Was dug out by Terumi Mei

Chapter 236 The news between the pillars, Danzang's cold sweat

Taking a closer look at Lin Qin Yu Yuri's direction, the mother-in-law Qiandai's eyes flashed and she already understood the reason why she was here.

"I really didn't expect that the thousand generation elders of Shayin Village dare to come to our Wuyin Village alone."

Terumi Ming had a faint smile on her face and raised her eyebrows.

The mother-in-law of the thousand generations still had a calm expression on her face, looked at Terumi Mei, and then she said while shaking her head:

"I thought Shuiying in Wuyin Village would be an old woman like me."

Terumi Mei was taken aback for a moment, then clenched his fists, and couldn't help but raise a few veins on his forehead.

This old lady, talking really makes people feel annoying.

On the right side, seeing Terumi Mei forcibly holding back his anger, it felt a bit interesting.

"I came to Wuyin Village alone, obviously not here to die."

"I don't care what you are here for, save Lin Yu Yuri on the hospital bed, otherwise, just stay here forever."

You Dou obviously didn't want to say any nonsense, and looked at the grandmother Qiandai and said coldly.

The mother-in-law Qiandai sighed softly when she heard the sound of right fighting.

Originally planned to pretend not to know, waiting for the other party to speak first.

Now, although You Dou was the first to speak, the mother-in-law of the thousand generations found that she was not as good as she was the first to speak.

And listening to the other party's tone, there is no meaning to maneuver.

The mother-in-law of the thousand generations can slightly pose to Terumi Mei, but for the right fight, the mother-in-law of the thousand generations dare not do so.

"Chiyo Sagakura Village, I've seen Lord Youdou."

The thousand-generation mother-in-law still stood in place, with a solemn expression on her face.

In any case, she represents the village of Shayin, if they are driven at will, their face will be gone.

What's more, this definitely has an impact on what she will do next.

Seeing that Qiandai's mother-in-law did not leave, You Dou raised his eyebrows slightly.

next moment.

A horrible pressure poured out from You Dou and instantly fell on Qiandai's mother-in-law.

"Do you think you have room for bargaining?"

Right Dou looked cold and even a little impatient in his tone.

The mother-in-law of Qiandai only felt her body sink, and the temperature was quite normal, but the mother-in-law of Qiandai felt like being in the ice and snow.

Before she knew it, the thousand-generation mother-in-law's forehead was already covered with cold sweat.

With the passage of time, this heavy pressure grew stronger.

The mother-in-law Qiandai's body had already begun to tremble, but deep in her eyes, she was still full of firm gazes.

Seeing this scene, You Dou frowned slightly.

If the breath continues to increase, Chiyo might be injured.

Chiyo was injured, and You Dou didn't care about it, but the longer Lin Yu Yuri's injuries dragged on, the more disadvantaged he might be.

This is not what you want to see.

With a thought in You Dou's heart, the terror pressure disappeared instantly.

"I hope your medical ninjutsu is enough to treat Lin Qin Yu Yuri's injuries."

You Dou looked at the thousand-generation mother-in-law, and said quietly.

Mother-in-law Qiandai's originally stiff body relaxed slightly, especially after listening to You Dou's words, mother-in-law Qiandai breathed a sigh of relief.

Although You Dou didn't say it clearly, the meaning in the words was already obvious.

As long as it can treat Ringo Yu Yuri's injuries, then we can talk about it.

Of course, if it can't be treated, needless to say, a thousand-generation mother-in-law can fully think of the consequences.

Thinking of this, the grandmother Qiandai lifted her foot and walked in the direction of Ringo Yu Yuri.

What the original Shui Ying You Dou said, it is naturally impossible to repent.


Konoha Village.

A strong green light flickered on Metkai's body.

Chakra, who was a palm fairy, followed Tsunade's hands and quickly repaired Metkai's injury.

After a long time, Tsunade raised his arm again.

Taking a look at Metkai who was still in a coma, Tsunade stood up with a solemn expression on his face and walked towards the door.


The sound of opening the door rang softly at this moment.

Xiao Li, the two of them secretly opened the door every day and looked inside. When they saw Tsunade who just came by, both of them showed nervous expressions on their faces.


A respectful voice sounded from behind Xiao Li and Tian Tian, ​​which frightened Xiao Li and Tian Tian.

"Kakashi, how is your recovery from your injury?"

Tsunade smiled slightly at Xiaoli and Tiantian, then looked at Kakashi who was standing behind them.

"I'm just saying that there is nothing wrong with some minor injuries, how is Kai's injury?"

Kakashi spoke with some worry, and at the same time, Tiantian and Xiao Li also looked at Tsunade.

"Grandpa's Chakra has almost repaired Matkay's injuries, I just treated his external injuries just now."

Tsunade said with a chuckle.

"Master Qianshouzhuma has been here?" Kakashi was taken aback, and he was relieved.

Tsunade nodded lightly, without speaking, with a solemn mountain color in his eyes, crossing Kakashi and continuing to walk forward.

Until Tsunade disappeared before everyone's eyes, Xiao Li and Tiantian breathed out slightly, and hurriedly walked towards Metkay on the hospital bed.

Kakashi glanced at the direction Tsunade had left, his eyes flickering slightly.

