuyin Village.

The two ninjas guarding the gate of Wuyin Village stepped forward at the same time and stopped in front of the grandmother Qiandai.

"Name? And come to our Wuyin Village."

A Wu Ren calmly looked at the thousand-generation mother-in-law whose head was slightly lowered, and said coldly.

If they were just ordinary civilians, they would naturally not stop them, and there was no need.

If it's a ninja, then it's another matter.

Among the ninjas guarding the gates of the Wuyin Village, there will be a ninja with perception ability.

Although the person in front of him had a not weak Chakra, the Wunin didn't care.

Now, if you dare to come to Wuyin Village to make trouble, there are not many people in the entire Ninja World.

The mother-in-law Qiandai raised her head and looked directly at the Wunin, and at the same time gently took off the cape and hat she was wearing.