Konoha wouldn't just leave it alone when such a thing happened.

Especially the Hyuga clan died so many people, even if Konoha didn't want to do it, the Hyuga Nizu would probably put pressure on Konoha's senior management.

What's more, this matter was completely caused by the first generation Mizukage Uto and Uchiha Madara hitting Senjujuma in the face.

No matter how good the temper of Qianshouzhujian, this time I am afraid it is quite unhappy.

Kakashi retracted his gaze and walked toward Metkay.

He might not be able to participate in the next thing.

Naruto Office.

A smell of gunpowder filled the office.

"Two of our ninjas were taken away in the territory of the country of fire, this matter must not be forgotten!"

Danzo carefully glanced at the direction of Qianshouzhujian, with an angry expression on his face, and said in a low voice.

Hyuga Hizu also stood in the office with a silent expression.

Although he didn't speak, everyone knew that Hyuga Nissa was probably more angry than anyone at this time.

In this chase, a total of 19 Hyuga ninjas were lost, which for the Hyuga clan can be regarded as traumatic.

Mito Menyan and Zhuan Xiaochun on the side also expressed their opinions.

Jilai also rubbed his temples, with a helpless expression on his face, and looked at Senjujuma who was sitting on Hokage's desk at this time, as if a little dazed.

Seeing Jiraiya's movements, Danzo and others' eyes also fell on Senjuzuju's body.

Regardless of the outcome of the discussion, it will be seen at the end of the day. Everyone present knows this.

Although Senjuzuzuma seemed to be in a daze, he was already in deep thought.

From the point of view of Chijuma Uchiha who took away Uchiha Sasuke, there was nothing wrong with it.

There is no problem with Sasuke being a member of Uchiha Madara's tribe.

What's more, once the writing round eyes evolve into a kaleidoscope writing round eyes, Sasuke's strength will definitely be greatly improved, which is a good helper for Uchiha Madara.

The only thing that made Senjuzuzu somewhat puzzled was why You Dou had to take away the Hyuga clan.

I have read the information of Neji Hyuga once, and there is nothing worth noting.

Although the eyes of the Hyuga clan are good, they are only good, and they are of no use to the powerful at their level.

As for the so-called talent, it has no meaning.


A soft cough interrupted Senjuzuzu's thoughts.

Qianshou Zhuma raised his head and looked at Jiraiya suspiciously. At this time, Qianshou Zhuma realized that everyone was watching him.

"Sorry, I just thought things were a little fascinating."

Senshouzhu scratched his head and smiled embarrassedly.

In such a fierce quarrel, everyone can be distracted, and he is a little speechless.


The door of the Naruto office was pushed open directly, and Tsunade walked in carelessly.

"Kay's situation should have stabilized, right?"

Seeing Tsunade, Senju Zhuma's eyes lit up and quickly spoke.

"With the help of Grandpa's Chakra, there is nothing wrong with Metkay, but I have to lie down for a while."

Tsunade smiled lightly.

Senjuzuzu patted his chest and made a relieved expression.

Tsunade couldn't help rolling his eyes, and then with a solemn expression on his face, he glanced at the administrative officer in the office, and then looked at Senjujutsuma:

"Grandpa, what do you plan to do with this matter?"

There was a slight silence between the Qianshouzhu, and a war intent flashed in his eyes.

"That guy Madara is alone. It might be difficult to find him in a short time."

"But Wuyin Village can't run, just let You Dou, this guy, to verify my new power."

Qianshouzhu clenched his fists, and a terrifying aura suddenly rose up on his body, but soon this aura disappeared again.

As for everyone in the office, at the moment this breath appeared, all of them burst into cold sweat.

Senjuzuzu showed a silly expression again, looking at Tsunade and Jiraiya, his tone was a little dissatisfied:

"For so long, Hokage hasn't been selected yet. Before doing this, I will select the people from Hokage."

Tsunade and Jilai were also taken aback at the same time, and their faces showed helpless expressions.

"Senjuzuma-sama, I recommend Tsunade to become the fifth-generation Hokage. I am really not good at handling government affairs."

Jilai stood up straight and said solemnly.

Tsunade's face changed, and just as he was about to speak, he saw Jiraiya turn around and looked at her seriously, and at the same time glanced at Danzo's position from the corner of his eyes.

Tsunade's mouth twitched slightly. As a former classmate, even if Jiraiya did not speak, she knew exactly what she wanted to express just now.

In short, if Tsunade disagrees, Jiraiya will immediately recommend Danzo as Hokage.

Seeing Jiraiya's serious expression on his face, Tsunade gave Jiraiya a fierce look and swallowed the words from his mouth again.

you are vicious!

Seeing that Tsunade had no objection, the elders Mito Menyan and Zhunqin Xiaochun looked at each other and immediately spoke, supporting Tsunade as the new Hokage.

Senjuzuma glanced at Tsunade, his face filled with a strange look.

"If there is no objection, Hokage's position will be temporarily fixed."

"By the way, let Jilaiya control the dark part and root part."

Qianshouzhujian glanced at Danzo, and said flatly.

"Yes, Senju-sama-sama."

The head trembled, and his back was soaked almost instantly.